「新忍刀七人衆!!」 (Shin Shinobigatana Shichininshu!!)
“The New Seven Ninja Swordsmen!!”

General Impressions

Last week, I said it would be awesome if Chojuro showed how he could finally kick some real ass. And I have to say, everything started off great. Some punk kids steal a couple of very important swords, but the situation is completely under control. Nothing has escalated yet, and the general public are clueless. Most importantly, the Mizukage and previous Mizukage are both at the scene, ready to take serious action. What’s more, they take a hard stance. Nothing wishy washy, also known as ‘I’ll bring back Sasuke from the dark side‘. Chojuro was going to straight up murder these kids for daring to be a nuisance towards the Hidden Mist village, and that was like totally cool, if not slightly unethical.

However, he completely bombed it. Firstly, getting sense talked into him by two 8 year old kids, then getting blackmailed by Boruto of all people. But none of this came nowhere close to being the worst offender for me. I mean, seriously?!? You’re telling me some kids pulled a few cheap tricks, and had the Mizukage looking like Christ on the cross? Not only does Chojuro seem like the weakest kage, but he probably also wins out at being the lamest one of all time. This episode became nothing short of a complete disappointment, since the preview from last time baited me into having high hopes. Honestly shaking my head here. Of course, this could be a time old attempt at the legendary Talk no Jutsu. But it seems rather ineffective right now, given how he’s getting ignored. Suddenly trying to pull off the Uzumaki ultimate technique like it’s nothing. Pffft, who does Chojuro think he is?

Concluding Thoughts

Usually I’d dabble harder to figuring out Chojuro’s endgame, before jumping towards conclusions. However, I’m just mad that we needed to go through this tripe first, and feel saltier than an overcooked piece of smoked gammon steak. No matter what, I can’t see how his gambit can be justified, even if it pulls out a positive result at the end. As for something that needs answering, these feudal lords from the Land of Water clearly need to get checked for serious brain damage. Waging a war against the Hidden Leaf Village, using some upstart brats as proxy… what in flying f*ck are you gonna gain from provoking Naruto and Sasuke? It’s like they’ve totally forgotten the previous Shinobi war. There is no territorial expansion to be had, where these two literal gods hand your ass to you a thousand times over. That’s like sticking a middle finger at Zeus, and expecting a close fight, when he’ll just instantly smite you with lightning. Just thinking about it is slowly lowering my IQ, so I’m probably going to stop there.

So those are my biggest gripes for this episode, other than the fact it decided to end at a less than ideal point. That is to say ending just short before any action could occur. Annoyingly, I’m actually excited for next week as a result. I can’t wait to see the base sharingan in action, after many years of Mangekyo/Eternal Mangekyo/Rinnegan. Hopefully Sarada will put up a decent fight against Bumtan, and maybe even get around to stealing some lightning jutsu for a decent powerup.



  1. “Waging a war against the Hidden Leaf Village, using some upstart brats as proxy… what in flying f*ck are you gonna gain from provoking Naruto and Sasuke?”

    Unless those two burn Kirigakure to ashes and kill its populace, it doesn’t really matter. Heck, the more damage Hidden Leaf does the more revanchist Kirigakure’s people will feel. Short-term defeat for long-term profits. Radicals strive on their own people’s suffering, and they know it.

    Lord Nayrael
    1. Fair point. In my rage, it’s hard to consider these things rationally. Still, these radicals have balls thinking that there’s no risk of Sasuke holding them to account.

      Makes me suspect some secret organisation is pulling strings behind the scenes, like blackmail or something. Neo-Akatsuki incoming!

      tl;dr – I blame alcohol

  2. To be fair, the Feudal Lords were never the brightest minds in the setting. Nor have they probably actually seen the epicness in action themselves. Remember them during the last War? The Hidden Leaf is actually lucky their current Feudal Lord is a decent one, which is a vast improvement over the slacking whiner when Naruto was a teen.

    Also, I have a feeling this arc is where Boruto may have an interest in kenjutsu 😀

    Oh! By the way, the latest Boruto chapter had him meet a certain someone from the Hidden Mist as well… but what’s interesting is that he actually did mention the field trip there. Proving without a shadow of a doubt that this is all canon 😀

    1. Yup! That’s what I thought too. I wonder if Kagura will appear in the manga, and they’ll be like ‘Long time no see!’

      Anyway, aspects of Naruto not relating to ninjas are quite underdeveloped. I have no doubt the feudal lords are important in politically and economically propping up the country. However, we know so little about them, not to mention their decisions are always viewed from the perspective of a shinobi code. Maybe these choices aren’t as foolish as I’ve assumed, but it’s difficult to substantiate considering a lack of context.

  3. Ha! Good thi ng I skipped all this drama and decided to wait 5 or 6 EPs deep before watching again ! 😀

    I suspect field trips need to be done a-la Hunger Games style to make these things work. Kirigakure is famous for mist illusion silent-takedown etc … It would have been better if all things started happening inside an arena and fake death imposed to give seriousness. Bah! What do I know.

    Have to wait and see if I need to skip maybe 5 or 10 episodes now.


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