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「あなたを思うと胸が痛む」 (Anata o Omou to Mune ga Itamu)
“My Heart Hurts When I Think of You”

Everything about this world is designed to make these girls suffer.

Sorry for the late post, my birthday was yesterday so I was out partying, and then suffering through the results of my partying today. Speaking of suffering, while hangovers fade with time (and ramen), the suffering just won’t end for these girls. There really is some great writing going on this season, and I think at least one person in the writer’s room is one of those insufferable sonofaguns who ask questions like, “Why wouldn’t she just ask her friends for help?” And thank the gods for that insufferable writer, because I would have been asking that very same question, and the addressed it. Through the world being made of asshole, as usual.

The realization that, for any time Yuuna tries to tell someone about the pain she’s under, they’ll suffer a misfortune small or large, was—well, damn. Right? I can understand her hesitating to talk to the others, but she was going to do the smart thing and do it anyway, only for the world to step in and shit all over her dreams again. The despair was palpable, because what do you even do when you don’t know what’s going on and can’t talk to anyone? I would have liked a better explanation as to what this duty entails for her—is it just a boatload of pain, or is she going to get whisked away, debilitated, or die before long?—especially when Sensei showed up, and I said out, “Sensei, no… Whatever you’re doing, stop it.” The girls are right to be paranoid about the Taisha. Even if they don’t mean ill will, they’re functionally out to get the Yuusha-bu at every step.

Special kudos go to Itsuki’s seiyuu, Kurosawa Tomoyo, for delivering an especially fine performance during the hospital sisters scene, in which, along with the always peerless Uchiyama Yumi, they were just dripping was loving, bittersweet, familial sisterness. Points also go to the handful of seconds before Fuu gets hit by the car, when the pacing slows down, the soundtrack becomes eerie and ominous, and it makes you realize what’s about to happen without enough time to process it before the punch strikes. That windup was devilishly effective, and I hate/respect the Studio Gokumi team for playing their hand like such bastards.

If there’s one spot of hope, it’s in Sonocchi, who may have figured out what’s going on. Because if anyone knows what it’s like to sacrifice yourself for others, it’s her. Which just reminds you what she had to endure before. Everything is pain, everyone is suffering, and nothing matters. Fun fun!

Random thoughts:

  • A riddle about shouldering someone’s debt, and the rale about the red ogre who sacrifices himself for the blue ogre. A little on the nose there, but it only heightened Yuuna’s panic, which means it was perfect.
  • Wasshi’s and Sonocchi’s alpha waves are my new favorite running joke.
  • Another Sancho. It’s spreading.
  • Oh yeah, I’m blogging this btw.

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