「アニケン, ズットテング」 (Aniken, Zutto Tengu)
“The Anime Club: Forever Snobs”

Kouki has officially become the most punchable person in Animegataris. He has been shady since the start, but manipulating the club’s supervisor to buy new tech with the money they were offered by the studio filming their news segment so he can blackmail the club into getting formally shut down by the principal is on some next level stuff. It is suspicious how soon he turned against them given that he did the same thing Tsubaki did by walking away and maniacally laughing. Tsubaki seems to have become weary of this manipulation given that she had called sick since the anime presentation, and issued a warning to Erika to be careful. There’s reason to believe that maybe Kouki wasn’t acting himself because of outside manipulation, but with what we’ve been given up til now, and his behavior in some circumstances, there is also reason for suspicion on whether he wanted the club to tank.

The pattern of the anime club’s rise is also something I’ve seen before in other programs; wait for their unrealistic peak to hit only to strike them down at their highest. It wasn’t entirely calculated to a T, but it was strange how the anime short slowly inspired the school’s clubs to take their advice and anime viewing regimen to create pyramids, rocket boots, and mechas. While it was a little eccentric, and still felt like they were mulling about before they reached the juicy part of the story with details on the universe’s lore, it did give some of the neglected members of the supporting cast a chance to shine such as Yui and Minoa’s homeroom teacher, Tooru.

It was also a good vessel for displaying how large of a power level their writers have. They did reuse some of the older references like Gurren Lagann and PreCure, but the swathes of clubs at their doorstep gave them some fun material to use like dedicating an information session to Yowamushi Pedal. They also included a fun homage to Code Geass at the end to cap off an episode about betrayal gloriously. Another fun part of the episode was around the beginning where the club members discuss how lavish after-parties can be for anime…unless you’re a screenwriter. It’s okay, Miko, maybe some day they’ll get the respect they deserve. Maybe someday. I’m just hoping that after this episode’s last scene, they’re going to start committing to explaining what exactly is happening with everyone.


    1. I would’ve loved for her to have a bigger role in the show. Seems like they squandered her potential by having her only show up around the beginning of the episode for two second long cameos.

  1. You know, as the episode played out I really started expecting a guillotine gorilla somewhere. Things got way too bonkers with these clubs… Not to mention Kouki’s sudden betrayal. Some universal forces at play here?

    1. The further the episode strayed from reality with stuff like the pyramids and mechas, it would make sense that the next step the show would take would be to throw in a Guillotine Gorilla moment somewhere in the mix.

    1. Perhaps the hidden motive could be “Black mail from the Principal” or he also had the same doubts like her
      This Silly true to the core Anime advices from the Club feel like they do this on purpose. Did not suddenly the Principal order to end all contacts with the Anime club, and now they run their Club room down for help? Seems like they order them to ask for advice to “push the Anime club” into the Sky’s and then cut their wings to crush back to Earth

      The Girl was right, and perhaps Nakano feel like the Anime Club lost their spirit to “money and fame”, and he wanted to cut the cancer out

      He was like an Devil testing the other true believes for the Club..if the Girl would not fall in the end would it turn out different?

      1. It’s like the other Clubs put Sweet Honey around the Anime Club’s mouth, and for the Cherry on the Top they use an TV Interview

        This suddenly raised famous feel strange. Lucky there was not an Club to ask for an “Flying” advice.. or we would see someone jump from the Roof thinking he/she can fly

  2. the more this series goes, the more questions pops up… JUST WHAT THE HELL THE ANIME CLUB DO for them to experience this unfair treatment from their school? then there’s that mysterious “sort of mind controlling” beret. and the even “mysterious” talking cat that nakano seems to know already long before minoa. and what is the relationship of the anime in minoa’s memories to the whole story? and it seems like minoa’s own family have a secret.

    this anime better not hang us up. they still have 3 or 4 episodes (unless there’s a season 2 planned or they will go 15 eps or 25 eps) to put a resolution to this story but that maybe too short because of numerous questions they have introduced until now that i personally think, 1 episode will not solved it.

    1. Yeah, there’s too many unexplained mysteries for them to not have been at least explained some of them during the first 3/4ths of the show. What did the 1st anime club do to freak out the principal and the student council? What is Neko? What is the beret?

  3. Ep 10:

    my Respect goes to the one in charge of the Storyboard. He could twist the “ending” that i was expecting :). But this excuse from him (to avoid name spoilers) was cheap… so cheap like Maverick in Star Ocean: Till end of time

    But for me this piece of Episode 1 anime this is all about, are Macross… or our little Girl got her memories mixed with the years, and combine all of her favorite animes from that time into one

    But you still did not watch it? Watch it from the Opening.. because there is an “Omake” OP for us.. Director you “baka” (with a heavenly smile tone) you done it 🙂

    1. to get accepted from the friends… ok the girls could fall for this “trick” but the boy…

      Also you “stole” this excuse from an other anime and manga..it is from an “italy” country men.. where Boys have name of countries and behave like them

    2. I think now i know how this Boy (you know Aurora-senpei) resemblance in real life

      Are this perhaps the ones in charge of “Drill to the Heaven!” sort of Episode Anime? There was an Episode that feel out of the Loop and 4chan and other black corners of Inet “destroy it”, that they lost their calm

      “Gurren Lagann”.. it brings back memories.. But be proud, without this Anime, Kill la Kill was never born…


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