OP Sequence

OP: 「不思議な旅はつづくのさ」 (Fushigi na Tabi wa Tsuzuku no sa) by Tsuri Bit

“White, Round, Tiny, Wimpy, and Ready”

「しろくてまるくてちいさくてとても泣きむしだけどがんばる」 (Shirokute marukute chīsaku de tomoni naki mushidakedo ganbaru)

General Impressions

After proceeding with next to no expectations, I came out positively beaming. Although my erratic sleep cycle is far from being restored, my heart is now fully healed from the fatal wounds inflicted by legal coursework.

According to the popular trend, parents of a high school kid must be absent, leaving their young son to fend for himself. However, the mummy sticks around this time round, and in a way that heavily deviates from the norm. You see, this affable fellow is not the mother of our protagonist. Rather, Mii-kun is a bandage-wrapped miniature mummy, desperately seeking for a place to belong where it might finally receive some love. With those kind of emotional needs, alongside a lower level of awareness, that thing is basically a pet. I don’t blame Mii-kun for being overly clingy towards our protagonist, Sora Kashiwagi (Mutsumi Tamura). Spending two millennia buried in some lost pyramid without having human contact must be one of the saddest things ever. So seeing Mii-kun doing what it could to gain Sora’s approval really warmed my heart, and seeing it get jealous of the dog made me feel sorry for the poor thing. Despite initially rebuffing Mii-kun’s affections, even contemplating sending it back to Egypt, Sora is eventually won over by its antics. While this is by no means definitive, let’s hope that Sora continues treating Mii-kun with kindness and care.

Concluding Thoughts

Mark my words, this wholesome show is the sleeper hit of Winter 2018 – you simply can’t miss out on it! The first episode answers some rather basic stuff about how raising a mummy pans out in the context of this story. Does Mii-kun have regular needs like eating, drinking, or sleeping? The answer to all three would be ‘yes’, and he even takes baths as well! Truly a pet demonstrating higher levels of functionality – especially when it tried to do chores despite its diminutive stature. From what I can tell, where it seems similar creatures will be joining the show at a later date, we can expect cute-laden, light-hearted fun up ahead!
Unfortunately, Thursdays are unreasonably stacked full of entertaining shows. With comedy being a difficult topic to write about on a weekly basis, it’s unlikely that I’ll be picking this up. However, Miira no Kaikata has easily managed to win over my heart. I insist that you should give this show a chance, because I get the feeling that it will definitely be overlooked by most people. In these dark times, we all need a nice reminder that the world is still a place where good can be found.
ED Sequence

ED: 「ロゼッタ・ストーン」 (Rosetta Stone) by Iketeru Hearts


End Card


  1. The Pharaoh Tutankhamun is probably like “I surrendered my organs to become a push over how is this fair?

    Next let’s doll up Michael Myers from the American Horror movie Halloween.


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