「裏切者の中で最も危険なる裏切者は何かといえば、すべての人間が己れ自身の内部にかくしているところのものである。」 (Uragirimono no Naka de Mottomo Kiken’naru Uragirimono wa Nanika to Ieba, Subete no Ningen ga Onore Jishin no Naibu ni Kaku Shite Iru Tokoro no Mono de Aru.)
“Every Man has in Himself the Most Dangerous Traitor of All”

With a little more time on the island, we see how each of the classes actually treat this “test” differently.
Whereas Class D are pretty strategic and plan out each day and how each of them are going to survive while still gaining points, the other classes’ approaches are somewhat different. I’ve already mentioned this before last week, but it seems like the leaders have a heavy influence over how the rest of the students in the class behave and also their attitude towards this whole test. Class B is probably most similar to Class D where they’ve found a good spot, they have good rations and seem to base a lot of their decisions on democracy. Class A is almost the complete opposite – they’re hostile to the other classes and their leader is definitely a representation of that. They don’t want people coming near them, they don’t want to interact with others; talk about a very self-reliant group. Class C is where I was surprised – their leader, Kakeru is actually taking things very well. Obviously he has an iron fist over the rest of the class, but his approach is very unconventional and he’s not taking the challenge seriously at all. Rather than planning out his week, he’s spent all the class’ points in a day and since there’s no repercussions, they just go back onto the ship! Is that smart or is that an easy out? I wonder if he really will get penalized after this is over because I’m sure there’s a reason that they’re all on the island in the first place. It’s just odd to me that they wouldn’t even try and just… sit out.

Now speaking of Kakeru, to add to his interesting approach to this test, he’s still as mean as ever. He’s the definition of a school bully and his classmates just LET him do it! Why? Although I don’t like Mio’s attitude towards Class D, at least she had the courage to stand up against him. I mean, I understand that Kakeru is a bigger guy but there’s strength in numbers too. It’s just very demeaning that he treats others that way and I wouldn’t want to be in a class with him as a leader either. Mio on the other hand, I just don’t understand. She left Class C but it’s not like she’s trying to fit into Class D or anywhere really. She doesn’t treat them well and she’s just grumpy. I hope there’s more to her character than this because so far, I’m not into the new folks introduced from Class C. They’re all just mean and downers.

Getting to the final issue of the week, what is up with those misplaced panties? There were two mysteries for me here: a) who stole them and put them into Kanji’s bag?; and b) who also stole Mio’s backpack and phone? And are the two even related? So many questions and there wasn’t enough evidence to suggest one or the other. Yousuke (being the nice guy and leader that he is) helped Kiyotaka hide the panties and even takes them from him but that just puts the blame on him (and I totally forgot that he’s dating Kei). As her boyfriend, you’d think that Yousuke would be even MORE mad to find out that someone would do that. I don’t think it’s Yousuke himself, or Kiyotaka or Kanji… but there aren’t enough other possibilities either for me to narrow it down. Could it be another class messing around with them to purposely cause conflict? I’d like to place bets now if Kiyotaka or Suzune ends up solving this one.


  1. Hooo class c is amazing, I think their strategy something like this….spend all the point so there are no point penalty then their class only need 1 or 2 representative(that class c girl was suspicious) to guess other class leader for 100point..nice&easy.

    1. Was there a penalty for guessing wrong? Only if your representative was discovered, right? So possible 150 points (if they guess class A’s too) and they minimized the possibility to expose their representative.

    2. High risk, high return strategy. 150, 50 or 0 points. The probability of getting 100 points is actually low. It also depends entirely on not getting anyone to guess who their leader is. Remember, if someone guesses who the class leader is, they lose all their bonus points.

      There is also a clause that says you can’t change your class leader, unless for some unusual circumstance. Calling sick actually means they can change their class leader! Quite sneaky indeed.

    3. I also like class c strategy, I think the leader is thinking long term, this being their classes first team building exercise so to speak, and since they are a lower class (i.e a more mixed bag of personalities) it is not certain everyone will agree on the importance to come together and tough it out. It is times like this that will strain the unity of the class and make them question their leadership. By going with their strategy, he completely side steps these issues, wins the respect of the class, and is stronger overall as a leader for the future. And with the no negative points thing, he can also rule by coercion.

      Compare this with the cracks forming in class D, it seems min-maxing the points is probably the obvious and naive approach. Especially since all it takes is a few people like Koenji to destroy any points you plan on saving – as an aside, was Koenji’s decision to leave really just to make this point to the viewer? It seemed like Koenji was really getting into staying on the island in the previous episode (showing off his skills), which is why I hoped they would have some more details in this episode.

      Perhaps the class ranking was determined by personality types and so class D is a collection of misfits, we’ve seen that Sudou – short tempered, Kouenji – vain and maybe Kanji- pervert. It seems the course of this series is to reform each classmate in order to come together to succeed, in which case it makes it much more difficult than class C’s approach.

  2. Class C…

    Perhaps their Leader has the “Son of some important VIP” Bonus, they do not fear him, no they fear the Shadow behind him… And he knows that, so the other enjoy the “extras” that comes with the VIP Bloodline and be in the same “Club” (Clan). i think

    Class A…

    The strong are the finest. Not depending on others, just on themselves (well they are an Class anyway). We are better then them.. But without “VIP” Bonus. What we want to achieve, we get it trough our own hands and “guts”…

    Here are now so much Cliches displayed, that even an Blind man would see that

  3. The panties may have been a necessary misdirection if Mio really is a sleeper agent for class C.

    If she realized that someone was going through her things the night before then she could be wary that someone is on to whatever class C’s plan is. However if the next day someone else’s things have been rummaged through then she’s likely to believe that instead of someone spying on her it was just a pervert looking for panties.

    The misdirection results in a morale hit for class D, but that’s an issue that can be fixed later when the text is over.

    I would imagine rather than solving the panties caper the actual culprit could be Kiyotaka, Suzune or even Hirata since he was the last one the girls expected and he might be smart enough to have caught on to class C’s plan as well.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Hirata…doesn’t he seem a bit TOO nice and “perfect”? Why would someone like him, with seemingly no flaws to speak of, be in Class D – a class meant for people with little to no hope of a future in the country BECAUSE of some sort of huge flaw(s) – unless you do it on purpose (Ayanokouji)?

      And then there’s him asking Ayanokouji if he could hold onto the panties himself…sure it makes sense as he’s the one least likely to be suspected, but…I dunno, with how anime tends to go, I’m usually suspicious of the overly-nice people these days (as well as those with eyes constantly squinted / closed and smiling a lot), lol.

  4. So…

    Class A seems autocratic
    Class C seems totalitarian
    Classes B and D seems democratic

    Is it safe to assume that?

    Frankly speaking, I’m rather surprise that the totalitarian Class C didn’t seem to fold during the event while I am fully confident that classes B and D will pull through the task. Democracy, spreading freedom one day at a time. Make democracy great again!

    As for Ibuki and the other guy, I do believe that they’re sleeper agents planted into Classes B and D. Though I wonder if C managed to infiltrate Class A. The security there seems as tough as any secret government facility.

    Let’s play a game… Caption this!

    “Ayanokoji kami-sama, bless thee with thou’s infinite knowledge”

    Velvet Scarlantina
  5. After checking the numbers, there is really little chance of this event actually changing the rankings. Unless there are some other unknown metrics that is. Each classes strategy probably reflects on this fact a little.

    Class B and D are going the standard route. Trying to conserve points and possibly gain bonus points. Out of the two, class D has the most to gain by doubling or quadrupling their points. Both seem rather democratic, which I assume is also the case with class A under normal circumstances. But in the current situation, Katsuragi is leading them since Sakayanagi didn’t actually join the event (thus they didn’t lose points from her loss). He’s a lot more autocratic and I think that is why he isn’t gaining a lot of influence within the class. This event is actually a proving ground of sorts for his leadership. Not sure why nobody in Sakayanagi’s faction actually stepped up to replace her. Maybe they’re giving him a chance to prove himself?

    As for class C, as I’ve said above, they’re going for a high risk gamble. Since they have nothing to lose, and little to gain (maximum of 50% more points) it actually looks like a reasonable strategy. So, why haven’t they rebelled against him? Probably cause he lets you live the high life as long as you don’t get on his bad side. That makes him less like a typical bully and more akin to a mob boss. Those that go against him end up as social outcasts. It also makes it harder to usurp him as anyone that does must show that there are more benefits than negatives in doing so. Something which most of his class probably doesn’t see yet.

  6. this show is actually goin downhills like its so slow and the show keeps feeding you these forced drama its so cringe. Like I thought the MC was gona be some kind of robot or something or some human experiment but at this point it seems he’s more just autistic


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