「世界の屋根を撃つ雨のリズム I mean, I’m the CREATOR.」 (Sekai no Yane o Utsu Ame no Rizumu)
“The Rain’s Rhythm Shoots Down on the World’s Roof I mean, I’m the CREATOR.”

So was the excruciating wait worth it? That’s up for everyone to decide themselves, but it’s hard denying Re:Creators seems determined to make up for lost time. After weeks of near perpetual buildup, specials, and annoying delays, we finally got the action promised to us. Altair has appeared, Alice is ready to jump ship, and Meteora’s super-secret plan ended up being—as expected—not that secret. Also something something Magane and best maid girl shenanigans. You’re damn rights it was a full meal deal.

While TROYCA guzzled through a few episodes’ worth of flashy animation budget, the more intriguing aspects this week lay again, quite (un)ironically, with the brief moments of downtime. We all knew Altair’s power and knowledge were heads above the rest, but it’s still exciting seeing just how superior she is when it comes to the competition. Well, except for her current lack of final form. Considering Altair knew what was coming, I’m quite surprised her power is not over 9000 yet and lacks the strength to breach Meteora’s artificial world/bubble/birdcage (take your pick). Jokes aside, this is an interesting development because it once again hearkens back to Re:Creators’ penchant for meta-analysis. Our military princess seems determined to win this battle by doing as Meteora and puppets friends are: by appealing to the audience. Extirpate Celestia? Can do that anytime apparently, but not immediately because that won’t impress the audience or sway their opinion. The fans want shock and suspense, they want the thrill coming from an unknown conclusion alongside some physical and emotional bloodletting. In this regard Altair understands the audience better than anyone, including our all seeing mage. Victory in this deathmatch will be determined by who can better sway the viewers’ fleeting attention, and Altair definitely plans on exceeding their demands.

The other side of the coin is of course Blitz’s creator confrontation, and once again some curiosities resulted. While the resurrection of Blitz’s daughter was arguably logical, it’s still a surprising turn of events, particularly when we have Sugura predict every line of thought regarding the guy. Certainly intriguing by itself, but what got me the most were the remarks Sugura made regarding stories and Altair’s status. Sugura’s history and her apparent contempt for Setsuna increasingly suggest (for me) that one of Re:Creators’ main thematic questions is why stories are made. Is it just for entertainment as Sugura believes, or can there be other reasons? Altair’s creation was as far from entertainment as possible, being an outlet for pain after all, something Sugura apparently dealt with in the past. To someone who had to work for her salt—as Blitz cannot comprehend (he only sees Sugura’s current success, not her past struggle)—a gifted girl offing herself over jealous bullying would appear naïve and selfish. Whether rightly or wrongly, Sugura’s line of thought only enhances the novelty which is Altair. Can a simplistic character with no backstory built up by the collective imagination of countless disparate individuals be equal to the likes of established worlds and well-loved creations? If anything this is the answer Altair pursues on her path of destruction. Should she perish then the likes of Meteora are proven correct, but if she succeeds, well, then the meme magic is definitely real. Hard getting more meta than that.

Before Altair busts out the big guns though, first comes the matter of Blitz’s allegiance and that ready to order Alice switcharoo. Considering Altair cares about audience opinion, you can bet the bank on the real fireworks starting once the team lists start changing. And when Magane invokes some Souta blackmail, cannot forget that. If there was a time to gird your loins lads now would be it, because it’s about to get crazy and we are all out of weekly breaks. Finally.

Random Tidbits

If Shou’s Stand Bayard is not based off of J. Geil’s Hanged Man or Illuso’s Man in the Mirror from JoJo I’ll be shocked, the coincidence is too uncanny (and perfect :P).


  1. https://randomc.net/image/Re%20Creators/Re%20Creators%20-%2017%20-%20Large%2034.jpg


    uwahh that’s really cruel, who’re you? natsuki-teppei sister?

    I feel this is one of souta ideas, i remember when souta asked to included in the writing process, souta give some idea to matsubara and he commented that the idea is so cruel while the sugura chick just LoL’ed.

    1. Maybe that’s Suruga’s story – Blitz confronting her in the stadium, and she returns his daughter to him. It might explain how she knew what he’d say, given she wrote it in from the start.

      1. Hmmm i don’t think the writer can conveniently control her creation with just a script and audience rating, i believe the matter of suruga known what blitz will said was just a matter of familiarity..ironically it means suruga love blitz as character that much, she can predict him that much because she adding a lot of detail to blitz character.

      2. Agreed with souma, I don’t think Sugura specifically wrote Blitz’s reactions for that scene, she simply knew what he would say because she knows him inside and out. The same as her getting shot, I doubt she would ever write that into any potential script 😛

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Re%20Creators/Re%20Creators%20-%2017%20-%20Large%2034.jpg

    My guess: This lolicon bait is that Eroge Heroine. Her new ability is probably shape shifting.

    I’m guessing Spineless Protagonist Guy thought this up. If that’s the case, good move Spineless Protagonist Guy. I still cant stand the guy though.


    And it looks like there are potential turncoats here and there.

    A good story always has a backstabber in the mix. That’s what makes it so interesting!

    1. Oh, that’s quite a good theory! That actually answers a few questions and discrepancy I have of this episode…Now I’m even more excited what character Souta may have developed to make it even crueler.

      Side note, most probably forgot but right at the beginning of the first episode, Souta started by quoting a female saying “My dear brother”…maybe this will shed some light on the character he created? I fail to fully comprehend if why Altair would care though if Souta created a sibling for her.

    2. I’m with you on the shape shifting, it makes a lot of sense at this point, and has the added benefit of fitting Sugura’s mindset. Why mess with Blitz’s head once when you can do it twice? Your daughter is alive? Check again 😛

      1. ^Nah, that would be needlessly cruel on Suruga’s side. Plus a way to get fatally shot. 😛
        It could be a real resurrection, if one considers Suruga was drawing a picture of Blitz and Erina in one of the earlier episodes (14?). Maybe that was her story taking shape then.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Re%20Creators/Re%20Creators%20-%2017%20-%20Large%2008.jpg
    OH, now THIS is PERFECT!!!! A very Powerful fantasy character, that is like a Rider Servant (fate/zero reference), go against a Giant Robot! I remember Code Geass, where we have a little supernatural with Giant Robots, but now we are having a fight with Magical Fantasy vs futuristic Super Science!

    This girl REALLY lucked out, seriously; from her face expression I can guess that maybe she predicted in getting shot Once, but not killed immediately. If youjo senki’s Tanya von Degurechaff had met her creator then I don’t think anything can save Carlo Zen from being killed. I can imagine a LOT of authors getting killed by their own characters.

    Blitz – “Devil…I thought you were a god.”
    Me – Hey, if I wrote a story, even I would NEVER imagine that the world I create would literally come to life.
    Anyway, if Blitz’s god was Gen Urobuchi, I would imagine he would die a VERY horrible Death yet Blitz’s author seems to have the sense of compassion to give some sentimental medicine to calm a trigger-happy Blitz.

    Wow, what a nice Camera, to get Every detail. I am sure the viewers are wondering – “Are they breaking the 4th wall?”

    1. @ the last pic

      I’m pretty sure viewers don’t care at that point, it’s the biggest hardon everyone ever had, imagine if suddenly government in your world put a big event like that where all the big characters from most popular shows, Cowboy bebop, Death Note, Code Geass, Trigun, Dragonball, Berserk, Full Metal Alchemist, Ghost in the shell, Hellsing, Bleach Naruto show up to fight a new powerful godlike enemy, the event is broadcasted nation wide live, bunch of giant arenas completely sold out.

    2. @John. Lol, I fainted due to overjoy for a sec there while reading what you listed…I’d totally fly over Japan to see something like that! Of course, it’ll probably be booked up or restricted for Japanese only anyways.

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Re%20Creators/Re%20Creators%20-%2017%20-%20Large%2027.jpg
    Yes the fight scene indeed was gold and Altair x Celestia skin ship was definitely praise worthy. Though I think it would’ve been more hilarious and even 4th wall breaking if they panned onto the doujin artists that are present at the event and also those who have their yuri goggles on.

    But that said, the high light of the show is definitely Blitz x Sugura’s encounter.

    From the sound of it, she seems to reek of a certain butcher that we all know of and come to love. The dark twist, hamartia, gunservice, literary references, severed heads, betrayal, lesbian, rape, loli, eldritch abominations, suits, corruption, suffering, utilitarianism, lack of happy ending, descend into madness, alcohol, early deaths, backstories, innocent MCs, dystopia, martial arts, explosions, faustian bargains and anti-villians, all serve to provide entertainment to the consumers. Very much at the expense of the characters themselves.

    I’ve always wondered how Puella Magica would react when they meet their God and in this episode, we pretty much found out.

    Well Blitz, welcome to the Butchered Club.

    Anyway guys, shall we take out the Butcher Bingo again?

    Velvet Scarlantina
    1. The dark twist, hamartia, gunservice, literary references, severed heads, betrayal, lesbian, rape, loli, eldritch abominations, suits, corruption, suffering, utilitarianism, lack of happy ending, descend into madness, alcohol, early deaths, backstories, innocent MCs, dystopia, martial arts, explosions, faustian bargains and anti-villians, all serve to provide entertainment to the consumers. Very much at the expense of the characters themselves.

      It’s ironic: for most of the series, Alicetaria’s grudge against the Creators for all the suffering in her world was depicted as an unhealthy obsession, a misguided idiot ball she had to let go.

      Here, however, Suruga admits the truths Alicetaria feared: ultimately, authors torture their characters to make their stories more interesting* for the audience. In-universe (and now out-universe too!) they are omnipotent gods that will give and take as they see fit, not because of any sense of morality or justice.

      Now we have to make t-shirts with the words “Alicetaria Was Right!” XD

      *(Of course, “interesting” can have different meanings depending on who you ask. Suruga disliked that Altair was a two-dimensional character created just for the sake of vengeance, but fiction has a long story of works devoted to send a message, criticize a situation or preach about a certain ideology. “Entertainment” isn’t the only motivation around).

  5. I’m more curious on Charon and Hikayu’s roles in this battle. Especially Charon, given how little we’ve seen or heard of him so far.

    Note how the schoolboys in the beginning refer to Yuuya’s manga as the one girls like – indicating the formation of non-targeted fanbases of franchises. (Shou x Yuuya pairing?)

  6. I re-watched the Blitz x Sugura scene like three times XD! definitely the highlight of the episode. Now question is if Erina is really a summoned Erina (since Meteora has a more pinpoint summoning abilities) or something else.

    Really loved how unnerved Blitz became when Suruga could predict what he would say next. (it really shows she put a lot of thought into his character), it’s interesting that they anticipated that Altair wouldn’t commit all of her forces into the encounter.

    1. I’m actually not sure on Erina, she could be summoned, but I think it’s something else. Another possibility is Erina being Souta’s character, with Erina only being a front for whoever she actually is. Such a sick twist would be right up Sugura’s alley because it screws with Blitz twice. First he sees his daughter is alive, and then he finds out this one is a fake.

      1. That’s also quite plausible given we haven’t seen everything they cooked up up until this battle. Hikayu and Charon being missing is a big point (although Hikayu isn’t a front-line combat type so doubt they’ll throw her on the frontline regardless of what power-up she go ) 😀

  7. Danggg…this episode is def GG.

    Its so obvious that whatever Meteora was doing is based on Altair’s prediction. She is somehow brought into the real world bc of this too. Not so wise afterall XD dang Metchin! (im still betting my two cents for her unexpected betrayal!)

    That aside,…
    Too bad ya didnt snap the part where Altair was touching her thigh Pancakes XD much Celestia’s fanservice this week!
    And fans be like…(goggles intensified!)

    Altair really got me worship her today. Shes just too godtier and op overload XD and Magane, oh Magane…i was really like freaked out when shes not inside the cage lol. I hope Mamijou—i mean, Ero-mahoushoujou(whats her name already) gonna show up and save Shouta since most of them are in the cage. Tough luck boy.

    Ps, i didnt expect Aliceteria to be super strong man! Shes typically blocking a gundam’s laserbeam with just that magical shield! XD now i know why Meteora and Celestia cant even topped her!

    Onion Warrior
  8. A game of chess it was. Pieces fell into place.

    The Knights head to confront the King but must remember that the King has her own Knights standing by.

    As tide turns, enter the Wild Cards. One, an agent of Chaos while the other, an agent of Order.

    G Koh
    1. Magane’s look seems to be that of an evil onmyoji. A part from the torii earrings, she has pentagrams on her gloves (which in Japan are associated with Seimei’s Star and the Wu Xing), and instead of ribbons she wears Shimenawa Shinto rope decorations.

  9. Altair fights with Sabers but is not called Saber? 😉 Well, I guess if you actually use the weapon your not allowed the name.

    As the original concept for this show was to use actual anime characters you can imagine the fun if they had worked out the rights and who is more powerful issues.

    Loved the action. As normal the stated plan is not working, but the heroes have lots of unstated plans as well to save the day.

    A bit bugged that tanks are deployed stupidly and same for the Jets. Have to fanwank that the uncrewed versions unable to do complex things.
    Not the first time, of course, both anime and regular media way off. The tanks would have hidden behind buildings popping out just enough to shoot and then running behind again. The Jets would have fired missiles from miles away, and even the gun attacks would have been from further off and they would be out of sight before Altar thought to counter attack.

    1. Only 5 episodes left I think? I really wonder if it’ll be this fight till the end or there’s an unexpected plot twist that comes after this fight…whatever the case, bring it on!

      1. Ah, thought that looked familiar. I spent an afternoon taking photos there because of Gate. I wonder if that’s part of the reason they chose that place? The show has been pretty meta so far after all…


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