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Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu – 11

「父親と息子」 (Chichioya to Musuko)
“Father and Son”

I really appreciated the parallels between the two different plotlines going on in this episode. First let’s talk about Ban’s group. There was much to like here—pouting Jericho, blushing Jericho, otome Jericho, but also how touching the final moments were between Zhivago and Ban. It’s impressive how quickly they made us care about Zhivago. The character work in Nanatsu no Taizai is just that good. Not that I cried when he died or anything, but once again the established a character quickly even if they were destined to die—and in this case, I don’t think Zhivago is going to reappear.

No, the moment where my screen got a little blurry for some reason was right before Zhivago died, when he said:

“Ban… There’s still something else on your mind.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m your father. I know when my son is troubled by something.”

The parallels with the rest of the episode come in when Ban discussed his feelings of guilt for trying to kill Meliodas, after he’d chosen Elaine’s life over that of his friend. Those lines from Zhivago are just perfect, though. No matter how much time has passed, no matter how long they’ve spent apart, he still knows Ban well enough to know when something’s wrong, and cares enough to spend his final moments giving his son advice. That’s love, right there. That’s why his death matters. He struggled against a cruel world, and still managed to care for someone that deeply until the end. That’s love.

The rest of the episode had to do with Meliodas’ past and intentions, and I have to admit, the story feigning toward Meliodas being some kind of sleeper agent isn’t convincing. That’s not the same as saying King being concerned doesn’t work. I actually like that. Not only does it fit well with King’s personality (he’s just the type to make a well-meaning but short-sighted and flawed mistake like this), but I appreciate the opportunity for some intra-party strife, as well as eventual growth and reconciliation between the two. But the story itself acting like Meliodas is ever going to be anything but the hero is silly, which is why it’s good that it doesn’t do that too much. It’s not like Merlin doubts why he wants to be teleported to the Ten Commandments, with good reason.

The other big thing about this episode was the fights, which were really cool! I liked hearing more about King’s original magic—even if “Disaster” is a terrible name for a skill that could be used for healing as well as hurting—and him going all Magneto with a water droplet was both silly and cool. Meliodas breaking a foot off in Galand was also awesome, if only because it promises that the Sins will be able to put up a good fight.

Random thoughts:

  • Ban saying that Jericho is like a little sister might mean something a little different when we factor in that he had one, and that she died at four. Her being a wallet, though, is pretty cut and dry, hah!
  • I like how they slipped in a few things that weren’t yet explained, like the ominous presence, King’s wings, or what Meliodas did with his power. Not everything needs to be explained immediately. I look forward to exploring those things later on.
  • From Zaneri’s raging/calm wrath comment vsi a vis Meliodas, it sounds like my comparison to Hulk from The Avengers (2012) was spot on. Not that I’m bragging or anything #imtotallybragging
  • I should probably comment on Meliodas and Zeldris being brothers, but really. It was obvious.

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