「戦旗」 (Senki Hata)
“Battle Flag”

The Three Episode RuleTM may be more guideline than scientific law, but it certainly provides a good impression of what to expect from Grancrest Senki going forward. With enough material under our belts now it’s safe to say the show will not be changing in any significant manner: the lack of background details will remain, the current pace will continue, and Theo will never cease being a thorn in some people’s sides. It’s a fantasy that will likely stick close to the mean, no matter how different some parts may be.

The main issue concerning me with Grancrest at the start was its speed, and while I held out hopes things would improve, this episode largely confirmed little will probably change. From acquiring new allies previously to defeating a king this week, the show seemingly has no issue shifting between events with little buildup between. We saw this previously with Theo’s ascension to Lord, but I felt the whole declaration of independence (minus Nicholas Cage) to battlefield showdown was an noticeable case highlighting the issues Grancrest is experiencing. Yeah fine Theo (and Siluca) wants to save his village and the world, but just who the hell are these factions? Why is it important to pick one over the other? And where did these minor parties come from? Few answers are apparently forthcoming. Now to be fair, these are elements which can be eked out with a little thought (ex. why Siluca chooses one faction over the other), but considering the blistering pace Grancrest is breezing through different scenes, little time is actually given to chew on newly revealed information. One is largely dragged along from event to event with world building mostly pushed aside in favour of the week’s important payoff. Grancrest could easily flesh out things better and give us a more complete picture, but it’s increasingly looking like show’s purpose—as with many adaptations—is to quickly get to the good stuff later on.

Pacing problems aside, what keeps me here and interested in Grancrest is (ironically) the characters. Siluca and Theo are probably the best example, edging close to turning into the (stereo)typical maiden in distress/overpowered hero duo, but retaining enough uniqueness to remain interesting. Theo for example remains a nuisance (at best) in fights, unable to deal with the threats his mage can easily dispatch, yet proves handy when it comes to cleanup duty. Likewise Siluca is pretty damn strong, but needs the security of allies to ensure her strength isn’t a single shot endeavour. This relationship shows some of the skill of Grancrest’s writing: we don’t have some hero getting by thanks to the power of some ability and a girl (well, girls) who exists solely as viewer friendly eye candy. Each (main) character in Grancrest has their own strengths and weaknesses and the show ensures both elements are featured when the moment is right. While the risk of this setup devolving into the typical fantasy structure remains (as evidenced by Siluca’s quick 180 on consulting Theo), I’m still optimistic the show will continue to buck convention in this area. Unless our green haired hero suddenly gets a power-up the fighting—and scheming—is all on Siluca, and I seriously doubt she’ll be bested there anytime soon. Until Mr. Hero can outclass our new cute pink haired party member, he’s destined for perpetual figurehead status.

Considering how torn I am between my likes and concerns over Grancrest, it’s probably unsurprising I’m unsure right now if I’ll be blogging this one further. The show has some good potential, but with the current structure it’s hard seeing if it can properly rise to the occasion. Plus with a few other important series this season likely needing coverage (because reasons), super serious—and I mean serious—decisions must be made. I guess it’s about time to change the Three Episode Rule to a four episode one wouldn’t you say?




  1. Man Theo and Lassic having that bro moment reminded me so much of Eliwood and Hector from Fire Emblem Blazing Sword. Theo even promoted into paladin in this episode! Now only if he could get his hands on a legendary sword…

    1. Lets see:
      Theo – Paladin – Defender
      Siluca – Wizard – Controller
      Siluca’s Buttler – Rouge – Striker
      Aishela – Barbarian – Striker
      Moreno – Sorcerer – Striker
      Lassic – Fighter – Defender
      Priscilla – Cleric – Leader
      Overall a strong party composition, with lots of dpr. My only complaint is that they are in need of a second Leader.

  2. The LN afterwords state that Grancrest’s story was designed to be a multiple protagonists type of story.

    Some readers* say they didn’t really like Mizuno’s writing style for this novel, especially since Theo is such a minor character in Vol 1 with not much development.

    For the rushing, it could be Grancrest’s only has 1 cour.

    *People read the books raw.

    1. Perhaps to understand the “logic” behind these factions, you need to understand History.. back into the time where “Nippon/Japan” and even “Germania (before it was Deutschland)” was an endless satellite landlord country, everyone with their own King.. in short before my examples countries where united (with force or with food)

      Why are there many Castles build in our (Europe and Orient) and even this Castles of Land lords?… Yeap around this time lies the key to explain this much factions

    2. @zztop Oh bro, Jesus fucking Christ, It’s absolutely incredible to see how AnimeSuki users keep posting exactly the same thing using exactly same words for all new light novels, those who don’t have a translation and and also those who are partially translated.
      Have they learned nothing from the Clockwork Planet, Fate/Apocrypha, Schwarzesmarken, among other LNs, where they literally spread fake informations, fake spoilers based on fanwank, fanfiction, headacanon, fanboying, faggotry and guesswork who were later easily denied by the later volumes and the anime adaptation.
      What I would really like to hear, therefore, Why the fuck do AnimeSuki user never learn from their mistakes? Oh really, To err is human, to persist in error is diabolical!
      And I always give advice to people, I’ll give you a hint. You should never believe in spoiler and information from LNs that don’t have translations, or with partial translations or volumes with partial translations, especially those coming from shitoles like AnimeSuki, MAL, reddit and 4chan because in more than 95% of cases they’re fakes, distorted and/or adulterated, always ask for the original source of the spoiler and information and, most importantly, never forget that the Anime/manga fanboys are people extremely biased and irrational that tend to overestimate the importance of the characters they like and underestimate the importance of those characters they dislike and/or hate.

      1. AFAIK zztop is everywhere. He’s running around different forums sharing info and tidbits from one place to another. He’s not exclusively from AnimeSuki. And the problem that you posted are more internet problems which share by many of its users than just one forum.

        Also, after reading your post, I checked out Animesuki again and its Grancrest threads and some other threads out of curiosity. The users are pretty decent there. I did some research before, it’s actually a pretty chill and well-moderated place. You can post your opinions without being worried of getting downvoted into oblivion and it has rather fair mods. You can also report users who intentionally spread fake info and get them reprimanded or banned.

    1. i begin to see where this “Theo is only an mindless puppet” posting coming from

      We need to know the background of Siluca. I bet that she is the child of this Family she choose for Lord Theo

      As someone that “adopt” the children from his slayed enemy (there was even an old Samurai movie. Where an daughter found out the truth). Seems like “someone” told Siluca the truth and are the real player in the shadows here

      1. (add for this Samurai move. Where she found out and “beg for mercy” while hit her head on the ground until its bleed and still continue, to atone for “her sin” to War against her “father”.. I do not remember anymore the film name. But i think its from Japan.. i watched it in my VHS Time)

  3. I don’t know if it’s the rushed pace or what, but I find this series kinda… lifeless, I guess? Or maybe forced? I really can’t find anything to invest in with any of these scenes or characters, Siluca being only a slight exception.

    Something happens, people react, supposed character development(but not really), then something else happens and Theo wins because he’s the MC. Maybe I’m being picky, but I really wish there was something more here I could latch onto.

    1. People who read Grancrest’s manga version say the anime’s definitely rushed. The anime’s been leaving out downtime scenes like Theo interacting with and helping out his peasant subjects, showing his ability to connect with the lower classes as a ruler.

      1. Yeah, as an anime only view i also feel like hold in midair. Not knowing her drive and this “let she guide me” male. Right now its feels like as if Siluca is on an Vendetta and use our naive Theo (that need the feeling of being useful). Well, there was some first steps

    2. Lifeless is a good way to describe it actually, a lot of what’s happening currently just feels like preparation for the important stuff later on. We have no real sense of purpose, in part because the enemy remains largely unknown and the world bare bones. Grancrest has the foundation, but it’s done little so far to actually put something hefty on top.

      I still hope it will improve, but my enthusiasm for it has certainly diminished.

  4. I will probably stay with the show, since it is rare kind of epic stroy with grand battles – and underlying strategy, even if show sometimes would make good use of “siluca lecturing theo over a map and explaining things to us in the process”
    but hey thats what made the re:creators Meteora so hated?
    so, damned whichever way they go

  5. Oh, ok. I thought it was just me who was wonder what exactly made any faction different than the other and why someone would want to join them in the first place. I almost never watch fantasy anime or even tv shows or movies so I thought I was just ignorant of something. I just randomly decided to watch a fantasy anime this season…it looks like my decision was wrong to watch Grancrest tho.

    1. No worries you’re definitely not ignorant. Fantasies can have common factions permeating their stories, but so far Grancrest hasn’t elucidated on its beyond their names. We probably will get that missing information filled in later, but it’s unclear if the wait will be worth it right now.

  6. I´m going to watch thise show to the very, it has been conformed it´s going to be a 24 episodes adaptation so they have time to make better than it is right now. I think starting next episode the betrayel game is going to start by the look on the woman´s fave at the end of the episode, I think Siluca´s it´s starting to run out.

    1. Oh there’s definitely something going on behind the scenes. The queen/leader is the prime candidate for that given the OP teasers and her reactions this episode. It’s just a question when the show decides it’s time to get into the main plot.

      1. It wouldn´t be surprising if she was responsible for “inviting” the demons to her wedding, it was just very convinient that a high ranking demons just happens to appear to destroy any chance of peace between the two powers.


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