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Turns out Horatio is no mere egotistical enthusiast. He has the mind to match Ernesti’s genius, coming up with an effective way to neutralise the Ikaruga. I can’t say I’m a fan of the mad scientist, but credit should be given where it is due, and I was surprised that people readily dismissed him last week.

Following on from the tactical retreat, I have to agree with Ernesti’s pessimistic assessment of the situation. When you consider that Horatio upgraded the Ether Supplier even further into a Blood Grail prototype, it’s doubtful whether the Ikaruga can prove a match when it comes to the kamehameha battle. Gustavo even receives command of a Royal Silhouette Knight, further decreasing Kuschpercha’s prospects in the upcoming battle. If he could hold his own against Dietrich with a tacky Silhouette Knight model modified to have a couple of extra swords, lord knows what he could be capable of now.

That said, it seems like Kuschpercha and the Silver Phoenix Order have an ace hidden up their sleeves. Eleonara’s plan seems foolhardy and reckless to me, but as this series has proven time and again, genius requires a bit of madness too. Everything seems to rest on Dietrich’s covert mission, and though I have no clue how that could be tied to defeating the Vyvern, I know that we’ll have an exciting finale on our hands! For the sake of ensuring that Silhouette Knights will never become redundant, going against a developmental trend favouring battleships and cannons, will Eru succeed in blasting down the Vyvern?



  1. Horacio neutralizing the Ikaruga’s jets is anime-original.
    In the LN Doloteo escapes by flying the Vyvern to higher altitudes, per Horacio’s advice. Ernesti tries to give chase, but suffers ether poisoning due to high ether concentrations at that height and must give up.

    That said, I like how the anime’s raised the stakes, meaning Ernesti’s got to think more creatively this time. It’s not like he can cast a looping Slip spell to immediately resolve the situation.

    1. Awesome! Where I had previously read up to was just before this final battle, so I wouldn’t have known. I also prefer how the anime raised the stakes, though it’s too bad they basically crammed the war into 3-4 episodes. There’s stretching it out for too long, then there’s this :/

      1. PS. I’m not sure why the anime staff were only given 1-cour to work with instead of 2-cour. Maybe they thought the mechgineering, no-ecchi angle would make Knights more of a niche series to sell to fans.

    2. Gotta bring up the Anime asspull here in that there’s no way he could build an armored airship from scratch when he has no blueprints or plans to base the design from with the amount of time they had.

      the LN made it more plausible as Cristobal never blew up his own ship in a fit of insanity (he fell to his death while dueling with Ernesti) and Eru managed to bring down the flagship intact by intimidating the crew and managed to understand the levitator function from it.

      They then refitted the flagship for the final battle (which takes alot less time than building a ship form scratch)

  2. Okay, I really want to punch Ernesti at times. Does he want to stop the Vyvern because it’s a weapon of mass destruction? No, he’s going to do it because it endangers his mecha-making fetish. I swear he’d be madder at one of his precious mechs being destroyed than if one of his friends died in battle.

    Weird d
    1. The novels reiterate Ernie’s insane like that. In a later arc he involves himself in some big dispute because his mecha materials got destroyed during said dispute.

      But, the novels also reiterate he does care for his friends. For example, there’s an mini arc from Vol 1 (cut from the anime) where he helps rescue Addy from followers of the twins’s jealous legitimate stepbrother, who was trying to blackmail Chid to lose a duel with him by hostaging Addy.

  3. The anime’s going to end before it comes into play, but I hope the author kept Gojass in play after this arc. He’s a good foil for Ernesti, who really needed a contemporary to compete against.

  4. The Big Finale fight in the Sky is an……. Distraction. To gain time for the Secret Mission, so they can invade the HQ…

    “oh while they are fighting in the sky, and all eyes are on them. We invaded your HQ. We may have lost this Fight (or not), but we won the War”…

    Because even this Big Drake, needs support of Mana and stuff. It can not fly unlimited in the Sky, i am right?

    1. concluding my idea:

      right, the machine can fly unlimited

      ..the Humans controlling it, need to eat and drink, right?
      ..when engage into battle, what happen with their Mana supply? or do they regain their full strength after a while?
      ..its an Battleship, not really used to live long on it

      and so on.. i mean also the Human nature. They do not have CPU or remote control tools, where the Pilot and crew can stay on the ground…

    1. In the novel, it was explained that Ikaruga can only do this when it’s not flying. Magius Jet Thrusters actually consume huge amount of mana. So if it was not in use, the mana can be channelled for other use, like for firepower.

  5. Ep 13:

    And good satisfied end for me. Thank you for this Anime

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I hope that the Manga still continue to tell its stories. But… What red Line will do know? I gave some hints in the past. But lets see

    Thank you


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