OP1.09 Sequence

OP: 「全力☆Summer!」 (“Zenryoku☆Summer!) by angela

「フェスティバゥ! アホガール」 (Festibau! Aho Girl)
“Festival! Aho Girl!”

I’m glad to see more of Akane throughout these past couple episodes. Since she was introduced, there were small hints of her personality being more flexible and open to Yoshiko’s stupid decisions than the other characters. In this one, she’s actively playing along with Yoshiko’s desires to slack off, and is disappointed when she has to keep up appearances in looking like she’s above her. It was cute how excited she was to be given her friends’ blessings to explore the men’s bathroom with Yoshiko and continue to play Super Mario Bros. when they originally stayed overnight to work on the festival. And then, they did the same thing for a second night too. Of all the characters who have been affected by Yoshiko’s idiocy, Akane is the only character who I feel is given a more positive outlook from her interference as she is now embracing the impulses she already had to play, but felt insecure about letting loose too much. With her friends approval and Yoshiko’s inclusion to their group, Akane isn’t afraid of having Yoshiko tag along, and help her open up along the way.

It also gave Akane more to work with for her to spark a rivalry between her and Akuru as it gives him someone to be pissed at in a way that doesn’t make him want to Shoryuken them into the heavens. Akane can prod at his friendless nature, and Akuru can use his intelligence against her, so they’re on an equal playing for the ammo they can use to fire at one another. Their continuation of their vitriolic feud in the karaoke segment makes me optimistic that they’ll continue to create good material out of their hatred for one another.

One problem with the episode, however, is that as soon as the chapter with Akane fooling around ends, all of the segments afterwards go so fast that they end too soon for them to stay on. There are still hilarious parts within each of these scenes, but it is one of the few times in the show where the series’ 4-koma nature interferes with how easily it can blend in some chapters with others. It doesn’t make the episode less funny, but for an episode about the school festival, the part in the actual festival with everyone in maid outfits, even Akuru, is way too short. It just shows people organizing the maid cafe, Ryuuichi coming over, and cut. No big mishaps at the cafe, no elaborate scares at the haunted house, no unpalatable food from the stalls. The culture fest that took Akane and Yoshiko nights of Mario to complete paid off so little in the episode.

Other than the culture festival’s lacking presentation, the remaining segments were nonetheless hilarious. It shows how far gone everyone is that Yoshiko can use the Morals Chairman’s love for Akuru to convince her and the guy she rejected to sanction a boob touch to remember her by. To see how far Yoshiko is reaching to make it seem like she has an obligation to do this for him, how shook the Morals Chairman is at how she’d feel if Akuru reacted the same way she did with this random guy, and how awkward Akuru is to witness this display made it such a wacky scene. The icing on the cake was how the guy was satisfied enough from being violently slammed into the ground after the Morals Chairman wanted to save face in front of Akuru.

There was also some fun with Sayaka with the cute opening (apologies for getting lazy with the OP caps; the previous ones were kinda lacking because of the summer break episodes) and the final scene after getting intoxicated from the fumes of a beer that was accidentally placed in with their drink orders. I did feel bad that her drunken state was to be depressed about both her friends fighting and her bust size that she has to pad out to make her feel better. Despite flat being justice, it still gets to her much harder than anything else, and she doesn’t need to have anything else to get upset about. She doesn’t deserve this T_T. Then again, the best part of the series is how everyone is on an equal playing field when it comes to laughs at their expense, and Episode 10 continues to cobble together funny scenarios from the characters’ pain, pleasure, and embarrassment.



  1. > The icing on the cake was how the guy was satisfied enough from being violently slammed into the ground after the Morals Chairman wanted to save face in front of Akuru.

    I’m 99% sure he was OK with seeing her panties, not getting slammed.

  2. At first I was pretty bummed about this adaption being only 10 min episodes and upset with how much content they skipped. I also think a lot of the gags were done better in the manga. But nonetheless, as the show goes on, I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out, even if those gripes still exist. THIS is the show I’m most looking forward to each week (though I do love a lot of other shows this season)! The bit with Akane starting to cry was SOOO adorable btw. I can’t believe you didn’t mention that!

    1. They did miss out on quite a bit with the adaptation. I feel like they’ve been skipping around to make sure all the skits fit thematically, but as a result it does remove some of the chapters from their chance to be adapted one at a time. The running time feels just right, but at the same time, that also plays a role in how many chapters are skipped over.

      I forgot to mention it under the Akuru/Akane rivalry paragraph, but it was cute how she was able to fake-cry right away and have the entire class turn against him. I think I was too focused on her reaction when she wanted to convince her friends to let her play with Yoshiko longer.

  3. God, this show. (not) Drunk Sayaka is the best haha

    I like how that idiot Yoshiko is rewarding us with the Prez and singing the opening theme song BETTER than atsuko can (sorry angela) despite her being an a-hole.

    On the other hand, I pity Akkun not being able to win a quarrel, the Prez who can reject all the guys but not one idiot girl’s reasoning, and Drunk Sayaka. Nothing beats that. Her chest, I mean.

  4. I’m disappointed that for all his intelligence, the only insults Akuru could come up with were “ugly” and “stupid”. Even Boku no Hero Academia’s resident idiot Kaminari managed a much better insult back in season 1…

    1. I think that’s from his lack of social interaction. He only ever needs “stupid” for Yoshiko, and as a loner he hasn’t joked around with friends. Also, being good at studying is not the same as having a quick wit, though he should still be able to come up with something better than he did.

    2. He’s probably coasting off of only having to insult Yoshiko, so the effort he needs to win an argument is to use simple phrases and get out the fisticuffs. To have an actual battle of wits with someone that’s had years of social interaction and insult skills would be a whole different animal for Akuru.

  5. Sayaka finally got a chance to let loose after being the only sane person for so long, though I can sympathize with Akuru and co. for dealing with drunk-people logic.

    Akane’s pretty cute in her own aho way.

    For all the worries about her future, Yoshiko seems like she could make a living as a conman after her run with the teacher earlier and the random dude this episode. Then again, that’s probably not stable enough for her mother to comfortably retire (which is what her mother really seems to care about), and she’d probably somehow con herself.


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