「うずまき家の一日」 (Uzumaki-ke no Ichinichi)
“A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki Family”

The Night Before Naruto Became Hokage

When a newsflash becomes a flashback, does that make it a newsflashback?

To my surprise, this episode wasn’t just a visual upgrade from ‘The Day Naruto became Hokage’. They really fleshed out the circumstances surrounding it. For example, Naruto overslept and seemed so groggy on the morning of his inauguration, due to the hangover he was suffering after celebrating the night before.

Fortunately, his friends made sure to escort him back safely, even if they were slightly inebriated themselves. Too bad Lee didn’t join in with his low alcohol tolerance – I’m still disappointed the drunken fist style never made another appearance.

But at least Kiba continues being that joke character who made me laugh so hard, talking about how he gave up the Hokage’s seat for Naruto. Poor guy never gets a break, especially with Shino telling him he was never in the contention.

The Day Naruto Became Hokage

Himawari unsuccessfully trying to wake Naruto up was hilarious to watch. On the other hand, unleashing her Byakugan in a fit of rage was no laughing matter, especially considering she successfully knocked out the strongest shinobi in existence. Boruto definitely had hell to answer for breaking her stuffed toy, and this part of the episode was just so fun to watch.

Though Naruto might have been out of commission, the show must go on. Konohamaru had me cracking up when he tried to prevent his cover from being blown – “Sankyuu! Dattebayo.” Sketchiest dattebayo I’ve ever heard.

That said, I was extremely pleased to see Iruka looking extremely proud.

Ichiraku Ramen

After the flashback, we finally got the moment we’d all been waiting for. Father and son time, starring Naruto and Boruto! And what better place to set this, other than Ichiraku Ramen? I got the impression Boruto didn’t understand why Naruto loves Ichiraku Ramen so much. But what mattered is that Naruto wanted to share a place of precious memories with his beloved son. And they got to share some quality time.

That said, Boruto needs to be careful consider what he wishes for. A ramen eating contest? Sure, his parents don’t look like they eat that much, but he’d get absolutely smacked. Naruto would’t even be the biggest problem, seeing how Hinata is the legendary Queen of Gluttony who ate 46 bowls of ramen in half an hour!

Concluding Thoughts

I just want to say that this has been my favourite episode of Boruto so far, and invite people to join in on my sentiments. We got to see a recap of the 7th Hokage inauguration, as well as an extra treat in the form of Ichiraku Ramen. Between the cheap laughs, this episode had a lot of depth. Back in the days, Naruto’s love for ramen was always played as a recurring joke. But now that I think about it, there’s definitely always been a deeper meaning behind it.

Although I feel quite sad that we won’t have slice of life oriented stuff, with the Sarada Arc coming up next, I’m certainly hoping that the anime creators will begin to include more segments revolving around the daily lives of Konoha’s ninja families. I honestly think it’s a winning formula that could make for a successful spinoff.



  1. I gotta agree with Boruto on the “Give them the food they want than plain gruel”. That’s the kind of influence Patch Adams had on me, and growing up, it’s what my mom did at least. Curry when I was at my worst.

    Also hamburg steak >>>>> rice porridge. As someone who lives in Asia, I can confirm (although my sis would say otherwise, but she just likes soggy rice meals in general). Also, I get the impression Boruto might be a better cook than his dad, considering Naruto’s repertoire was mostly ramen–but we haven’t seen enough of the gap to tell his culinary growth

    1. I know the Byakugan is cool, but would have been awesome for Himawari to have had her own special dojutsu. Also, I’m glad they stopped with the slave crest on branch family members. Imagine if our Himawari had to get sealed up?

  2. I agree, it was a surprisingly good episode.

    Honestly, I expected a lazy rehearsal of the OVA, but at this point I should know better of the studio. They adapted it, expanded it, changed some minor details to improve it and in the end it took less than half of the episode.

    The nostalgia factor was strong in this one. The wedding-gift coupon, the images of the past and even that omake’s crowning of Hinata as the ramen-eating queen of Konoha!

    By the way, I can’t believe we finally saw an instance of Hinata getting mad at Naruto and kicking him out of the house. Like last time she was shown to be angry, Boruto was right: Hinata can be very scary. But nobody is as scary as cute little Himawari XD

    1. Hey Mistic. Such a wholesome episode, and I’ll agree that I was expecting a lazy rehash. So pleased we got more, and so happy because this was pretty much my favourite episode yet! I think rather than Hinata being scary, it’s just that an acivated Byakugan looks scary with all those bulging veins and whatnot.

      Also really surprised she came far. From fainting at the adoration of his mere presence, to whipping him for being a bad example XD

      1. I think rather than Hinata being scary, it’s just that an acivated Byakugan looks scary with all those bulging veins and whatnot.

        The byakugan does help a lot, of course, but I think it’s more than that. Hinata’s anger is a tranquil fury that sounds eerie even before we look at her. It’s probably the contrast. Hinata is always calm, gentle and smiling. Never loud, never letting her negative passions get the best of her. A friend of mine told me once that when calm people get angry they’re the most unsettling, not because of any specific thing they do, but because the change itself is jarring.

        A bit like how Himawari’s terrifying awakening is extra creepy because she’s such a cute and innocent little girl in every other occasion XD

  3. Sasuke as an father… how he play this role.. Well, it is very hard. because mostly he is doing “Spy” stuff.. is he not working mostly in the shadows to protect the city from harm? Just like Naruto, but Naruto are in the Light, and Sasuke hides in the Shadow…

    As i said, perhaps some “Uncle” Kakashi or Guy can help here out… Someone that understand the importance and sacrifice of Sasuke’s Job…

    But, that not help out the shadow in a Kids heart.. i am right? We just can only try to not get it bigger

    1. Also, Naruto should fill out Sasuke’s role, the best he can, he can be the best friend “guardian” for her

      Also Sakura and Hinata could be “close” friends, when it comes to their Kids

      1. That does seem to be case actually, as it was noted a few times that Boruto and Sarada are childhood friends due to their parents being close friends and thus often hanging together.

        Lord Nayrael
    2. I think that people overlook what Sasuke is trying to do from the shadows. At the end of the day, I think Boruto is trying to spin it that great people with great ideals have to sacrifice their humanity in a way, in this case family, so that they can achieve their goals.

      Maybe it’s just me, but Sasuke really gives off the impression of Kiritsugu lite.

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