「融情」 (Yuujou)
“Friendship (Melting Emotion)”

Well, I think we know exactly how Ousama Game is going to turn out now. If last episode was not hilariously unmitigated train wreck enough for everyone, this week cranked that disaster up to 11 by doubling down on all the worst (best) elements. Problematic storytelling, ridiculous characters, and even more obscene orders; it really gives meaning to the phrase so bad it’s good.

As mentioned last week, the main problem with Ousama Game is its story. Adapting the sequel was always going to be an issue given few viewers likely ever read the source novel (let alone all of them), and what we got effectively proved the point. Thankfully the show recognized this aspect and made an honest attempt filling in missing details by pulling material from the prequel starting last week, but ironically only made matters worse. If we are going to receive flashbacks running the full extent of weekly runtime, what is the purpose of even adapting the sequel in the first place? With two weeks of this strategy now under our belts I honestly do not know, the prequel is hilariously terrible sure, but it progresses logically in the manner the supposed “actual” story here currently does not. We could have received a better tuned story with greater focus on each individual round of orders (you know, for suspense), but instead received this rushed amalgamation with little time for accentuation or focus on important plot components. With two stories competing over the space of one, there is just no time to properly present either of them in detail.

For all the story issues, however, what winds up keeping Ousama Game fun(ish) are the characters, and oh boy does this episode go all in fast. Defenestrating yourself over a class vote, getting your girlfriend to give your best friend a quickie? Ousama Game was already ridiculous as hell, but this episode had me in tears far more than it should have. Take that sex scene, if Nobuaki cares so much for Naoya, why doesn’t he just screw Naoya himself? You’re friends, what’s a little pegging between butt best buds if it saves that precious too good for this world life? In fact, why not even go the distance and make it a threesome with Chiemi? It’s wholesome fun for the entire family, the best of both worlds. Seriously, I don’t think Nobuaki thought that one through enough…or is too much of a hypocrite when it comes to his must save everyoneTM mantra. Eh, probably the latter to my chagrin. At least Kana is slightly more intelligent when it comes to sexual matters (i.e. doing it herself), but never trust her around windows, the poor girl winds up losing her mind—literally. If this is only tip of the character iceberg for Ousama Game, I’m at a loss to think what could be coming next. With characters already this crazy, how do you even begin to top them? Guess we will just have to wait and see.

Having witnessed the full fury of Ousama Game these past few weeks, I think it’s safe to say I will not be covering this one further. It may be the best unintentional comedy of the season and the greatest horror train wreck this side of Mayoiga, but I’m not sure I can muster the strength needed to write about this between the tears of laughter and bashing my head against the desk. Ousama Game is a show better watched than dissected, and if this episode is anything to go by, the best scenes are yet to arrive. It might only be mindless popcorn entertainment, but as pure unabashed fun (if only unintentionally), Ousama Game has it where it counts.


      1. It’s the best part of that order. What defines sex, does it matter with who or what biological sex that person is? Because the way it’s listed Naoya could also wank it to a porno mag and complete the order. It might not physical sex, but it is in his mind 😛

  1. At least Mayoiga kept to the present and only used the past if it was necessary to explain something more, so even though it was a train wreck, it was still a fun train wreck you could sit through, and it also still had some likeable characters even though we don’t exactly learn a whole lot about them besides a few.

    1. That’s probably the biggest difference IMO. At least Mayoiga fleshed out some of its characters, here it’s just nameless faces dying through increasingly ridiculous circumstances. And that’s before touching on Ousama Game having two casts of characters. It’s getting to the point where I feel bad for anyone who actually takes this show seriously lol.

  2. Time to vent!!

    But first things first, props Nice Jock #1 (I don’t care about their names) for bitch slapping the crazy girl and actually siding with the Protag. Was she that dumb to play the nice card with them and ask to follow them to the hospital….right after she ordered both of them to die? These characters are ignorant, not death. She literally had that slap coming.

    “I cant deal with this crazy girl anymore!” -Best line from the episode

    If there’s ever a sex command from Ousama to the MC then he should just go for the trusting hands of Nice Jock #1. But Nice Jock #1 is being a little too nice….I see his order backfiring on him. I doubt broken phone-girl will carry out the “Kill” order when she gets a new phone. Therefore she’ll die, and because she dies, he’ll die by default. Ugh, just when you get not-crazy nice people they have to still act naive.

    And yup…nearly 15 minutes out of a 20 minute show was dedicated to the flashback. Kill me….And no brownie points from Protag making his girlfriend have sex with his jailbait friend. If he was any man he would have just taken the bullet himself instead of having his girlfriend (who’s a virgin no-less) just have sex with him. Its not like he has to force himself into a romantic relationship with jailbait. Just a quickie and its done. Ousama doesn’t care who does it, as long as he gets his daily fill of statutory sex.

    Also I’m waiting for Ousama to be a major troll, and after characters kill themselves after realizing they have to die (like in this flashback with suicide squad over there), the text reads “A-San will die peacefully in their sleep”

    1. That guy Kenta at the start killed me, he’s part of the class, and his line to Natsuko made it sound like he didn’t even know who she was. Might not have been intentional, but that was the best way to sum up this show: not even the bloody characters know who each other is or what the hell is going on lol.

  3. i f*cking hate this anime, the main character is idot + doesn’t have any characteristic and also don’t have any ambition or anything, the only thing left only minus appearances.

  4. If I were a part of the production team that made this (management, technical staff, animators, seiyuu, whatever), I would never publicly admit that I helped to bring this piece of garbage to life. People would piss themselves in laughter upon hearing the words “Ousama Game”.

      1. no, we are talking about anime here. it was some kind of Mecha Anime where an Book was very important

        The anime had an strange name.. but with the fog of time, my memory is not the best

  5. I don’t get it? Why did a teenage girl have to consent and have sex with another boy to save her boyfriend’s friend’s life? Which part of this is necessary or logical? Main character is a pimp and his best friend was the first client, the main character used his girl as practice for a bigger business as a pimp.

    And I said this before how is it that the game or the entity knows if someone rejected the order? Clearly there is something beyond life that sees the action of anyone and everyone 24/7; which for a human it is not possible even if you trade places with others there will be some time loss in matter of minutes or seconds.



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