「はじめてのパギャル」 (Hajimete no Pagyaru)
“My First Half-Assed Gal”

Alright, now here’s a part that I can discuss more clearly; the all new, reinvented Nene. For the most part, they get her motivations down to a T, and keep in some key scenes during the arc, including the most important one. However, the rest of the scenes that they didn’t take from the manga seem to exist as filler. They could’ve had something to help flesh out what Nene and Junichi’s past relationship was like, and bring up the fact that the only reason Nene has a little sister complex around Junichi was because she remembered that he was into dating sims with the imouto archetype. The sequence of chapters made Nene a little harder to toss to the sidelines because she not only had a long history with him, but she has been obsessed with him since then. And yet, they stripped that all away, and changed up the line to her wedding vow.

Originally, she had him promise as little kids to get married someday, and Junichi is confused as to how she stuck with that all this time, but the anime was more fixated on gearing it so that she’s already devaluing herself by getting with him only on the condition that he’s uncool by the time they can get serious. It is effective in providing some commentary on Junichi’s insecurities as to whether he’s too dopey to get with someone as hot as Yame. However, it removes too much of the pressure that Junichi had to cave in to Nene’s lust even with the almost-sex scene intact. The manga made it entirely dangerous because not only could Nene fulfill Junichi’s push to lose his virginity early, but there’s a sense of guilt about if he should let Yame go in favor of falling into temptation with his childhood friend.

Instead, they added in some moments to match where the anime is at. It was good to see Yui again, and it gave us more of her personality to show her at odds with Nene during her time to shine. The main problem with most of it is that much of what they added exists as a way to pad out the time. The kaiju battle at the end was in the original, and acted as a good way to walk Junichi through refusing Nene’s advances, but I have no idea why they made the wrestling segment where Ranko gives him the Crippler Crossface, or why the girls pressing their boobs against one another needed a lengthy montage of the characters juxtaposed with historical events, as funny as it was. And then, they continued beating the dead horse with the pedo friend, who really stopped being funny episodes ago, but is extremely unfunny now. To know so much of Nene’s backstory was gutted in favor of these extra fluffy tidbits didn’t make it worth the replacement.

I did appreciate that the Nene episode brought more fanservice to the table. After the last episode’s relatively tame scenes, it was nice to gather some risque screencaps. As much as I complained about the classical art moment being filler, I’m glad the boobs were animated well. Same thing with the wrestling scene, where it was pretty pointless, but I did like seeing Ranko and Yame in wrestling gear. They also pushed the boundaries with Nene as they showed just about everything she could show him before the Bluray release comes out. I just wish the night scenes weren’t so gritty. I’m looking forward to what potential there will be when Yame finally invites Junichi over to her house even if it’s a little out of order.

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    1. Ranko looks like she wants to murder the guy looking at Yame’s chest. In the original that was more pronounced too. lol the leering pose of the man on the ground i mean.

  1. https://randomc.net/image/Hajimete%20no%20Gal/Hajimete%20no%20Gal%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2007.jpg
    Yui: (*to Nene*) “I’ve previously played cuter ‘little sister’ characters than you, you know.”

    I recall the SOX crew (Shimoneta) parodying this as well. (Talk about non-sequitur humor.)

    Interesting choice of undies there, Yui… Or should I say “Boa”? TBH, it feels a bit out-of-character for her to be wearing cute undies instead of something more befitting of her domineering nature.

    A guy deliberately saving himself for the girl he likes… I gotta give props to Junichi for his steadfast faithfulness to Yukana. (He’s almost as chivalrous as Amagami‘s Junichi!)

    1. It was pretty big of Junichi to not give into his urges, especially since he started out with losing his virginity as the end goal to getting into a relationship.

      It is ironic that they have Ayana playing as an adversary to the “little sister” character on the show, but she fits her role very well. I’d assume that she’d buy that type of undies to get into her role as the cutesy Boa.

      The Delacroix painting might’ve fit better with Shimoneta because SOX were revolutionaries in their society who wanted to shape Japan with p#### and p#### and c##########. It’s still pretty funny how many times anime parodies the painting.

    2. Eyy Choya, remember that one time in NouCome when this painting came up as well? No Choya no, don’t bring that instance from Hand Shakers up, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Nishizawa Mihashi
      1. They had one in Hand Shakers? I only saw the first episode and remembered how off-putting the animation was, so I didn’t get far enough to see them with the Delacroix painting.

  2. For someone who wants more girls to do wrestling holds on guys and actually show it in anime/manga (so tired of the unrealistic punches unless actually used comedically and the kicks) And I was pretty angry they didn’t show anything of what she did to him at end of ep 4 I am not complaining at all and welcome more of that by Ranko and maybe some of the others 😛

    1. Sounds like the premise of Wanna Be the Strongest in the World, where grappling holds make up the show’s fanservice. I would welcome more wrestling fanservice from Ranko and the others as well if they have the opportunity in the future.

      1. Yeah thing is I only like it if it is guy and girl doing it not girl and girl or guy and guy that’s boring for me :P, in a chapter of the manga of this during the Yui arc Ranko did put Junichi in a headlock for being you know Junichi lol

    1. The closest I can think of is Tamako Market or Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate. Amagami SS too, but almost every girl wins in that show. It’s tragic because most shows just have a childhood friend there to shatter them and elevate the main girl.

      1. Sorry for being late to say this, but thank you sir. Really appreciate the response.

        “It’s tragic because most shows just have a childhood friend there to shatter them and elevate the main girl.”
        I REALLY REALLY hate this trope. Seriously. Can main characters NOT be jerks to their female childhood friends?.

    1. Yeah, it was nice to see how seriously Junichi is taking his relationship where he’s moved ahead of just wanting to lose his virginity. For all of the fanservicey moments, the anime has a sense of maturity regarding how much Junichi’s mindset grows from being all about sex to pushing his desires aside to stay in a committed, slowly developing relationship.

  3. “And then, they continued beating the dead horse with the pedo friend, who really stopped being funny episodes ago, but is extremely unfunny now.”

    Ugh, not to mention his literally making a map of the local area with marks of where every little girl lived…


    I just can’t really get into Nene physically. With a body that size, those breasts are like Eiken-sized proportionally and, to me personally, looks a bit gross. Even Aki Nijou of Maken-ki!, at twelve, didn’t have breasts THAT enormous.


    Though I did love this. Think that might’ve been the actual “gal” side slipping out without her realizing it, lol.

    1. I’m not against edgy humor like having the guy make a lolicon joke here and there, but there isn’t a punchline with him outlining how much he wants to actively pursue children through cake vans and mailing lists of the neighborhood’s children.

      I can see the appeal of big breasted loli after Hestia, but I understand how it can be offputting if done wrong, especially in shows like Eiken where the proportions don’t look like they match at all.

      That’s one really funny part about Nene’s act. She combs through old slang and ancient gal mannerisms, but is headstrong enough about Junichi that she’d have an easier time with the gal personality by acting more aggressive than trying to learn lingo from decades ago.

  4. Thanks for pointing out Nene’s backstory. That would have made an important difference for me in her character, sometimes they chop the good stuff as well as the cruft. Kind of changes her motives from nuts to woman with a plan. Also I hope the lolicon gets arrested before the end of the series. Love that the other two’s reaction. These have to be one of the best sets of 3 idiots i’ve seen in some time. Actually entertaining.

    1. It can be tricky to animate a series since there’s only so much you can touch on, but the manga seems to give her more motivation to get with Junichi than begging him to be uncool enough to fulfill her promise. She also goes to extreme lengths to get with him such as sneaking little sister hentai comics in his room and handcuffing him at school so she can try to take his virginity earlier.

      She’s still relatively crazy and tries too hard to impress Junichi with her “gal” act, but I feel like it didn’t give much of an explanation why she does the little sister act too even though it plays a big role in the manga. Her molding her personality around a visual novel Junichi played as a kid is an indicator of how she’s spent years trying to look desirable to him, and how obsessive she is about getting him to remember and go through with their childhood promise.

      I’m surprised how much I like the glasses friend. He’s the ringleader of the group’s raging jealousy for Junichi, but he’s enough of a bro to want Junichi to have a good relationship with Yame, and give relationship advice as bad as it is. I’m glad at the very least him and the blonde guy want the fat friend to go to jail. The lolicon stuff went from being mildly amusing to outright horrific.

    2. Dude, my kinda humor ain’t got no bounds unless if they get way too fuckin serious goin full on angry/retard n’ shit then bruh, that’s just fuckin killin the mood homie…

      So yeah, get ready to vomit out that Samyang Ramen you just ate but I laughed at some of the antics of the pedo dude. Thing is, rationally speaking why is this busta still with those guys anyway? What else is he supposed to even be then save to push the #LilTykesMasterRace shit? There’s a reason why we can’t stand any other ape around us that only behaves, thinks and feels ONE way and ONE way only. Come on dawg, it’s like we get it aite, we get it! Just remember that we ain’t gon bust yo ass once “TOMARE, KEISATSU DA!!!” comes blastin down that fuckin doorway nuh?

      Bonus: This busta is 100% LEGIT pedobear material homies. Ain’t any a’ dat teenage love shit. That’s ephebophilia ya nincompoops. Trust me, I’m a psychologist~

      Nishizawa Mihashi

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