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OP: 「A or A!?」 by Petit Milady

「シスコン兄さんと双子の妹~」 (Siscon Niisan to Futago no Imouto)
“A Sister-holic Brother and His Twin Sisters”

What can really be said about Alice or Alice? Much like Tachibana-kan To Lie Angle, it’s a 3 minute short, so there isn’t as much time to really let the first episode soak in. As such, it’s hard for the show to be able to capture what tone it’s trying to go for. The premise and title are pointing towards a trashier series where an older brother is going after his younger sisters, but most of Episode 1 is tame in comparison to other siscon anime that go the extra mile.

The first episode centers around the aloof Airi (Hidaka Rina), who is far too drowsy to function throughout the day, bringing concern to the perkier Rise (Sakura Ayane) and the aformented siscon brother (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu). Despite his status as a man with a sister complex, he’s portrayed in this episode as far tamer than her handsy sister Rise. His gift to her is a fluffy sheep plushie while Rise’s gift to her is waking her up with whatever happened behind the pink background.

There is promise as the cast is expanding further and further with new characters. And with the tame feeling this episode has, it should be an easy-to-digest short for those who are normally turned off by siscon material. On top of all of this, because it’s only 3 minutes long, there’s no need to feel like you wasted time watching the show when it lasts only slightly longer than the opening/ending credits. If you want to watch anything that’s cute, slightly pervy, and/or has little sisters, then Alice or Alice is an easy choice to make.

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