「アスターテ会戦」 (Asutaate kaisen)
“Battle of Astarte”

With the golden locks of Reinhardt introduced previously now out of the way (mostly), it was time this week to shine the spotlight on LotGH’s other major, if slightly lazy, player in one Yang Wenli. LotGH may still be in introductory mode as a vast array of characters make their appearance and the story is slowly revealed, but I dare say the show is doing a damn fine job thus far of ensuring the legacy of the original is on full (and proper) display.

As briefly mentioned before part of LotGH’s strength is its focus on grand narrative. Characters rise and fall—often in very melodramatic ways as we shall see—but their trials and tribulations are always attached to something more than them, something greater, whether that be the future of families, longstanding ideals, or the survival of the very states they wage war for. The battle of Astarte seen here is a prime example of this “more than meets the eye” approach. Overall the fight is relatively “pointless”, being just the latest attempt between Empire and FPA to push a frontline which has remained relatively static for over 150 years. Both sides pummel each other, someone wins slightly more than the other, and both head home to lick wounds and receive praise or suffer condemnation accordingly—nothing particularly ground breaking in the greater scheme of things. What matters is how this battle differs from previous attempts, specifically in terms of leadership. Until Yang and Reinhardt came onto the scene, all Imperial and FPA commanders followed the same script: seek overwhelming victory and absolutely crush the enemy. Cannot do it? Retreat. Otherwise damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. Simply believing in victory against overwhelming odds is anathema to these men, which makes Reinhardt’s (and then Yang’s) tactically brilliant success all the more amazing, prestigious, and—as will be seen—loathsome. To win in the face of insurmountable odds is something few military commanders can manage, and even fewer can successfully leverage into greater amounts of personal power. Yes, that’s definitely a hint.

The importance of all this focus on leadership of course is what it foreshadows regarding the “real” start to LotGH’s story. With Reinhardt and Yang both showing themselves to be brilliant battlefield commanders, it won’t take long before their skills are recognized and put to work, and that indeed is already happening. Reinhardt’s promotion for example is the beginning of his important rise to fame, and the first significant result from it should be properly hinted towards next week, if the pacing holds steady. As for Yang he’s not fading away anytime soon as that skill of his is also about to land himself a job requiring the full extent of his tactical prowess—and the results will be earthshattering. The battle of Astarte may not make much sense at the moment with little backstory or current plot to focus on, but the paradigmatic change in leadership Reinhardt and Yang shown these past couple of weeks quietly laid the groundwork for a series of tumultuous upheavals that form the bread and butter of everything wholesome in LotGH.

If you liked what we got so far don’t go away boys and girls, this show is just getting started. With LotGH set to dip back into its rich world of cutthroat politics and shrewd scheming, the real fun has yet to begin.




  1. Two old episodes un two new episodes…

    How are they going to say a 110 episodes story in twelve? I doubt that they can relate the ‘first season’ story in one cour.

    Positive things:
    – 3D ships are beautiful.
    – More functional imperial uniforms.
    – Better explanation of certain things:
    Recoinassence ships.
    Tactical circuito

    Negative things:
    – Too conspicuous 3D
    – Story’s pace
    – Alliance ranks’ insignia

    And the worst of everything:
    If the ships have artificial gravity, there isn’t going to be any inertia. Which one was the genious that thought that they have to hold their seats when the ships have to turn!? It doesnt make sense reality, either story-wise. X(X(

    Ok, ok… Relaxing now…

    1. Well, the intertia effect with artificial gravity is a TM of one Star Trek, and since the Federation ships never show their AG generators (contrary to this ataptation of LoGH, which uses a system similar to the one used in Babylon 5 with simmilar effects), you can lax that part of the scientific approach

      1. Which one of the used in Babylon 5? Only the most advanced races had one. Humans had started to build ships which AG generators after the Shadow War, if I remember it correctly.

      2. Also have to remember inertia makes for more lively scenes. The crew just standing there as the ship makes quick manoeuvres wouldn’t be as impressive as Merkatz’s leaning against a shift in direction for example.

    2. They’re not going to tell a 110-episode story in 12. Why would you ever think they would? The “110” episodes you’re referring to are actually FOUR different OVA series that adapt not just the *entire* novel series, but also many of the side-stories that occur concurrently.

      Die Neue These is only adapting the first two or three books, and none of the side stories. It’s a very different beast.

      1. I would love if they make a full adaptation. And they are four seasons more the spinoffs: Total 165 episodes.

        On the other hand, I didn’t read the novel, so I only know it by the wonderful anime from the nineties.

      2. @Kinai
        Best best right now is over half being adapted, also counting the movies. There’s a few good spots to leave off on so not having the complete story is alright (at least for me) if this adaptation is handled well, which so far it definitely is.

    1. It would need four seasons of two cours to be able to say the whole story.

      I am more confused about the “this is not a new adaptation”, that they said when they announced the serie. Did I understand it wrong?

    2. Yupp only 12 episodes and 2 follow up movies IIRC unfortunately. Never know though, depending on popularity and where things wind up after the movies we might just see the whole story re-adapted before too long.

  2. I don’t think the pacing is that bad as long as they don’t try to get through the whole story. Perhaps we will stop when that big plot point happens and Reinhardt rise to power at the end of the movies? At four episodes worth of material per movie we should get a full 24 episodes worth of animation.

    Anyway, I went and rewatched a lot of the old ova and there was a lot of exposition that 100% won’t work with a modern audience. I wonder how they will handle that in the future.

    I am getting more used to the character design and voice now. I can deal with this.

    1. The pacing is great right now IMO, there’s no rushing (yet) and they’re setting up for the big events in a good way. I do think you’re right though that Reinhardt’s rise will likely be featured in the movies, particularly if this season ends up where I think it’s going to.

  3. The pacing is fine, if you don’t expect them to do every everything in 12 episode. I think they’re doing 2/4 of the major storyline of the first ‘season’ of OVA. They did mentioned there are 3 movies following this, which I supposed can be used to wrapped up season 1.

    1. My expectation is for the series to cover the first two arcs (up to Amlitzer) w/ the movies focusing on Lippstadt and Yang’s Fun Adventure, as that’s the “meat” of the story that is more likely to attract audiences into cinemas. Depending on how many movies they intend to do, I can see them going all the way to the end.


      Movie 1 would cover Lippstadt.
      Movie 2 would cover the Invasion.
      Movie 3 would cover the Magician’s last show.
      Movie 4 would likely not get made for obvious reasons, but could wrap up the story easily as that last arc has a lot of material that could be cut, or easily summed up in narration.

    1. My Thoughts so far:

      – Got down because he did not respect the thoughts of his advisor aka “What i made an mistake? Impossible, lets take the entire fleet down with me!”

      – Got down because no one in his Fleet did not thinking on their own… Data link jammed, all blind (Radar incoming?) and doomed (Why no individual raised Shields?)

      – Yamamoto Isoroku. Why? Because he knows the enemy thinking. Yamamoto knew how the USA thinks, and looks like this one here has the same skill

      But he had someone that still had trust in his tactician skills. Without his “Mentor” he surly would end like the other buddy

      1. They sort of handwave the jamming. What the Empire fleet apparently did is to jamm long range encrypted transmission which allows tactical link up of different fleet across vast distances. Ship to Ship transmission in shorter distance is unaffected. At the start of the battle, the 3 Alliance fleet are linkup in near real time, and Empired broked that up leaving each of the 3 fleet blind to the fate of the other. Yang anticipated this and formulated a worse case contingency plan in place and using unencrypted broadcast (which the Empire will also hear) managed to get the surviving Alliance into one fleet with one plan. The fact that he can do this on open channel and the Empire can’t do anything to it add to Yang’s foresight.

  4. To be clear, i do not know the old original version of this Anime. So i am free of old “flashbacks” inside the mind

    So if you do not mind, please take this in consideration before posting “Spoilers” or Old known facts here

    Thank you

    p.s. i do not mean any harm. I myself got surprised when someone wrote that he did not watched or know Evangelion (TV)

  5. I like this so far. However…

    Where are the variety in the ships? I am no military strategist but in a show where strategizing is paramount and where war has waged on for generations, I find it baffling that all ships move and fire exactly the same even if they look aesthetically different.

    One has only to look at the reality of the history of warfare and see how a certain side develops something to counter or outwit their opposition to gain an advantage.


    Also, they are fighting as if they are in a plain… err, like they are on an ocean. They are in space yes? They should be vulnerable from all sides apart from where there shields are strongest.

    Finally, there is not nearly enough tension at the bridge. They don’t look as if their ship could get hit at anytime with a round.

    Haven’t seen the original, and have no knowledge of the history of this show which I heard is massive. But these are the flaws I see after seeing two episodes.

    Still was entertaining to watch for sure.

    1. What is really ridiculous is how close the ships are together. Of course, this issue pops up in Star Wars and Star Trek as well. Still, it does make the vast fleets look even more impressive.

    2. If you think of LotGH’s spaceships as individual soldiers the lack of variety starts making sense. This series basically treats space warfare like the early 19th Century: it’s a battle of tactics and manoeuvre, with victory down to who got the initiative and led his men the best (i.e. charisma and morale). This also answers why the battlefield is 2-D, because that’s the dimension Enlightenment war was fought in. Hell even the lack of concern from the commanders is very similar to how generals and admirals prior led their forces into battle.

      Warfare in LotGH isn’t designed to be realistic (even for sci-fi standards), it’s entirely meant to enhance the struggles and drama of the characters involved by giving lots of room for charisma, gravitas, and concepts like honour to shine.

      1. I’m afraid it’s neither 4D or 5D Worldwidedepp. It’s simple 3D. You point yourself in a direction and go. Technology of course will detirmine where you go, and how quickly you get there.

      2. If you think of LotGH’s spaceships as individual soldiers the lack of variety starts making sense.

        No really. You don’t have a lot of variety in navies nowadays. It can be a little difficult, but there was Battleships, Fast Battleships, Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers, Reconnaisance Ships and the unique ships for Admirals (https://gineipaedia.com/wiki/Category:Imperial_vessels).

        Warfare in LotGH isn’t designed to be realistic (even for sci-fi standards), it’s entirely meant to enhance the struggles and drama of the characters involved by giving lots of room for charisma, gravitas, and concepts like honour to shine.

        Oh! But it’s realistic. It is the more realistic warfare that you are going to find in anime and in any other medium. The reason because it isn’t look 3D is because, if both fleets had discovered each other, they are going to try to be in the same plane. Be aware that, when a fleet is caught by surprise, the attacker could position himself in a way to have a larger enemy ship profile while reducing his profile. Show Spoiler ▼

    3. War has been going a very long time. Most technological tricks have been tried and countered by now and both sides have hit the scientific advancement wall were new theory is needed to drive new technologies. Thus both sides have been mostly static and the technology used has settled into the best use form. Does not rule out new thinking or items just makes them rare and to a certain extent, both sides have stopped trying hard in these areas allowing opportunities.

  6. I wasn’t happy with the seiyuu choices at first, but after seeing the first two episodes I’m pleasantly surprised. Both Umehara and Suzumura are great. Miyano less so (too despondent), but it’s bearable.

  7. Also in the end it is an Battle of resources. How fast can they replace their lost spaceships and Crew? or do they have Ship crew AI? or more some “Master” Ships with many “Slave” ones

  8. Ep 03:

    – looks good. They have much time and used it for this buildup
    – i guess next episode is the opposite one episode
    – Music do fit for this kind of “Space Opera Sci-fi”… Lets see

    since this anime has his own kind of pacing, i need to use my 5 Episodes testing, but looking good so far


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