「流星モラトリアム」 (Ryūsei Moratoriamu)
“Shooting Star Moratorium”

Seven episodes in and you know what we were missing? Why the ubiquitous beach episode of course! Yeah I know we are still missing the affirmation of Hiro-Zero Two marriage and all (just do it already), but seriously, beach episode! Seaside barbeques! Tests of courage! Full half frontal nudity! Oh and maybe a bit of ominous foreshadowing, but it’s easy to miss when even the ED is fully into the moment. Whatever the future holds for these kids, it has nothing on the present.

Besides the usual (and pretty damn funny) shenanigans involving kissing and every beach trope barring watermelon bashing, we got even more plot-relevant information to whet the appetite. Hiro for example is now officially partnered with Zero Two and has seemingly moved up in life by graduating from test subject to glorified guide dog. It’s anyone’s guess what exactly the Grand Crevasse is right now and why the special specimen has to take Zero Two to it, but at least we have confirmation Hiro is not unique (and in fact was considered a failure until Zero Two) and Zero Two is simply one of a few horned demons—at least if that APE special force moniker is anything to go by. The more intriguing aspect, however, lies with the talk on plantations and how the world ended up in its current state. As Hiro highlighted magma energy drilling attracting klaxosaurs is a pretty straightforward idea, but then there’s the illustrious Papa who supposedly was humanity’s salvation. Certainly possible that the guy was just the right man at the right time, but this is post-apocalypse with magic magma-fuelled mecha so it’s definitely not that simple. Did Papa deliberately engineer the klaxosaur apocalypse for his own benefit? Is it even a true apocalypse given the presence of a sea and one too many similarities between parasite home and abandoned town? No clear idea yet, but full bets on the Grand Crevasse holding the answer to all, especially when it’s almost certainly tied to the oft mentioned magma energy.

On the character side of things we also were not lacking for juicy details as one running hypothesis was teased in all its glory: yes, Zero Two might just go full yandere. The jury is far out on this one of course, but between Dr. Franxx’s warning to Hiro and Zero Two’s burgeoning interest in her darling (cannot blame her too much, Hiro did survive after all) you can expect some emotional problems to emerge before too long. Ichigo is the main reason for this of course—no point denying she’s fallen hard at this stage, even with that hilarious shooting star shutdown—but even Hiro himself could anger the horns if he starts failing to give Zero Two what she now thinks she is owed. The kid may have beaten death for example, but it’s not without its traces and there’s nothing to suggest yet that he will get off scot-free during the next go around. All that’s needed is someone or thing coming between Zero Two and her darling for us to find out just how deranged the girl can actually become. Whether it’s before or after Mitsuru gets a kick to the face is anyone’s guess—he’s seriously cruising for a bruising with that brooding attitude—but you can bet the lighthearted fun and games have probably reached their end.

Rest and recharge after all only prepares for future pain and suffering, and with Hiro and Zero Two now a permanent fixture on this parasite crew, expect the suffering to commence forthwith. With love and mystery now firmly on the table, Franxx looks ready to get down and dirty.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「真夏のセツナ」 (Manatsu no setsuna) by XX:me


  1. So… how many episodes will it be before Kokoro is knocked up by either Mitsuru or Futoshi? With that baby book she got from that Pharmacy, it’s only a matter of time she’s going to cause some serious consternation among the main squad or APE. Though it begs the question whether as parasites they even can have children, or even sex to begin with. For all we know they could neutered. Given the crapsaccharine world they seem to live in, I’m beginning to feel that they are disposable biological tyke bombs used and abused by a council of transhuman immortals that have been around since the beginning. Add to this a society of adults that seems eerily similar to one that is portrayed in Ergo Proxy, and we have recipe for much heartache, suffering and maybe a sex scene or four.

      1. or.. compare it with the Claymore “Silver eye” Girls. The girls with the weak “battle potential” in the end surpassed them, but not in Raw power or such, no in self controlling to the maximum aka Willpower

        If some of their production/animation team knows Claymore (the manga) then they will get my gist…

      2. Well ZeroTwo have some similarities with the Claymore Fighters. Perhaps she is an Human mixed with Klaxxourus blood to the brink where she keeps her human sanity

        and the other Girls could be the same, just the Klaxxourus blood mix could be different or some other “Monster DNA” are crossed with them, and they need just the right trigger

        Also they use mostly females Claymore fighters, because they can control better the urge to “climax” (awaken). in the Claymore past there where Male fighters, but they lost very fast their human sanity

        Also, as my Avatar show you, i am an Claymore fan. my Avatar shows you their “Captain”. Sure Galatea are the strongest as ally. But the “captain” here knows all better then Galatea. even when all can do team play

        So, so my guts tell me that there are some points that overlap between Claymore and Parasites.. Perhaps even the Males are something like the Boy that Claire save and he grown into an strong fighter

        if someone has free time, they should really look for the Claymore manga. There are also an possible future story plot line.. but this is up to trigger and A-1

    1. Yeah, it would be so good if the book takes the plot down that line where the content becomes more mature yet serves a purpose in the plot.

      This show makes me feel like it has the potential to go so many directions but also makes me feel like it won’t.

      It looks more and more likely by each passing episode that Mitsuru is going to get between Futoshi and Kokoro, as Kokoro is the only one that ever interacts with him.

      Certain levels of relationship drama in this show that helps to build mood and advance the plot is all good. I just hope they can find the right balance and not overdo it.

    2. Right now I’m pretty sure they retain reproductive capabilities considering a few are able to feel love (ex. Ichigo, Gorou). Depending on what makes them inhuman they might have a shortened lifespan instead (I’m leaning towards this one personally), or are just destined for liquidation after reaching a certain age. Plus if the kids can still make babies it makes for better suffering later on 😛

      1. Just because they can feel love or even physical attraction to each other doesn’t mean that everything’s working fine down there. I’m assuming they’re being watched all the time, but surely some pair would have figured it out sooner or later, and that would just get in the way of them being the expendable soldiers of the colonies.

      1. https://randomc.net/image/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2002.jpg
        let’s see
        -slim body
        -tight ass
        -strong willed
        -yet soft on the inside
        -literally pure maiden since she’s unable to notice Goro’s feelings despite being a close friend
        -a top notch partner
        -believes Hiro has found what he needed with 02 but she will continue to behave protective until 02 agrees not to hurt Hiro
        -a friend leader
        -looks gorgeous with green eyes and blue hair
        -thinks kissing is intriguing
        -had a kiss with Hiro and absolutely nothing happened because he’s too obsessed with a aids infested whore to realize Ichigo is perfect
        -cute face
        Not a single person ITT would choose 02 a used good over her.

    1. I’m starting to get tired and deeply disappointed with that anime.

      While Hiro and Ichigo continue to get deep and beautiful scenes.

      Hiro and 02 continue get comedy scenes in the best style ”To Love-ru” and IS: Infinite Stratos.

      it’s really hard to take this anime seriously.

    2. I’m starting to get tired and deeply disappointed with that anime.

      While Hiro and Ichigo continue to get deep and beautiful scenes.

      Hiro and 02 continue get comedy scenes in the best style ”To Love-ru” and IS: Infinite Stratos.

      it’s really hard to take this anime seriously.

      1. That is actually really easy to explain. Hiro doesn’t behave like Rito (TLR) and Ichika (IS) with Ichigo. But suffice it to stay close to 02, so that your character does a complete 180º change in personality and turns into a Rito clone with blushit, and extreme shyness as fuck gag every other second, automatically transforming most of the moments between them into fucking bland forced comedy scenes, killing any sense of seriousness or tension in the entire scene.

    1. The thrust and the 1-9 slice are both clearly visible in the training footage, even down to the right hand pass.

      You can conclude he’s chosen his training weapon to emulate using a heavy spear.

      Mindless Watcher
  2. Vacation.
    Different swimsuit designs, the place is not that strict at all.
    But they are all white.

    Ah..the truth.
    How I want to know.
    Grand Crevasse? That white forest place?
    Land of the beginning or something? Or Klaxosaur nest?
    Would like to see the masked monkeys take off their masks and become an evil organization or something.

    Its like the pretty boy takes the place of Zero Two.
    Don’t tell me he is finding a girl, lol.
    Dr Franxx has one horn on his metal half face.

    Oh so its the Doctor’s idea…

    Will there be nose bleeds?

    Is what Zero Two does part of her survival instinct?
    The Doctor tells Hiro to man up.

    Want to see the P13 team break up and chose sides in the second half, maybe some deaths.
    Maybe Zero Two split to good and bad?
    The good gets absorbed by Ichigo and the bad is bad.
    The relationship changes, partner changes, emotions arise.

    Its like all the P13 kids are Violet Evergardens.

    Seeing the village ruins, Fafner somehow came to mind.

    What if the P13 kids are the last pure humans?
    Hope there will be some revelation towards the halfway mark.
    What if the P13 kids are clones of the masked counsel people?

    Wonder how old is Zero Two?
    Or she just knows more, or the P13 kids just know nothing that not needed.

    All that adult worship, feels like the truth will break Zerome.
    Perhaps change him 360?

    The swimsuits are more colorful in the ED.
    TRIGGER/A-1 Pictures, so its more TRIGGER?

    1. Regarding the Grand Crevasse, as a crevasse is a large crack/fissure it’s very likely we haven’t seen it yet in the show. It’s probably where the klaxosaurs originated IMO, or at least where Papa wound up God Emperor to all of humanity.

    1. 02 said that Hiro had danger’s taste. 02 also said that Hiro’s piloting skills were dormant and she could awake them for him as well. Hiro was considered a prodigy by his entire team. The only problem is that he was unable to connect with his partner marking him as a failure.

  3. I’m surprised that we got beach episode this early lol

    So Ichigos name came from some kind of star?

    And last episode we got the name “nine iota” and one of its meaning is Iota Piscium(some kind of star too)

    1. No, it was alread discussed in the show that Hiro gave them names based on their numbers. They named the star Ichigo because it’s the 15th constellation or something. An inside joke.

      1. @MemoirXt

        I only suspect Dr Franxx to be a caretaker to bring up Zero Two.
        Haven’t thought about being the father.

        With the hand holding scene in the OP, I suppose Zero Two’s past will be revealed in due time.
        Maybe when Hiro asks?

  4. Oh good, I though that what with my time zone and all, I’d be too late to say UMI DAAAA!

    So, we Sora no Woto now with people in old buildings that they don’t really understand the significance of? And there are some carts before horses here too. For example, why do the girls have different costumes? Because they get given all of their clothes so the costumes were chosen by whom, exactly? Interesting because before I thought about it, I was expecting 02, who’s quite happy to skinny dip, to be wearing something made of a little bit of string and not much else.

    Then there’s the whole setup. Why would they be allowed to go there all on their own? Of course they aren’t alone because the food didn’t magically appear out of nowhere. Which then begs the question of why they were allowed to roam through a place full of information about things they know nothing (or very little of). Again it must have been all planned. Like one of them said (can’t remember who), is this some kind of test?

    Lastly the whole situation. If there are places where klaxosaurs never go, why aren’t people living there instead of being cooped up in the plantations? Were the former inhabitants forcibly shipped out? And how many other places are there like that in the world? And did they really move the whole plantation just for a beach trip? I think it’s a deliberate setup. Maybe Mistilteinn wasn’t based on the “guest house” they found, maybe it’s the other way around.

    In summary, as usual we are being drip-fed information in a highly-controlled fashion, and with every piece we realise even more how little we know. That’s quite a feat for a beach episode that includes all the usual tropes.

    1. you are asking question where the answers are spoilers (far away in the future) so far, So with time your answers will come naturally to you

      Food needs huge place to grow, and perhaps they had the same fate like in “interstellar” humanity

      and yes, even the boys asked where the food and campfire equipment came from. They where watched this entire time, so finding this old city was not an secret to the higher ups. Perhaps they gave Squad13 more “luxus” of deeper bonding

    2. Definitely agreed about the information drip, the show has shown an uncanny ability to give us just enough tidbits that leave far more questions than answers; it’s aggravating in a way, but damn does it make you want to keep watching lol. At this stage I think we all know some big and shocking twist is coming considering all the hints, but what it is is completely up in the air.

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx%20-%20ED2%20-%20Large%2006.jpg

    Best girls

    That aside, I can’t help it but to see NGE references peppered through out FranXX thus far. THAT LONG escalator ride is definitely a call back to the very same scene in NGE.

    I think the beach episode is more than just fan service. For one, they’re realising their sexuality and its rather surprising that they are clueless about it. Plus I don’t know if I’m reading too much about it but this episode seems to have elements of Blue Lagoon.

    Henrietta Brix
  6. https://randomc.net/image/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2003.jpg
    I wanna dedicate this moment to the man Goro is and how i starting to take a good liking at him. Yes hes fairly more grownup compares to all the little brats in his group and since its a breather episode, i wanna take this chance to appreaciate the beautiful mono at the beach. One would be Goro…something about him is of course, hes got good looks, nicely done hair and tall <3
    Second would be Z02 with no surprise. I'd really wish to see both Goro and Z02 hanging out side by side, would def picture perfect consider them both looking more older than the rest of the brats. Its still a bit sad to see how she always tries to distant herself from the group, leaving Hiro enjoying his moment with his friends instead of trying to get along or imposing. Z02 would be like, ive got nothing to say with these kids so imma get going and go swimming instead.
    Third obviously our little Ichigo being kabe-done by Z02 XD boy who doesnt want some kabedon with that chic! I ship it XD i love it when Z02 is acting all haughty rather than all smiling.

    Ahh…thank you for this episode. Three of my most favorite characters are in their best moments.

    onion warrior
    1. Perhaps the “problem” of Z02 to let them get near to her, is her past. I bet she sure saw many “friends” or persons that was important to her, die left and right on her way. Sometimes in the cockpit, and sometimes killed from the Monsters.. So she closed a bit her heart to not break eternally, and Hiro is the key that unlocks her Chain and Squad13 can help her to open the door

      I do hope they do not plan to let squad13 fights themselves when the story progressing, like here was jealous mentioned or envy. But even the same fate like Nerv in NGE finale, is to much for me. But if they chose this path

      1. i am happy that they did not choose to begin with Mu-luv universe, where the monsters just slaughter the group of “newbies”.. Mu-luv world was based on Despair and mistrust.. i do not see it until now, and i hope it stays to some degree

      2. Z02 is an War Veteran, and saw death right into her eyes, our Squad13 are “newbies” and i bet someone of them when see their first real human corpse, will vomit or fallen into an shock.

        Lucky for Ichigo, Goro was there to pull her out of this state to save the squad, when all was thinking Hiro died

    2. @onion warrior
      I totally agree with you that Goro is extremely childish, just like all the other P13 team children that are completely ignorant about everything except what they have been taught, or unable to doubt and question the ”Parents” and their decisions, with the exception of Hiro that it began to doubt and question the ”Parents” and their decisions in this episode.
      Goro is playing exactly the same role as Sai Argyle played in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, the ‘Mecha cuckguy’ trope.

      I also totally agree with you tha Hiro is much more smarter e mature in compared to all the other P13 are completely ignorant about everything except what they have been taught, or unable to doubt and question the ”Parents” and their decisions. And Zero two that acts from animal instincts (Oni).
      Also, Hiro is really thinking and taking seriously what Dr. Franxx said to him, ( Don’t let her consome your emotions, too. If you want to always be her partner, that is. Otherwise, you’ll be the on to suffer later. After Zero Two asked him, We’ll always be together, right?

      Wow, I really didn’t know that bullying other people, mocking them (about something that hurts them) was the type of behavior practiced by mature people. For me, this type of behaviour is just a deplorable attitude of an extremely immature and childish person that has nothing better to do with your live.
      I really would like that Ichigo had responded to Zero Two this way:
      02: I’ve done it with darling.
      Ichigo: I kissed him too.
      02: I guess you gugy aren’t readdy for it yet.
      Ichigo: But I kissed Hiro too.
      02: Really? With whom?
      Ichigo: Hiro
      How fantastic it would have been see Zero get BTFO because of her arrogant attitude towards others.

      1. Thanks for your comment, i really like it when i see people who actually pay attention to the episode.

        Hiro that it began to doubt and question the ”Parents” and their decisions in this episode.

        Yes, ”Are you doubting Papa and the rest?”

      2. But it’s super obvious that Alpha has some weird plans for Hiro. He probably wants Hiro to be part of his team. The Nines probably use disposable Pistils, this would also explain why Hiro cannot connect with common Pistils, despite having awesome piloting skills.

  7. Hiro being a failure in no way makes him not unique. He gets preferential treatment from the higher ups throughout the series.

    Kind of a slow paced episode, Zero Two is still an outsider, but she’s making inroads with Goro inviting her over for food.

    Incoming “How do we make babies?” episode it looks like.

    1. also, i wonder in how Pregnancy would affect the females piloting skills.. and alos the male dive controlling..

      But, well if they really want to show us their “bloom” of sexuality, then perhaps they want to give these pairs an goal to fight for.. not for the city, not for these “adults”, no they fight to protect their children

      1. have your ever seen when some outsider come near an family and the female or male want to protect their children and attack you?.. i know that these girls are humans and not animals. but they have instincts

    2. Yeah Hiro’s failure isn’t what makes him not unique, rather it’s the consistent comments by the adults about Hiro being a special specimen failure—these remarks confirm Hiro is not the only special specimen. This is all I was getting at, before all we knew was that Hiro was different (and potentially a one-off case), but now we know that Hiro is part of a separate class of parasites.

      1. Hmm…a separate class of parasites
        Then maybe theres a more to how he came to the P13 class in the Garden?
        As a ‘transfer student’?
        Deemed a failure since back in the flashback?

        Then can the Nines series be like the ‘Newtypes’ of this universe?

        Thinking about newtypes and human evolution.
        Could Dr Franxx be Code 001?
        His metal half face with a horn makes me think proto 02, lol.
        Self experiment first, result slow down aging speed.

      2. #Pancakes and @iron2000, Nine Alpha is most likely the same branch of clones as 016 which means they are some of the top-tier specimens even if “our” 016 ended up being a failure because he couldn’t connect.

  8. So I guess a beach just exists. I figured. I mean we know there are tons of forests in the plantations so a beach shouldn’t really be out of the question. I just wish the audience felt EARNED to see a Beach episode this early in the show. Sure the characters earned a break, but I didn’t feel like it was earned.

    … I wonder what the history with Dr. Franxx is. He seems to know more about Zero Two than he lets on. Could she be …immortal? Does it have something to do with half his face being covered in metal? Did Zero Two harm him?.

    1. It gets even weirder when you realize the beach is actually located on solid ground and not in the plantation like the forests. We’re definitely missing a key piece of the apocalypse puzzle.

      As for the doctor that’s an interesting idea, but it may not involve Zero Two being immortal. Could simply be Zero Two went berserk during initial Franxx testing and wounded the doctor, which is where he got the idea to make the mechas two crew machines. Could explain why Zero Two has the unique Franxx form when she’s piloting alone for example.

      1. I thought the forest in the Plantation is man-made?
        The Plantation is like a multilevel super mega mobile city.
        One level is forest with lake and another level is that barren adult city.
        Theres so many levels and doors and walkways.
        Maybe they will include a Plantation cross section in some guide book/encyclopedia in the future.

        The beach is just natural.

      2. well, at last this part of the ocean is not poisoned or dirty. So they could dive into the ocean Water (it tasted salty). It is just these Waver breaker Stones that make the frontier. So this part of beach is an Spa for others, too

        Well, perhaps they need also the Magma source now for growing food or something.. We do not know nothing about their past and why they need to flee into these mobile Cities.. Did you saw some “Food plating” Cities? So i think they produce their food with energy

        But this is to much background asking. i think we should stick near to the Pairs of Squad 13, if they begin to explain the world they are living in, they watery the story.. But okay it is 24 Episodes.. it’s up to them. If they have an cross planed end..

      3. @Pancakes

        Here are some translations on themes related to the FranXX units from the Newtype magazine january 2018 issue. https://i.imgur.com/W08CsyA.jpg

        When 02 says she is going to all out, this means that she’s going to release her strength to the robot thrusters accelerating him.

        The Stampede Mode Strelitzia
        The Stampede Mode is always activated when Stamen disconnects from the robot (regardless of the fact that he is alive or dead) and all the control functions of high-level decision making which are executed by Stamen are automatically transferred to the 02. If Stamen is alive, Strelitzia returns to the Maiden mode after Zero Two disconnects from the robot. If Stamen is dead, Strelitzia remains in Stampede Mode after Zero Two disconnects from the robot until a new Stamen appears for activating Maiden mode again.

      4. @ultimatemegax Thank you based bro.

        @iron2000 Based on what we’ve seen there’s the Cage, City, and Franxx garage to plantations, and I assume some magma storage and extraction place.

  9. IDK, I feel like at this point Mitsuru is the only character who makes sense.

    I’m not saying that what he’s saying makes sense. Just that he makes sense as a character. He, Goro, and Ichigo. The rest of the cast (minus Hiro and Zero Two) might as well not be there for how ‘real’ they feel, though Kokoro is getting there.

    1. It’s interesting how cold Ikuno’s voice becomes when she speaks with Mitsuru. I get the feeling she feels tensed when she comunicates with him, because if she fails in something he will the first one to ditch her. Oh bro, I really hate Mitsuru, He’s nothing but a miserable beta asshole who blindly believes he’s better than others.

      1. I honestly feel bad for Ikuno, she clearly detests Mitsuru and knows exactly what he’s like, but cannot do anything because of the mandatory fixed pairings. When they fail in battle again (and they will,) Ikuno is going to be the one who suffers because Mitsuru won’t hesitate to pin the blame on her in the hope it gets him a new “better” partner.

    1. I am not crazy about 02 but man is that a really well crafted and framed shot of her: it definitely sells the provocative allure her character is meant to embody in the most perfect way

  10. Find a bit strange that the boys seem to be attracted to the girls here, but at the same time know nothing of sex. Like, seeing them in a bikini turns them on, but seeing them bent over in the FRANXX doesn’t. It’s a strange disconnect for me.

    1. As someone who’s met children that thought kissing was a big deal , but didn’t even realise the fact that they’d been mastrubating for a while, I’ll just say if you don’t explain stuff to people they’re likely to do it on instinct

      1. And see that’s the thing. I can understand having feelings for someone, like Ichigo does without knowing about sex. I remember having a puppy love crush in elementary school. Didn’t know jack about sex.

        Like, they see the breasts and butts, but do they know their purpose. Even of their own genitalia?

    2. Given that they’re trained all their lives to pilot the mechs, the mission aspect of it is just ingrained to them that much. Once in the cockpit, they don’t see booty, they see the controls.

  11. So there is a lot of reading and speculation here. All i’m seeing is sex will be the answer to everything and main chars will become even more OP.

    I called it here. Zero Two and Hiro escape after intercourse defeating said baddest beast and have a kid.


    1. Maybe they hope that Japan’s birth rate will shoot up after they air this, lol 😛
      Its like sexy and fanservice has become a DNA of Japan anime, maybe there can be a research paper on how this come about.

      Shows like this is best to speculate, original script not an adaptation.
      Good exercise for the mind too 😛

      1. ZeroTwo is an Strong leader type Girl, that do not need an Holy White Knight that saves here. She are looking for some Guy that hold his own ground and take her power full front on. And Hiro succeed at last

        Kill la Kill Sister Vibes and this 5 Star “Music Orchestra” Girl… you are looking into their Eyes

        Strong Independent Girls, that also can be Girlish when needed

        Well, Nausicaa made the first step (for me)

      2. Nausicaa in today time, would also an “tekken” or “Street Fighter” Black Belt Champion and also an Flight Ace, that has an heart for Nature. An Green “GATE” Fighter

  12. to all AMV Builders out there (I am to old and out of touch):

    Take Zerotwo and the Lyrics from Jennifer Lopez – Ain’t Your Mama

    I ain’t gon’ be cooking all day, I ain’t your mama
    I ain’t gon’ do your laundry, I ain’t your mama
    I ain’t your mama, boy, I ain’t your mama
    When you’re gon’ get your act together?
    I ain’t your mama
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    Let’s get to work on time
    No more playing video games
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    We used to be crazy in love
    Can we go back to how it was?
    When did you get too comfortable?
    ‘Cause I’m too good for that, I’m too good for that
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    Can we go back to how it was?
    When did you get too comfortable?
    ‘Cause I’m too good for that, I’m too good for that
    Just remember that, hey
    I ain’t gon’ be cooking all day, I ain’t your mama
    I ain’t gon’ do your laundry, I ain’t your mama, hey
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    No, I ain’t your mama
    No, I ain’t your mama
    No, I ain’t your mama, no

    Sadly i lost my old AMV Tools and become to rusty. But perhaps this can help as an spark of Inspiration to “display” Zerotwo and perhaps also Ichigo.. But this is more for our Wild Cat, right?

  13. Ep 08:

    – An Team building Episode, and a good one.
    – There is not much fight in this Episode, and it is okay
    – The AMV Spark idea here, can be used as ZeroTwo’s “Theme” like the ones in Beat em Ups
    – Yeap, the experience of Zerotwo is shining through and seems like Hiro is about to become the Leader again, while Ichigo stays the “Squad commander” (Claymore..)

    – Also we have an new DE again. But seems like they love to focus on the Girls.. I mean they should not show us “Adonis” Males, but perhaps the interaction of their Pairs (also it is an logical conclusion after this episode)


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