「トライアングル・ボム」 (Toraianguru Bomu)
“Triangle Bomb”

I think there’s two minds now when it comes to Franxx. Either we are gearing up for one hell of a plot twist that will blow all (probably overhyped) expectations out the water, or this show is settling in to be frontrunner for the biggest tease of 2018. Attempted suicide, childhood love triangles, left field confessions, by hell we got all the goods this week, but do we have the faintest idea yet what’s coming next story-wise? Not in the slightest.

The focus of course this week was on Gorou and his relationship with Ichigo. Everyone knew of his crush on the girl for example, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one surprised at how long his has persevered. Ichigo pulling the childhood friend NTR duty sure (someone has to), but Gorou too? And with Ichigo also rejecting him? Now that’s playing dirty (bonus points for Hiro’s obliviousness as well). While this moment was always going to come to a head eventually consider the rapidly budding feelings of love popping up all over—hint, Zorome is next—I always thought it would be in relation to something serious—you know, like death. In a way we did get “serious” considering Gorou’ willingness to sacrifice himself in order to save his friends (and crush), but thanks to Ichigo’s brute stubbornness such platitudes never came to pass. Disappointing? A bit (who doesn’t want some midseason suffering?), but never fault Franxx for making the most out of these moments. After all, it’s hard denying now that Ichigo and Gorou are made for each other given how well their personalities mesh. Plus Gorou actually having the balls to confess makes me want to see him win, if just for the satisfaction of knowing there’s justice in this world. Come on Ichigo, pick the true childhood friend, you know you want to.

The real question raised from all the relationship growth this episode is what exactly comes next. We still have the story tidbits coming in hard and fast after all (the latest being Christmas Papa Day and all the power that lets it exist), but barring the ominous foreshadowing of something wicked in the works for Hiro and Zero Two (remember the Grand Crevasse?), we know just as about as much as when we started: precious little. Being two cour Franxx has the breathing space needed to reveal its true story in good time, but the underlying (and growing) concern is the show taking too long in a buildup that any climax cannot make up for. Re:Creators suffered from this issue for example (albeit more from Meteora-isms than any dragged out filler), but had the benefit of a specific endpoint defined at the very start. With Franxx though we have no indication of what the endgame is meant to be, and every further episode without some form of tangible hint or proof simply increases both the intrigue and aggravation. We may all know what to roughly expect given the post-apocalypse theme (i.e. nothing good), but until the curtain is lifted and the truth revealed, I imagine we’re in for a restless wait.

At least we’ve now got some smiles worthy of protection available to help us all bide the time.

Author’s note: I’m not one to crack down on comments, but as forewarning after last week’s discussion any comments personally insulting others will be edited or deleted as seen fit. Feel free to argue over tastes and the like, but try and keep it civil.


  1. Piloting 02’s ass is like being behind the wheel of a highly tuned sports car. It’s incredibly dangerous and exciting and requires expert handling to unleash its true potential in tough situations. Creative and intense driving at high speeds is possible if you know what you are doing. If it goes wrong, there are no airbags and you can get hurt easily or even die.

    Piloting Ichigo’s ass is like driving a Prius. It gets the job done, is safe and reliable and better for the environment. It has useful tools like sat nav, cruise control and has a built in collision avoidance system. Anyone can drive one. Probably the better and safer choice but you still wish you were able to drive the sports car.

    1. In this case your analogy is flat out wrong. Ichigo is like James Bond’s Aston Martin. A car full of suprises.

      So it boils down to this : you prefer a garden variety sports car (ie 02) or the Aston Martin DB2 (ie Ichigo) ?
      There is no contest at all, the AM DB2 wins hands down.

    2. 002 – Dodge Viper or Acura NSX, really difficult to control but has a lot of power and speed to back it up and damn if it is not beautiful to look at inside and outside. a dream for most boys to have but not many can afford the price and maintenance.

      Ichigo – Toyota Camry, it is safe, luxurious, easy to handle with a lot of feature. you’ll be crazy not to choose this, but every boys always want to ride a sports car right?, as expensive as it is and as high maintenance and difficult to control as it is…

      Miku – Mini Cooper, small, jaunty, with playful styling and spirited performance making it standing out from the crowd. it is a “love it” or “hate it”, at the beginning you will hate it for how small it is and then you’ll like it for having nice performance and features inside a such a small body and the uniqueness that making everyone look at least once your way.

      Ikuno – Mercedes-Benz GLA, it have a good handling, nice performance with bunch of features, excelent interior and exterior but it have no stand out feature, a have it all but with no uniqueness of its own its fade away compared to other.

      Kokoro – Toyota Alphard, big and roomy is the whole point to begin with. it can accept a lot of people, having nice performance and power to cater for anything with a lot of features to make everyone using it happy as well as luxurious interior and exterior. whether in front or the back there is something for everybody to enjoy.

    1. 02 is way too ignorant of too many things to be older than she looks. She didn’t even know what rain was before Hiro told her about it. In short, 02 is more naive than she lets on, she knows nothing but Muh ”Kiss is special” and things that Dr. FranXX taught her.

      It was also confirmed in this episode that 02 is illiterate and she had never received a present before.

      1. Hmm, Zero Two trying to hide her ignorance.
        Haven’t thought of that.

        Perhaps its her upbringing, the environment she was in?
        Pride? Insecurities?

        I suppose her story will unravel in the second half.

  2. PantsGoblin
    1. To me it didn’t look like Goro was friend-zoned, it was a good start for him.

      The whole time I thought there was a chance that the show would surprise me by killing either or both of them… But now i’m starting to think that no one from the main cast will ever die in this show

      1. Oh he’s definitely friendzoned, at least for the moment; if Ichigo had any inkling of interest in him she wouldn’t brush him off by saving her answer for later. The key is that Gorou has a chance, if he starts pushing Ichigo to see him in “that” light there’s a good chance she’ll come around to him once Hiro proves stuck in his Zero Two ways.

      2. This was as plain of a rejection as they could include in the scene without completely killing the ship as a matter of fanservice

        Anyone with two neurons to rub together realizes Ichigoro is dead. Goro himself validated Ichigo/Hiro this episode. Although it went over some people’s heads, that was the whole point of this episode.

    1. If Hiro is Jesus does that mean 02 is Mary Magdalene? Jesus cast demons out of her and she became one of his followers, or his lover (considered a heretical belief). She was supposedly the first to testify to his resurrection.
      Hiro will make her human but will leave her at some point in this show.
      Uh oh.

      1. IMO it depends on how the filler will be used going forward. If it’s the foundation for something major later on I imagine few of us will be complaining, but if the payoff is weak or we are incessantly teased then yeah we have a problem.

        We won’t know until we get the payoff though, which makes it all the more aggravating/suspenseful, depending on personal opinion.

      1. Nope. The episodes 3 and 7 literally killed the sales. The show got a big nump after episode 4, but episode 7 tanked it hard and it hasn’t recovered since. Episode 9 was pretty much the burial ceremony.

        DITF is dead. Most fans only care about Hiro and 02, yet we keep getting pointless shit like Ichigo’s annoying drama and wasting time with shit one-dimensional side characters that nobody worries about.

      2. That’s your opinion. I happened to like these development. A story is not just about two characters. A story is about telling something – a message. And I like it so far.

      1. Probably down to short attention spans and the fact few shows know how to give good character development anymore IMO. Franxx has done a fantastic job with it so far, but when other shows swamp you with the usual light novel shenanigans it can be hard to see the difference.

    1. I suppose Hiro just didn’t care about anything.
      No barriers, no fakery, thats why other kids trust him.
      Super social butterfly at a young age.

      Goro was sick of communal life, whated to be alone.
      Then he became the perfect nice guy.
      All for Ichigo?

      What if Hiro kills Ichigo?

    1. She definitely knows and probably has since kissing him, or at least since Zero Two became a team fixture. Take the beach episode for example, when Zero Two cornered Ichigo both girls were basically arguing who had the right to love Hiro.

  3. Oh wow, are people angry. I still like the show and this episode. And that isn’t gonna change. Reminder: Your hate isn’t objective, just like my like isn’t objective.

  4. The Goro perspective.
    Eyes on his dear partner.

    So I guess this is their “Christmas” where Santa is Papa.
    Zerome is the extreme Papa follower as usual.
    Petty words.
    I feel disgusted but Zero Two just stare, too numb 😛

    Thinking back on the pretty boys scene in the opening.
    Theres the 3 long hair behind.
    Feels like what Zero Two could have been if Dr Franxx of whoever didn’t bring Zero Two out.
    Those 3 are like zombies.
    But 5 pretty boys to 3 long hairs?

    First time Zero Two got a present?
    Her guardian didn’t give her anything before?
    Is she wearing a mask?

    Goro is such a nice guy.

    Of course the kids are pure, theres no TV or the Internet.
    No korean drama, J-pop or soap opera.
    So they struggle to discover their feelings.
    I wonder what books does the library have?

    Only 3 stuffed animals?
    Whats in the silver treasure box?

    G-class again.
    Brain and nerves?
    Feels as if two alien factions are playing war with the human DNA they found, lol.

    The Klaxosaurs couldn’t be like Angels in EVA, right?
    Theres no Lilith in the P13, lol.
    Just after magma energy, just that.

    Theres a female eject…
    The male…is expandable?

    Hostage situation.
    Goro is super normal.
    His true face? Or a mask?

    I wonder just what is the population numbers of one Plantation, its so enormous.
    I suppose the Plantations are roaming around drilling for magma energy?
    How much of a Plantation is magma storage?
    Wonder where are the Seven Sages, Plantation 1 in the sky?

    Covinient plot device appears!!

    Hmm, they can sell a hoodie like the female suits.

    Personnel outside the glass window observing and recording human (or I should strictly call them parasites?) behaviour seen in the children playroom.
    Large fan above, air-cooled?

    Goro is really the nice guy.

    Hmm, you get to see the inner layer of the suit.

      1. The 5 pretty boys?
        The second from the right?
        I just assume they are all male as I cannot discern their gender.
        Wasn’t sure about the long hairs either.

        Ya, seeing the female eject mechanism just confirm it for me.
        Unless theres a male one too that they didn’t show.

      2. Yes, the Center Boy is also an Adult version of him
        1 Left of him could be our Goro without “Mega-me”
        1 to the right could be an mature/adult version of Ichigo
        on the top right corner seems like Hiro adult
        in the back are the “mass produced” Zeros

        Also, our ZeroTwo has the same Uniform just in red. Also the shoulder sings

      3. Perhaps our Zerotwo has also some kind of PTSD.. Why is she gifted to be free, while her Sisters are still in chains?.. If these Girls in the back are clones of her.. Perhaps she want to save her Sisters from the “expendable” chains and this could be an Arc for the future..

        But how knows.

      4. I thought the center pretty boy already appeared in episode 6 (with 2 other in ep6) and 7?
        I don’t think they are adult versions.

        Should all be kids as well.
        The center pretty boy is named 9 Alpha in the wiki.
        So I think the pretty boys are the Nines.

      5. Hmm, you sound right DinastyMound.
        Can’t call them pretty boys anymore 😛

        Suppose they will come to prominence towards/at the end of the first half.

        So far the second quarter is somewhat individual looks into each character.

      1. Maybe it’s you haters simplyfying episodes to the point your claims are nonsensical to justify hating on the show and staff. Sometimes, I wonder if you people are watching another show

  5. Hiro’s nicknames for his friends are based on Japanese wordplay of their codes.

    For example, 056/Goro is “Go” 五 (number 5) and “Ro” from roku, 六 (number 6).

    Some are harder, like 214/Futoshi is “Fu” from futatsu 二つ (counter for 2 people), “To” is from toukakan 十日間, (counter for counting 10 days) and Shi” is 四 (number 4).
    It also sounds like the word futoi, 太い, fat.

  6. The broken mirror in the OP looks like the one Hiro gave 02. I am interested to see how 02’s self loathing is effected by it.

    Speaking of the mirror, the fact that it was originally Naomi’s is kind of ‘cringy’ but also understandable given Hiro’s lack of resources.

    1. What if Naomi comes back in the second half and wants her mirror back, lol.

      Those who are sent back never survived or something they say.
      But what if theres some Resistance of sorts who know some partial truth?

  7. Maybe now this will finally put that cringey Ichigo love triangle to death, and also give her an opportunity to develop a character past the standard brooding, loser childhood-friend I grown tired of. Goro is the best bro, and as an episode focused around him, this was really good!

    1. Perhaps as the last pair, they could focus for now on the Chlorophyll Franxx (this one with the Sync problems). Both have to come out of their Shell.. It is not an problem is she could be Lesbian. As long they understand that much that they work and respect together. I do not know if these children know the meaning of Gay and Lesbian so far

      The girl must trow her “shut in” lifestyle away and the Boy needs to trust her more and not just see this as “work” or see her an step stone to ride with ZeroTwo

      Miku and the “big mouth” boy do not need an episode, we can see that they are in harmony, or Miku would pull more the breaks

      Kokoro, well the Boy with his big body can act as “Wall” to protect here (in mind). So the big Body is the armor skirt and such the franxx is wearing

      Then i think, they can go burn their “fight story” until the end

      1. Perhaps with taking now the Pain Killers? this Boy got an grudge again the females Pilots

        Perhaps Kokoro can take or easy him this grudge away. Kokoro should not “betray” his Male so far, but friends are friends right? some one you can talk to, Zero two alone in her room needs someone to lean on.. but then its showing weakness and some “fanboys” will make an Shitstorm about it

      2. They clearly specify that Pistils simply act as a operating system for a computer, they provide the framework necessary and user interface for the Stamens, which in turn are responsible for actually utilizing the computer’s constituent hardware and handle all the controls of the robot. And in the case of 02, she also acts as a force amplifier giving her superhuman strength for the Mech.

    2. @starss – To the contrary, Goro got friendzoned officially now, Ichigo now knows that what she feels for Hiro is love, and main love triangle between Hiro and his two love interests is going to continue at full speed.

      1. I imagine a lot of Ichigo’s feelings for Hiro come from the things he gave her
        He gave her an identity by giving her a name, he’s taught her a bunch of things, and he gave her the hairclip, He gave her first kiss too.

    3. Good luck haha, if anything Gorou’s confession ensures the triangle will continue for a while yet just to make Ichigo suffer. As HaruhiToy mentioned Ichigo technically friendzoned Gorou, so he’s got some work ahead of him before Ichigo sees him as her best pairing choice.

    1. I think the end-game goal is Hiro going against APE because they’re obviously evil assholes, but Nishigori has to fill a 24 episode run time so we’ve been getting episodes that aren’t important in the big picture.

  8. https://randomc.net/image/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2018.jpghttps://randomc.net/image/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2035.jpg

    I’m not sure if being Goro or Ichigo is suffering. The amount of zoning and potential NTR is ridiculously HIGH!

    That said, I like how they paid “homage” to the iconic atomic explosion scene that we always see on the internet. The one where it’s all orangy and you see the cars and houses getting blown across the screen,

    Henrietta Brix
  9. https://randomc.net/image/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2018.jpg

    I’m not sure if being Goro or Ichigo is suffering. The amount of zoning and potential NTR is ridiculously HIGH!


    That said, I like how they paid “homage” to the iconic atomic explosion scene that we always see on the internet. The one where it’s all orangy and you see the cars and houses getting blown across the screen,

    Henrietta Brix
      1. I imagine a lot of Ichigo’s feelings for Hiro come from the things he gave her

        He gave her an identity by giving her a name, he’s taught her a bunch of things, and he gave her the hairclip

  10. I tried to explore my feeling for good character developing.. I think i got inspirited from one US Gaming Company, and it was BioWare. And the game is Dragon Age: Origin. For many fans this is the best part from Dragon Age so far, because their background Story each other had was brilliant… Also Dragon Age, resolve around an “shape-shifter” Dragon that can turn into an Human and vise versa.. So a bit Zero Two more influence

    Sorry for more wired syntax. But i am homesick with an big flue

  11. hmm I still have no idea if 02 is just acting “happy” or that feeling is genuine

    Well Goro finally manage to confess….now lets just wait for Ichigo to do that and see the reaction of Hiro

    1. I think it’s true that Zero Two honestly loves Hiro, but more for what he gives her as a pilot than as a person. She adores she can go all out with him, but beyond that is anyone’s guess. In effect, Hiro is nothing more than a puppy right now.

  12. Goro truly is the best thing about Ichigo. Her love triangle arc has been insufferable, but her compatibility with Goro was actually really nice in this episode. I can get behind any move the show can do to get her to give up the one-sided Hiro stuff, and it couldn’t happen any sooner.

    Otherwise, Goro and Ichigo will both be the NTR duo that will always watch their crush fawn over a different person, and Goro doesn’t deserve to be eternally cuckolded by someone who is also being eternally cuckolded.

  13. Quite happy to see some people get upset at these character building episodes. Now hoping they eventually leave this show alone because it’s obviously not the flashy, mainstream show they like.

  14. https://randomc.net/image/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2017.jpg
    Is Ichigo going to get demoted in the future?

    I’m also really fucking curious about Hiro and the 9s, is the entirety of squad 13 going to interact with them? Or will Hiro join the 9s as a special attachment with 02? Or will Hiro never Jong up with them at all and remain with squad 13 throughout the series.

  15. https://randomc.net/image/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2010.jpg
    My favorite pair <3 i think i want Goro as my son now. Hes so grown up, perhaps hes the only one thats going through this growing process smoothly (since hes got over his bratty behavior already). Sigh, the drama here,…it just felt like Ano Natsu Matteru x Evangelion. I can see the anime direction slowly moving from mecha to character development/dramas rn. i think i like it that way though.
    See? i hope Ichigo will slowly open up her heart to Goro soon, he is meant for her; and i think thats the reason why they're a team, just like how most of them are designated for each other.

    onion warrior

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