「戦う人形」 (Tatakau ningyou)
“Fighting Puppet”

There’s two things we can probably surmise about Franxx at this point. One, the running sex joke is set to keep on chugging full throttle, and two, the show enjoys (and I mean joyously revels in) teasing us with its story breadcrumbs. We are still arguably in buildup stage at this point, but Franxx certainly is wasting little time in sinking its teeth in. Oh boy is it ever.

Last week should have made it abundantly clear, but character relationships and their personal drives will be the key area to pay attention to. Besides those pesky adults outright alluding to it (more on them later), we even have brief discussion on parasite rankings reinforcing the theme. The lower the number the better a parasite one is for example, although such rankings are also seemingly dependent on partner compatibility. You fail meshing with your partner, well say goodbye to that ranking of yours, and with it most likely your life. Sure it’s not overtly stated (yet), but you really expect these kids to keep on ticking once their usefulness expires? The career track ain’t that easy, especially when partner choice is non-negotiable. Some like Zorome and Miku will likely learn to love and understand each other, but as Mitsuru and Ikuno show, there will definitely be some pairs who draw the short end of the stick.

Where the importance of flawless connection is particularly noticeable, however, is in regards to Zero Two. If three piloting examples are anything to go by, the girl can pair with anyone and everyone with a penis, but only a few can actually bring out her latent abilities as evidenced by Mitsuru’s (un)surprising wounding/death. If this is true it would certainly be unique compared to the other pistils (and Zero Two is one as her combat suit indicates, sorry dominatrix lovers), but that’s not all. The staff and leadership for example appear almost scared of her, putting on an aura of authority when necessary, but definitely (at least in Nana’s case) intimidated when actually having to stand up to Zero Two. I would bet the reason for this is why Hiro isn’t allowed to officially pair with Zero Two, and why Hiro even went through the mock battle last week: the parasite leadership is determined to keep these two apart at any cost, even if it means the loss of other life. Why is anyone’s guess at this stage (especially with Hiro’s special specimen status a complete black box), but if Hiro is the only one who can bring out Zero Two’s full abilities, well, it’s not hard to deduce from there. If you cannot control the weapon you only put it together when absolutely necessary, and so far such a situation hasn’t arisen. Pretty easy to tell where this show is going next, even without Zero Two’s sly foreshadowing.

With our parasite crew soundly defeated in their first real engagement and the question of Mitsuru’s physical wellbeing left up in the air, next time should prove to be a wonderful bit of teenage angst-fuelled drama. Ichigo back to Hiro protection state, Ikuno blaming herself for Mitsuru, Gorou questioning Ichigo’s mindset, all the while Zero Two rubs the upstart’s poor choice in everyone’s face? Oh yes baby sign me up. Franxx may only be three episodes in, but I’ll be damned if it hasn’t hit full stride. One way or another, this show is going to prove to be a blast.


  1. Since this series is 24 episodes, it’s highly likely (the cliche way) Ichigo is either going to die, or purposely undergo some kind of klaxosaur blood treatment that will turn her into one of the monsters, or yea I’m also expecting a plot twist where it’s revealed that every klaxosaur monster is actually ex-human.

      1. I’m not sure if they’re going going to be human but they’ve hinted pretty heavily that they carry their blood at the very least. I wouldn’t be surprised if at the very least all the numbered will turn into them if not suppressed. Pretty sure the flash of horns that Miku got when she was attacked was some sort of suppression system to keep her from going berserk.

      2. @weasl
        Damn I did not notice that flash of horns, you’re probably right. I think we all know the Klaxosaurs and parasites are all related in some way, but it’s how much that’s unknown, and what happens when the system starts falling apart.

      3. @weasl

        Whenever it shows her “booting back up”, the horns reappear though as soon as she “powers on”. I never noticed the horns in the previous sequences but I think the horns are just there once they are connected and what we saw was her being disconnected and the horns disappearing.

        But yes, obviously there is more than meets the eye here and the horns are symbolic of the klaxosaur

    1. Perhaps Hiro has now to much of this Blood inside of him, or his Body had grown to much Anti Bodies (Negative Wave)..

      But we do not know yet the DNA Experiment procedure.. But they are afraid to let both of them ride.. Perhaps both are the same… Just the gender is different… and let two Bombs ride an Franxx… that properly can turn against them.. or they are afraid to lose control over them

      Yes.. fear.. but we need to know more of this “DNA Kids” backgrounds.. the OP is just a little bit of help.. That their Mother could be 000 and have Blue blood in her veins.. perhaps the first Hybrid cross their Lifeform with Human DNA

      But to have the “Alien DNA” samples, they need to fight and won one battle in the past with them.. or extract them from some dead “mecha corpses”

      But Hiro could also be the “strongest” positive wave creator, that counter the negative force of Zerotwo. Because while the other Boy was riding her (sound stupid , i know) he was like under some Drugs.. he got High and Mighty, like cocaine do it.. But i thing it is just that ZeroTwo’s negative Waves overwhelming him and he lost it

      So if Hiro want to ride with the other Girls, he must compress his Wave output (he still do not know it, perhaps Zerotwo has an hunch) to the level of the Mecha female

      This is all Logic thinking mixed with experience and speculation.. An nice Stew, right?

      1. forgot to add (i know):

        Because Hiro could be now some sort of “Black Hole” for the other females.. only ZeroTwo has enough power to close/fill up this hole.. or hiro has enough power to “suck it in”…

        i sound like some old hentai

    2. it’s basically, as I mentioned in the previous topic. Hiro is similar to Zero Two. Both Ichigo/Naomi can’t handle Hiros skills and the men with Zero Two can’t handle her pistil energy. It fits the Hiro being a child prodigy during training too and Zero Two being a powerful pistil, just that none of the partner candidates could reach the same potential as both Hiro and Zero Two.

      1. At this point of the show, it seems more to me that Hiro is just like a double A battery that doesn’t fit in the normal girls’ triple A battery slot, rather than people can’t handle his skills.

        did you like my partly sexual analogy????

      2. @yodad

        I think your great analogy is the better fit. It’s not that Hiro is skilled, but that he is better able to unleash the girls’ (and by extension Franxx’s) powers. Him being unconscious while with Zero Two is the big tell, it suggests Hiro simply acts as an amplifier rather than as a control system; he gives Zero Two the framework necessary to run freely while Mitsuru and others become overloaded.

        Frankly I’d be surprised if Hiro turns out to be a skilled pilot anytime soon, everything points to him being “support” rather than “front line” per say.

      3. @Pancakes
        – The synopsis says that he was a prodigy.
        – The anime mentions that he is a special specimen
        – The Manga mentions that Hiro was a highly skilled pilot and regarded by all as a prodigy before it fails the test with Naomi, being that the rest of the team couldn’t even keep up with him, and the leaders always had pretty high expectations and expected a lot from him.

        Note: The manga is better than anime, because he is much more complete and informative.

      4. @thewryll

        I know, what I mean was that his skills/prowess may not become apparent for a while yet. The big part of this first half will likely be just getting Hiro and Zero Two together where both can actually realize their full capabilities. Until then, however, we are stuck with a thoroughly “useless” pilot MC.

        As for the manga try and limit the spoilers if at all possible. I never knew its release was already beyond what’s in the anime so far and quite a few of us here were expecting a completely anime original show.

      5. Both Anime and Manga are together now, but the big difference is, that in the manga, there exists some extra scenes and a lot of important and relevant information that they were not shown that weren’t shown in anime.

      6. @Pancakes Frankly, is ”Darlin in the Franxx” your first Mecha series with giant robots? or are you just a genre’s casual fan? Everything points to the fact that you’re one of those casual fans who have never watched a Mecha series with giant robots, or just watch Mecha for for non-genre elements, who watch a anime or two (EVA and/or TTGL), browsed the wiki for a bit and then pretends to know what they’re talking about.

        Frankly, a series Mecha with a non-pilot main protagonist that doesn’t control the Mech and it’s just a suport inside the Mech. Jesus fucking Christ, I can’t stop laughing at you because of this. Never before, in the whole history of the Mecha genre, has anything like this happened. My Lord and my God! I laughed so hard I peed my pants!

        Excuse me, but you are clearly mentally ill, or otherwise lacking some very critical fucking faculties. It’s at the point now that – whether a cancerfag or a normalfag – the shit you have posted can only be the work of a very sick fuck.

      7. @Pancakes Are you retarded, isn’s? Hiro spends most of his time working out, TRAINING HARD AND PRACTICING ATTACKING MOVES ( https://i.imgur.com/vjNth0D.png ) with a sort of lacrosse stick in a training bot while other pilots spend this time talking shit about him and doing futile things. And Hiro performed all these attack moves who he was practicing when HE was CONTROLLING Streliza in this scene ( https://i.4cdn.org/m/1518577575980.gif )

        No wonder everybody hates normalfags who have never watch a Mecha series No wonder everybody hates normalfags who have never watch a Mecha series arguing about Mecha.

      8. Oh boy, someone is hurt, that he even post under different names to act as many… But your direct approach and your writing skill is without doubt the same.. Man, did he hurt your crown jewels?

        I hope we left this personal attacks and get back to respectful discussion. this anime is not your life, it is an anime

  2. I wish more shows could handle exposition like this one. So much is being teased and hinted at, but with 2 cours to play with, nobody is in a hurry to spell things out for us. One thing did seem certain to me, though:

    The higher the number the better a parasite one is for example

    Isn’t it the opposite way around? Hiro was once the blue-eyed boy, like “Even among the double digits he was a cut above”, implying that the double digits were the elite.

    We also know the class naming scheme for the Klaxosaurs now as it appears to be based on the names of various discontinuities in the structure of the Earth’s mantle. Which would make sense given that people are deep-mining the mantle to extract magma for use as an energy source.

    1. Whoops thanks for catching that, yes it should be the other way around with the lower numbers being better. I blame my lack of sleep 😛

      Besides the Klaxosaur naming scheme too, the magma energy is strange as it seems like geothermal (those massive pipes for example would be used to heat pressurized water under the earth), but then we have the mention of magma energy weapons which doesn’t fit with that. I swear every new reveal in this show just increases the amount of stuff we don’t know.

      1. also, if we take our real life physics.. Magma would be “fluid” Stone… So alone the heat would burn everything around it, also the Air would be like “burning” in the Lungs

        So Thermopower in an secured area, sound legit.. But we have here an Anime.. and they are free to use its Magic..

      2. It seems that there’s some other type of energy extraction going on here rather than just plain old steamy geothermal, though. And yes, magma would be very hot, generally between 700°C and 1300°C according to Wikipedia. Which is why you can’t sit on a rock in the middle of a lava flow without being incinerated, Mr. Frodo.

      3. -“Lamarck Club”
        -Lamarckism (or Lamarckian inheritance) is the hypothesis that an organism can pass on characteristics that it has acquired during its lifetime to its offspring.

        Show Spoiler ▼

  3. I do hope that what happen to Mitsuru will be a wake up call to Hiro that no one else can RIDE with 02 but him…. 02 is too awesome at “riding” that no male can handle her….. only Hiro

    1. I do hope that what happen to Mitsuru will be a wake up call to the staff and leadership that no one else can RIDE with 02 other than Hiro.

      Please fix it.

      Because this has absolutely nothing to do with the will or desire of Hiro to ride with 02, once Hiro wanted to ride with 02 to help his friends ( see: Send Zero Two and me to help. https://i.imgur.com/7t7rwzL.jpg ), but the staff and leadership didn’t allow him to board a FranXX because he’s not an official Stamen. (see ”You’re not an official Stamen. I can’t give you permission to board a FranXX”. https://i.imgur.com/tJVA4H8.jpg )

      Parse Error
      1. It’s arguably semantics at this point though IMO. Even if Hiro was official I’d wager the commanders would still find an excuse to keep them apart. For whatever reason they are desperate to keep Zero Two on a short leash and see Hiro (for his own reasons) as something interfering with that objective.

    1. I don’t think Strelitzia was getting damage back in that hole. I think once 02 unleash the full potential of Strelitzia, almost all pilot will get damaged. And about why only the female gets the damage, that’s simple: the female becomes one with the franxx, the male piloting the female/franxx. When the franxx is talking with its mouth, it’s the female that is talking. I think this is why we’ve heard 02 can piloting the franxx alone and we’ve seen Ichigo also did that once, but we haven’t heard a male piloting the franxx alone.

      1. Yeah Strelizia wasn’t receiving any damage, all the blood, guts, and scraping came from the Klaxosaurs. As Miku shows the girls receive the physical damage from any attack given they actually move the Franxx, while the guys likely provide a counterbalance or conduit for them to better channel their focus/energy.

        This is likely why the pistils have been stated to be the true leaders of the pairs. The guy may pilot, but with the right pistil he’s pretty much there for the ride.

    2. it’s basically, as I mentioned in the previous topic. Hiro is similar to Zero Two. Both Ichigo/Naomi can’t handle Hiros skills and the men with Zero Two can’t handle her pistil energy. It fits the Hiro being a child prodigy during training too and Zero Two being a powerful pistil, just that none of the partner candidates could reach the same potential as both Hiro and Zero Two.

      1. In the end I think it comes down to energy. Zero Two simply overwhelms everyone else with her sheer output, while Hiro lacks the connector needed to fit with the other girls’ sockets. These two were in a sense made for one another.

    3. @souma

      Episode 1:
      https://randomc.net/image/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2035.jpg https://randomc.net/image/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2037.jpg

      02 gets the damages and it gets injured during the fight in episode 1.

      Episode 2:
      02 said that she’s not fully recovered of your last fight.

      Episode 3:
      Strelitzia has not suffered any damage during this battle.
      Mitsuru gets damages and it gets seriously injured because of the 02’s super pistil skills.

      1. @luminal


        episode 1: hmm but in that scene also shown the first pilot getting injured as bad as 02 or maybe worse, when they first come to the plant with dr franxx it’s also shown the pilot wrapped by bandage here and there but 02 not showing any notable pyshical injury, which was weird.
        (well we don’t know yet if 02 body had super regenerative ability or that pilot injury came from other reasons though)

        episode 3: cmiww,while the pink robot getting pummeled by monsters it’s not showing any notable damage on the robot body but the girl still getting shocked by damage…so maybe the sterlizia had a similar case too?

  4. One question: Hiro looked as if he knew what Mitsuru was up to. Did he let him ride with Zero-Two because he wanted to save his friends or because he wanted Mitsuru to bite de dust?

    For me, somehow, looked like the second one, and that makes him a mucho more interesting character.

    Also now he understand why other characters loved bullyng Hiro so much: envy.

    This series is shaping to be much more interesting than expected.

    Abril Pinero
    1. I don’t think Hiro really had any choice, though. He could either accept the situation and let the rescue go ahead quickly or try to argue the toss with his superiors whilst his friends die.

    2. He can’t do anything

      1st: He is not allowed to ride stre

      2nd: Its an emergency situation and if you forgot…he failed on his latest test to ride a mecha so it might cause the life of his friend

    3. Probably the former I think, it was an emergency situation as ricz and Angelus mention, and Hiro is still at the stage where he probably isn’t feeling anger or hate towards his so-called friends.

      What will be interesting is seeing how the rest now act around Hiro and Zero Two. Guaranteed no other guy will want to try testing that horned booty out, and Ichigo will certainly jump another degree up the “must protect Hiro” scale. The drama is going to be real lol.

  5. Also…

    Copy & Paste insert
    How knows, i would also not be suprised when the “Body” or Bone structur of the Mechas would been an Twin of herself.. Like the “secrets” of the Mecha in Evangelion hold

    Perhaps something a bit like this Anime : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4fhAUtyFt8

    (The Mecha CPU “Brain” is an Twin clone sample of the Pilots Brain for better syncing with the Mecha (Well the Mass Produced ones))

    Copy & Paste end
    That was my Reply why the Mechas are feminine and why she was knocked out when the Mecha got hit

  6. I’m still pissed at this doggy-style setup in the mecha BUT if I gotta take it literally, it’s worth noticing that we DON’T see Mitsuru actually piloting as the dominant person. We see him dead in the seat but we don’t see him actually being behind Zero Two. If she ends up leading Hiro, I’ll forgive this setup and say the show makes one of the strongest feminist statement I’ve ever seen in animes. That’s only a if for now, I hope it’ll be true.

    The “get out of here” stuff really reminds me of Gurren Lagann with Kamina wanting to go to the outside world.

    Anyway, all eps have been very enjoyable to watch so far, looking forward to see the other eps.

    1. Perhaps with the “get out of here” arc, we get to know the “Mobile City” of ZeroTwo.. They are not the only one right? She go there per Heavy Lift Airplane.. So there are others.. But do we see more other Female Pilots, or will the current Pairs follow him or even “persuade” him?

      I know this is future story plot fiction.. But i can not harm, right? and this is my Life force

      also i would think that these 2 “Senpai’s” are ex-Pairs
      that would also explain the “Butt groping” without consequence of the old geezer…

      1. @MimS Why the fuck do you keep shoving this retarded headcanon/fanwank down our throats?
        Have you ever watched a Mecha series in your pathetic life?
        So you’s just trolling or is you really this retard?

      2. Vigilantes : what did I say that bothers you?
        In any case, my opinion is just what it is : an opinion. My life’s all fine, thank you for worrying. Keep your hate for yourself.

      3. @MimS

        It is because of cancerfags like you that we the Mecha fans really hate to read or comment in any topics related to the Mecha series on the english-language websites related to the Japanese animation and manga.

        That’s because you cancerfags (yuri/waifu/homo/pegging/normal/new fags, feministards and casual fans) literally watch Mecha series for cancer (e.g., yuri, fujo, homo, SoL, fanservice, pegging, feminist demonstration and other bullshit) and then pretends to know what they’re talking about. Besides shitposting about random stuff, and imaginary shit, which has absolutely nothing to do with Mecha. Not to mention that these filthy cancerfags blindly believe that a serie Mecha is like one of your shit favourite shows with one of your shit favourite genres.

      4. Now all other want to trow shit at her… I did not know that she had so hold power on her own

        No its you guys that beat an dead horse here and made an big thing of this.. Go away, release your frustration somewhere else. Do not unload it now all here

        i hope we return to respect each other here, and that also means to tolerate other opinions

        your not alone

      5. @guyver then you got me all wrong because I wouldn’t give a f*ck if the show was not making any statement at all at first. The thing that made me talk about it is the show itself, not me wanting to find some deep hidden meaning. I don’t care watching an anime for the entertaining factor only but when you have this current show, Darling in the Franxx, which actually puts its characters in suggestion postures, you can’t act like it isn’t on purpose, like it’s something to ignore. It may not have any statement (after all, I did say “IF”) and just be that Trigger/A-1 thought it was cool for what it is but if so, I’ll be really disappointed because this is 100% suggestive, I won’t buy it if anyone tells me he didn’t see anything sexual in the whole thing.
        As such, it’s even putting me out of the eps everytime we actually see the pairings inside mechas, if there was no intent behind it, why not making boys and girls just seat next to each other?
        It’s not because this is a mecha show that it can’t be about more than mechas.

        I don’t care about any of the things you put in parenthesis, I don’t care the genre the shows I may be watching belong to.
        I have no favourite genre and, if anything, the only one I struggle with is magical girls. So keep your judgement for yourself.
        It’s been years since I stopped commenting on this website, I didn’t think people had become so aggressive towards other ones’ opinions. “Cancerfag”, seriously, discuss what I said first, show me that I’m wrong, if so I’ll accept it, no problem.

        Btw, to @Worldwidepeep, I’m a man.

      6. I’ve tried to read these hateful comments several times, but it doesnt make sense at all – what problem do they have with MimS’s comment and what they try to argue about. So besides throwing tanthrum and spreading hate, I can’t even reply to anything, so dont mind them MimS, tbh guyver shouldnt even call mecha fans as ‘we’, bc not only he doesnt make sense, it makes them look bad bc of him.

      7. I agree completely with guyver.
        This is because, I’m really starting to get sick and tired of these people who don’t have any basic knowledge about genre, his tropes, clichés and general settingsm,

        Fuck off, it’s always the same shit in every new Mecha anime.

    2. It’s striking how in your face patriarchal society is in this show. Remember prof’s butt clap in episode one, first I thought it was only for fan service, but it also stresses the type of society. But of far we can only guess if they make an affirmative or critical statement or none statement at all. My guess is that a critical statement would alienate the fan base too much, so they keep it as a subtext.

    3. Man in “dominant” sexual position = bad.
      Woman in “dominant” sexual position = good.

      Modern feminism really lacks a self awareness for how inane and hypocritical it is.

      1. That’s not what I think though. It’s oversimplying my idea being “it’s easy to put a show with a boy in a dominant position over a girl, if they have any courage, they’ll, at least, allow one pairing to work the other way around”.

        As for what people do in their private life, it’s up to them, it’s not my business but if you ask me, I like both situations 😉

      2. You´re absolutely right Longhaul, but what really bothers me in the english-language websites related to the Japanese animation and manga is the fact that most people are totally obsessed with the idea of underestimating and shitting on male MC and male characters with meme buzzwords, and overestimating and unconditionally defending female characters with filthy waifufaggotry and obnoxious feminism.

    4. Yeah, not happening. The way the scene faded to black with the first time he piloted, it’s more than obvious that Zero Two is going to be “bottoming” even if the pilot setup isn’t traditional. The parallels between sex and the pistil/stamen relationship is overt and intentional. A tiny minority wants to see a chick “pegging” her partner. Sorry, no one cares about the feminist statement. Sex sells, and a chick topping a guy doesn’t sell shit especially in Japan.

      Oh, and not to mention, that is contrary to every genre convention in mechaland anyway so it would never happen to begin with even if we weren’t dealing with the sexy factor.

      1. I’d rather keep the politics to a minimum here, but regarding the dom-sub analogy I will say anyone who believes a girl cannot lead or even dominate while bottoming hasn’t been around the block enough. There are plenty of girls who know how to take control and do it while making the guy think he’s on cloud 9.

        It may be all about the sexy factor in the end, but Franxx isn’t pandering just for the sake of it in this case.

      2. @Pancakes

        I totally agree, and I actually like the fact that she is very dominant even though she is in an inherently submissive position. I don’t feel like anime is really in a place where it’d ever show a female riding a man like that especially in a mecha anime (because hey, that’s not what the audience comes around for. no shame in it) but despite that, there’s no questions in the viewer’s mind who is the dominant partner so far and I love that.

    5. I find it amusing that everybody seems to know how they drive the Franxx with Zerotwo.. Did you not saw in the late episode how “high and mighty” this Pilot was? Did he not seat in his position, or do you think she stand up and overthrow him in the seat “while i want some fun!”? Enlightenment me, how you all know this.. Are you better informant then the animators or are you all perhaps one of them?

    6. @MimS

      I’m so sorry. I really did not want to have to use the spoilers from the twitter. but…

      1- Hiro is a stamen like all the other boys
      2- 02 is a pistil like all the other girls
      3- Strelizia’s cockpit setup is exactly the same used on the other robots (doggy-style) with Hiro on top and 02 on down.

      And here’s the big secret

      4- The gimmick that they refuse to show in the cockpit is that Zero-Two goes full Oni in the cockpit.

      1. also, perhaps their Franxx (Mechas) has still some secret in their pockets.. As i said.. you need to know the secret of the Mechas in Evangelion.. But this time an mix with “shoukou no strain”…

  7. Speaking how the children get their name, i do realize that they using Japanese numerical pronunciation to for a name:

    Code 016 (Hiro): 0 (no reading) 1 (hi) 6 (ro) also cam pronounce as Hero
    code 214 (Futoshi) : 2 (fu) 1 (to) 4 (shi)
    Code 309 (Miku) : 3 (Mi) 0 (no reading) 9 (ku)
    Code 196 (Ikuno) : 1 (i) 9 (ku) 6 ( read as No when you 6 hiragana 90degree)
    Code 666 (zorome) ; 666 read is repdigit on monodigit in japanese
    Code 056 (Goro) : 0 (no reading) 5 (go) 6 (ro)
    Code 556 (Kokoro) :5 (ko) 5 (ko) 6 (eo) also can pronounce as Heart
    Code 326 (Mitsuru) : 3 (mi) 2 (tsu) 6 (ru)
    Code 015 (Ichigo) : 0 ( no reading) 1 (ichi) 5 (go) also can pronounce as strawberry
    Code 703 (naomi) : 7 (na) 0 (o) 3 (mi)
    Code 002 : 0 (no reading) 0 ( O) 2 (ni) pronounce as Oni (demon)

    Highlight by japanese friend who read source somewhere

    Darren Thong
  8. https://randomc.net/image/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2024.jpg
    The whole situation just proved that Hiro is a bigger man than Mitsuru, who all this time has been specifically undermining Hiro’s leadership with his snide comments and complaints about bullshit, but once Mitsuru got a chance at leading, at proving he is the man he’s claiming to be, he fucked it up completely. All that happened just confirmed Hiro’s superiority to the smug prideful cunt and enforced his leadership on the group. Now all he needs to do is bounce back and he’ll be where he started.

    1. perhaps the other Males want to “ride” Zerotwo to made an impression.. Thats in their Nature

      Perhaps the Partner of Ichigo is an real friend or team pal.. Lets see.. how Zerotwo will “cook” our Mr. Hotblood pilot…

      1. perhaps our “mr.Hotblood” pilot will get an trauma with zwerotwo and he jolt in fear if she just need to remembering his “best” time with her in the Cockpit…and that silent him instantly

  9. Getting back to the so-called heteronormativity aspect and how only a male-female couple can pilot a FranXX at its full potential, I just realised that the girls’ “day uniform” has an orange X on the front of it, but the boys have what could be an inverted Y on the front of theirs, which would correspond to their sex chromosomes.

    Also, on the topic of colour, orange seems to be associated with the magma energy as you see it everywhere, but it’s also the colour of honey, which 002 seems to be addicted to.

      1. Perhaps this is her common suit where she came from. She is an “outsider”.. or this Suit is Red for being an “Prototype”

        I would not compare her suit with theirs. As i said, perhaps this Suit is like an different school uniform

  10. If you watch the OP closely (I watched some frames step to step), it reveals a lot for the future

    But i only want to expose that there seems to hide “Bad Guys” these ones in some colorless uniforms.. So “running away” arc seems more possible.. or an little War will spread out.. City against City

    I wonder, how old can this Pilots become.. or are there an youth limit? Pregnant limit? (Like Mai Otome)

    Oh well.. i see to this

  11. Yikes. I bet Hiro would love to give a leg and a half to NOT be himself right now. A teenager whole gets power from a girl he just met, for reasons he doesn’t know, and all his friends hate him as a result? Ugh.

    1. It’s not that his friends hate him because of Zero Two. As said, he used to be their leader, but after he was unable to connect with Naomi, some completely lost respect for him, like Mitsuru and Zorome. Others feel sorry for him, but do not harbor hatred.

      Right now Hiro’s probably mad at himself for letting Mitsuru ride with Zero Two. Will they blame him for what happened? Those with a grudge against him probably will, but not all of them.

      On another note, Zero Two has elements of the three female Evangelion pilots:
      – not completely human like Rei
      – wears red like Asuka
      – likes the MC’s scent like Mari (and a battle maniac to boot)


      Magnus Tancred
      1. Also, they do not understand why he is still with them. They all know what happen with this one, that can not Pilot anymore.. So, perhaps they thinking he receive some special treatment

      2. Ceremony seems more to be ‘these are the suicidal child soldiers’ praise them, they never finished and it wasn’t shown, so we don’t know the full scale of what was said. They might live in a forested area, but they don’t have the same norms as typical kids. Can’t go to the city, their life is training to die, MC at least is convinced that his life is worthless if he doesn’t die fighting. Self preservation nil, social interaction beyond the squad and early childhood is skewed. So they live in a nice area, but are clearly brought up different because they serve a purpose. What do they do for fun, why don’t they know what kissing, infatuation, jealously, romance, sex is? This test tube solider factory has done some things right in raising the kids (even if heaps die before reaching 16~ when they are trusted(?) to pilot. It needs to cover why this age group and not some 30/40 year old.) but is still doing a shit job on the mental front.

      3. @Magnus Tancred
        Its more than bruises. her negative pulse is higher than any thing a normal pilot can handle and their positive pulse can’t match her output they absorb the negative pulse stating the process of killing them. Hiro couldn’t sync with Naomi because his positive pulse was too high, Hiro’s positive pulse probably can match 02’s negative.

        02 gets pegged by Hiro’s big positive penis.

      4. @Magnus Tancred
        Its more than bruises. her negative pulse is higher than any thing a normal pilot can handle and their positive pulse can’t match her output they absorb the negative pulse stating the process of killing them. Hiro couldn’t sync with Naomi because his positive pulse was too high, Hiro’s positive pulse probably can match 02’s negative.

        02 gets pegged by Hiro’s big positive dick.

  12. It’s just me or is implied that compatibility is nothing more or less but the boys being attracted to the girl they ride with? So it’s not surprising why Zero Two is compatible with most of them. Hiro seems not to be interested in his fellows. While most of the other guys seems to be.

    1. That’s completely it of course. This show will be one big insinuation fest with some kisses and implied foreplay in the second part of the show. This is just another cliche fest. It’s relatively clear how this is going to play out in regards to the main story. The story wasn’t the main priority while making this show, merchandising was.

    2. Certainly is part of it, although I think it’s not the entire reason. Mitsuru for example doesn’t likely see Zero Two as more than a stepping stone to greater heights, sure she might be attractive, but from what we’ve seen he’s not attracted to her. The answer IMO will probably be a combination of physical and emotional desire, where the pair must like each other in body and soul.

      1. So far we had less focus on character development, so it’s hard to tell how important emotional desire is. On the other hand Zero Two cited prof that it’s good for parasite to be sexual. Anyhow I would not be surprised if the focus on the physical desire is the build up for more emotional impact.

        BTW I loved how Zorome was caring for Miku.

    3. I think there is too much focus on sexual interpretations and not so much on the relationships on the discussion. The disdain of Mitsuru of her partner and search for a more suitable one, the desperation of Ichigo to have Hiro for herself and idolizing him, the quiet support of Gorou for everyone which probably will make his lid to blow up in the future, the apparently pure and supportive relationship between Kokoro and Futoshi where she is the one reassuring her partner and the goofy and maybe not honest for now relationship between Zorome and Miku. And of course the relationship between Hiro and Zero Two where a genius until recently have to rely on another genius to unleash his potential in a submisive way, which I think it will develop into a equal relationship through ups and downs in the future knowing how usually this type of character settings in anime tend to delve into human matters. I want to see what kind of roallercoaster Trigger has in the pantry for us.

      But no, actually let’s focus on how doggystyle robot ride mocks women and put them into submission because that’s not the to go position for sexual intercourse for a lot of animals including humans, what a moral debacle to create sexual imagery by putting actual sexual imagery. And this weak boy who let another Man, and I say Man with capital because he had the balls to go for his ambitions while this little weeping maggot just let his woman to be taken away and how he portrays the misery of quiet men who can’t put their bollocks on the table and make every woman on the room to swoon and a sandwich for him. But as my teacher Big Money said once it’s cool that you guys are practicing free speech, so carry on dudes, ¡good stuff!

      No, really, I want to see more of this sexist discussion. It make me giggle a lot and it’s the closest thing to see chimpanzees throwing their own feces to others without paying a zoo ticket.

      1. we have only 3 episodes so far.. do not be to harsh.. Mostly is just toying around, others are just provoking (trolling) others are serious and others just want an nice conversation

        So, have mercy. We are at episode 3 so far.. i would think badly if we surpassed half time and mostly is still focused on sex and other stuff.. aka some “sexy deadly sin” anime

  13. Zero Two seems to be a turning-point in the societal dynamic of the pilots considering her compatibility rides on a reversal of the current status quo. This was prevalent when Hiro was the one on the opposite end of the cockpit, but it’s more glaring when Mitsuru got destroyed once he realized that Zero Two was using him and not the other way around. Hiro going along with it was tough, but it was a wall that wouldn’t have gone any other way than letting Mitsuru become the sacrifice to get the higher-ups crap together about letting Hiro and Zero Two pilot together.

    It comes off like how the beginning of Kill la Kill had similarly examined patriarchal desires only to flip them on their side, but whereas KLK’s focus was in fashion, it seems that FranXX’s focus is in sexual dynamics. Where in a society where men/boys are encouraged to use women for their own empowerment, Hiro becomes the strongest through his submission to Zero Two, or rather letting her use his power in a vice versa situation. Whether it will strike a similar chord as KLK’s “fashion and stripping as empowerment” message will depend on how the series goes, but I have a feeling that many of the complaints people have with how chauvinistic it is will at least be somewhat remedied by commenting on how that method is outdated and only placing more people in harm when their current expression is barely getting them through battles without risking certain death.

    1. Plot bending over to make more cuckbaiting drama
      * could make an episode about Hiro hesitant about piloting but encouraged by 02 to take the risk and put his trust on her and end it with Oni pulling him into the cockpit to mirror ep 1, thus further the theme of trusting the unknown
      * instead make him lost his spine during the later half just to establish a fact that we already known since ep 1
      *just before the bluray preorder
      I swear, it’s like Nishigori going full retarded or something.

      1. They did dwell too much on the NTR-bait this time around when the first two episodes already gave us an idea that Zero Two destroys her other pilots and that Hiro couldn’t get excited from Ichigo.

        It padded out time for a red shirt to NTR Hiro only for him to follow the same fate as the guys from Episode 1 who fell in line with the rumors of Zero Two destroying her co-pilots. My only guess would be if they accused Hiro of wanting to get cuckholded so that he could eliminate Mitsuru knowing he’d get fried by Zero Two, but again, this would pad out more time that could go into getting Hiro and Zero Two more familiar with eachother.

        Hope next time, they’ll get to having Hiro and Zero Two actually sharing a cockpit, and not get too engrossed in the “pilot-swapping” stuff like the last couple eps.

      2. I can’t really see what all the fuss is about. If riding a FranXX with someone is tantamount to having sex with them then we’ve known pretty much from the start that 02 has had countless previous “lovers” and yet, unlike the Kannagi debacle, that hasn’t seemed to worry anybody much.

      3. Why in fuck hell do they reassure NTR in the show based on mutual?? now Hiro and 02 will met on awkward and mutsune might be dead and all is the cuck fault
        ntr must leave the show or it will become the catastroph.

    1. As others have mentioned before the confirmed pilots either treat Hiro with pity or contempt. Previously he was the leader of the group (he has the best number rating). Being a leader and then failing can make people who were previously jealous of him to treat him like that.

      Also, I don’t think there’s anything particularly “normal” about their upbringing. They have been trained as child soldiers from birth and have seen the failures in their ranks taken away as they have grown up. I doubt normal friendships would form under that environment.

    2. Scruffy summed it up nicely, but it’s not unreasonable to expect people to change over the years. Hiro was great once, but once you fall from your heights and others get aspirations—especially under conditions like the parasites find themselves—it’s entirely likely friends will turn on one another for the sake of bettering themselves.

    3. Only Goro, Goru and maybe Pigtails is even worth being friends with. Maybe Fatty and quiet girl are okay, we’ll see.

      -Friends since childhood
      -Literally named them
      -Easily sacrifices his pride for them
      -They’re nothing but insufferable jealous cunts, trying to backstab him

  14. Keeping fingers crossed that this show is more like Simoun/Evangelion than Kill La Kill/Gurren Lagann.

    Stelizia/002 was literally in training mode with Mitsuru at the helm. The mech was walking, jumping, swinging like it was nothing. Big contrast to the booster firing, spear throwing, life sucking machine it once was in episode one. That said, I was dissapointed that the other FranXX did not even have 1/5 the lethality as the Stelizia.

    This show has soo much potential. I hope it will deliver.

    1. Well, seems like Zerotwo know an secret to ride with all Males.. Hiro still do not know it to ride with the others.. Perhaps Hiro can only run on the 1st Gear and when about to switch to higher ones, he fails or demand is to hie that the “Girl” can provide

      Yes, Gear like in an Car or Motorbike

  15. I’m so sorry. I really did not want to have to use the spoilers from the twitter. but…

    1- Hiro is a stamen like all the other boys
    2- 02 is a pistil like all the other girls
    3- Strelizia’s cockpit setup is exactly the same used on the other robots (doggy-style) with Hiro on top and 02 on down.

    And here’s the big secret

  16. My initial impression comment on the reddit episode thread:

    Welp, the teen-drama still goes on, through at least more tame in regards to Zorome/Miku; OTOH, Ichigo really needs to straighten things out between herself, Hiro, and Goro soon.

    Hiro pretty much stayed in character this week, since if he really has it in him to actually force his way to pilot with Zero Two, we won’t have that farce of a duel from last episode (Also, did Zero Two noticed his frustration?)…

    …and then we have Mitsuru… I don’t know what other way to straighten up his act than actually let him “screw up”…

    …though I wonder if his (and the previous stamens) injuries resulted from the controls beating them up…

    And so goes the 3 episode Litmus test for this series… Yeah, you should have decided from episode 1 instead of here whether to continue this or not.

      1. also i notice, she has the same “Pistil” necktie like the two Senpai’s. Also she has 2 lines on her shoulders and other parts of her Uniform. She surly has an Rank… But she in this Town she is under their command…

        so much for 02 is older then the Kids, but not older then the Senpai’s.. Perhaps in her Home town she is an “senpai”

  17. Man they are doing a marvellous job at portraying how the kids have their whole existence linked to piloting the Franxxs, Mitsuru is willing to seel his own patner to prove his superiority, Zerome is a complete bastard whose self-steam depends on his ability to pilot the mechas and Hiro is more than willing to die very young if it is what it takes to prove he can pilot as well. I have to wonder if it is worth it to fight for a sick world that twist children in this way.

  18. Did you see it?.. We are still at Episode 3 and it will be 24.. and we already have over 100 comments on it..

    Impressive, right? in a good or bad way, as you want to see it

    1. I can only see it as good, this show is a dream come true for many fans like me that grew up watching Evangelion, to the minds responsible for that masterpiece do something like this again, there are no words for it…

      1. this show is a dream come true for many fans like me that grew up watching Evangelion, to the minds responsible for that masterpiece do something like this again

        Not really. They are completely different group of people. The ones who are responsible for Eva are writer-director Hideaki Anno, chara-designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, composer Shirou Sagisu, producer Noriko Kobayashi & Yutaka Sugiyama. None of them is directly involved with FranXX. So, if you feel some Eva-vibes in Franxx, it’s most likely just the showrunners copying Eva-elements, not unlike past mecha anime like RahXephon or De:vadasy for better or worse.

        If you want to see a feature in-spirit with Evangelion written by Anno, you’ll have more luck checking out his work in Shin Godzilla. It’s a good/great movie with great message. The entire movie feels like an episode of Evangelion only without EVA-mechs, NERV or angsty teenage protags. The Godzilla itself feels more like an Angel than the traditional Godzilla. All those similar feels are there in a good way, not in a blatant ripoff-way

      2. Well, that’s not strictly true for the production staff, at least. There’s Imaishi, who was a key animator for Eva, the screenplay is by Masahiko Otsuka who did some directing for Eva, key animators Masayuki Sato and Shiho Takeuchi who did artwork for Eva, animation by Toshio Ishizaki in both, and artist Yoshinori Shiozawa who did backgrounds for EoE.

        And even without the Eva staff, the thing is practically channelling Eva in some of its scenes. Like when 02 takes Hiro to see the inside of the plantation, which is uncannily similar to when Misato takes Shinji to see Neo Tokyo-3 in Eva episode 2.

      3. @Angelus
        I know all that. I didn’t mention all of those additional people to save space, and haseo0408 should already get my point anyway without me listing the complete list of Eva staffs. Being concise helps.

        Yes, it channels Eva, but FranXX doesn’t have much in terms of “minds behind Evangelion” like haseo0408 suggested. By comparison, Shin Godzilla has more “minds behind Evangelion” because Eva’s writer wrote the said movie.

    2. Long time I didn’t have a deep thought on an anime serie. I like reading the speculations, discussions concerning this serie.
      Some topics request you to rewatch the episode for little hints, details that might help understand.
      I’m scared for futur episodes. scared to have my heart broken, feeling uncomfortable. But that’s is part of the surprise and the excitment.

  19. Because 002 is Desiderata and Hiro is Charlemagne.

    Darling in the Franxx is a Frankish Empire allegory – Karling in the Franks?

    /his/friend here.

    I’ve got this particularly bizarre theory. Darling in the Franxx is based off of the story of Charlemagne and Desiderata, where Hiro is Charlemagne and Zero-Two is Desiderata:

    “Desiderata, or Ermengarda[1], was one of four daughters of Desiderius, king of the Lombards, and his queen, Ansa. She was married to Charlemagne, king of the Franks, in 770, probably to form a bond between the otherwise enemy states of Francia and Lombardy. The marriage was annulled in 771 and this hurt relations with Lombardy, presaging the war of 774. She had no known children and her ultimate fate is unknown.”

    The Lombards are the Klaxosaurus. Hiro is Charles before he becomes Charlemagne. He “marries” Zero-Two, a Lombard/Klaxosaur princess and eventually throws her away to invade Lombardy/conquer the Klaxosaurs, eventually becoming Holy Roman Emperor/God-Emperor of Mankind.

    Furthermore, what we see here are the other three girls in the back of this image who look suspiciously like Zero-Two. They are the other “three daughters of Desiderius”.

    What we see is that Charlemagne had at least one illegitimate child, Pepin the Hunchback. This may be interpretated as insinuating that Hiro will engage in sexually unbecoming behaviour in the future, siring a bastard child, who, like Pepin will attempt to rebel against him.

    Notice additionally, that the Capetians who succeed the Karlings, had a floral coat of arms – we see very clearly the floral symbolism in Strelitzia and Delphinium. Thus Hiro/Charlemagne’s successors will also be floral and might have something to do with the fleurs-de-lis.


    Thank you for reading my crackpot theory

  20. Ep 04:

    It was an good “mature” impact Episode. No this has nothing to do with sexiness or echii. my “mature” here is meaning this episode is not for Kids.. Hiro want to be of use, even if its kill him.. this kind of Mature and other things


    Brace for impact.. i bet Episode 4 will again create many postings.. Because 02 is an Dominant Girl after all. But Hiro “grew” some Balls, and even Ichigo

  21. So Hiro was once the opposite of what he was in ep 1.
    Who was the sad last child to ask for a name?

    That rejection really made a mark in their relationship.
    Special specimen?

    Wonder how are the children coded, genetic classing?
    Special class, what were they studying?
    Its like children (or humans?) are reared for fighting dinosaurs.
    APE is the organization governing humans, are they humans?
    Or has the humans been enslaved for many many years by aliens?

    With how Hiro puts it, its like they are manufactured to be parts for a robot.
    These humans(?) feel wrong…

    Them saying Papa so eaily, it feels like this has been the system for a long time.

    The cheerful Zero Two feels like the Hiro of the past.

    Nana and Hachi.
    007 and 008?
    Are they kodomo or otona?
    Do these humans give up their code when they become otona?
    Then the code is reused?

    The suddenly letterboxing adds emphasis.
    Zero Two does know more about the world setting.

    I get the feeling that the pretty boys and long hairs are from the other Plantation they are going to kiss with.

    Mitsuru, the last kid to ask for a name?
    The official site says he see Hiro as a rival.

    Ok, is this even Earth?

    Magma energy. The dinosaurs like it but it can be used to kill them.
    Are Plantations and Franxx powered by Magma energy too thus attracting the dinosaurs?

    Zero Two has seen a lot it seems.
    Hmm, she listens to Hiro.

    So changing partners is ok.
    Zero Two is like a drug 😛


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