“Sasuke and Boruto”

「サスケとボルト」 (Sasuke to Boruto)

Aside from being a shitty father, I much prefer how this series approaches Sasuke’s characterisation compared with Shippuden.

Sasuke’s Bizarre Adventures

Ever since his defection, we’ve always seen Sasuke do his own thing, very much separate from the main cast. But now he’s actually doing stuff for the sake of the village, which includes dimension hopping so that clues can be unearthed. Given Kaguya’s paranoid behaviour prior to her defeat, the distinct possibility existed of a separate and unknown faction that could pose a threat to the Narutoverse. This inkling churns out an unpleasant surprise, when Sasuke gets waylaid in Kaguya’s dimension by unexpected foes – two members of the Ototsuki clan no less. With the ensuing fight, it’s easy to tell that these guys are very bad news. Considering that Sasuke came to a stalemate with the lesser Kinshiki, I tremble to think of the incredible powers that Momoshiki might possess, if we use Kaguya’s power as the upper limit.

However, it isn’t all about going on kickass adventures in other dimensions, secretly trying to prevent the destruction of ninja-kind. That stuff is definitely cool, and I’m never gonna deny it. But seeing Sasuke operating in the capacity of a mentor is some truly eyeopening stuff, that helps elaborate on his edgelord personality.

Sasuke-sensei and Boruto-kun

Knowing how exhausted Naruto was from Hokage business, he stops Boruto from causing trouble for his father. Perhaps Boruto has been itching for this kind of authoritative figure, who rivals his father in status no less, because he actually took the intervention really well. It seems like the whole schtick of helping from the shadows really appeals to Boruto’s sensibilities, since it seems like the opposite to being a Hokage, while bearing similar importance. And to be honest, although they work with the same goal in mind, Sasuke has always assumed an antithetical philosophy to Naruto’s. So it makes sense that Boruto sees training from Sasuke as being a vital stepping stone towards becoming something in his own right, separate from Naruto’s legacy.

Fortunately, Sasuke is the no nonsense type of guy so he’s really effective at cutting out any of Boruto’s bullshit, dishing out physical discipline to straighten out any disrespect towards Naruto or Hinata. Using this newfound motivation, Boruto even pushes himself to legitimately learning the rasengan, even if he winds up showcasing the cheated version. Fairly atypical of Boruto as Sarada points out, but like her, I also think it’s a really good thing that he’s found some real impetus to push himself further.

Concluding Thoughts

I expected flashbacks to occupy half of the episode. So colour me as pleasantly surprised by the terrific pacing and excellent addressing of important subject matters leading up to the Chunin Exam. As I’ve said in previous weeks, there used to be a gap in continuity, which many familiar with the movie also commented upon. But recently, the anime has managed to bridge it in a truly fantastic way.

You know, I personally believe that Hinata needs to actively increase her participation in Boruto’s life. I know she has her own hands full, but in the absence of a father figure, she could be putting in more of a shift to fill up the void. We can see she’s doing well with Himawari since they do activities together like cooking, so why can’t she include Boruto as well? Who knows, maybe the youngster doesn’t want to partake in girly activities.

When Sasuke said that he wished Boruto was more like Naruto, rather than himself, I took it in a particular sense: he is dismayed that Boruto wants power for the wrong reasons – much like younger his younger, revenge-driven self. Power should be used to protect those you care about, as opposed to causing destruction, let alone superficial reasons like seeming cool. He clearly notices the scientific ninja tool and figures out that Boruto is using it to cheat, yet he doesn’t choose to call him out. Sasuke probably reckons that Boruto, being a strong-willed brat, requires a massive fall from grace to fully realise the extent of his own wrongdoings. It’s an interesting angle that no one’s tried so far, but I can see it potentially working. And I say why not – let the boy figure out his own mistakes, like the adult he wants to be.

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  1. I trully loved this episode, aside for such HORRIBLE animation. Even though I hate the kind of husband and father figure they give to Sasuke, the man has many other qualities that I have to admit. Again, Naruto being a thick-head, even with Shikamaru offering to help and I am sure it was not the first time. I would also like to see Hinata saying something to Naruto over his mistakes. It was supposed to be funny, but I though it was sad the way Sakura reacted on her husband returning home. Can they at least exchange some freaking letters?! He sent a note over Naruto’s wedding, he was a bloody personal mail bird! I hope we can see Sasuke having a nice family time with his daughter, too.
    P.S: Even Orochimaru is a better parent than both Naruto and Sasuke LOL

    1. The animation was horrible? I didn’t think it was that bad, although the episode was outsourced (again) to Malaysia.

      And that pretty much sums up why it isn’t just a matter of Boruto being a brat (which he is for understandable reasons), who doesn’t understand Hokage responsibilities. People are clearly offering Naruto help, like Shikamaru, but he’s being rather obstinate in shouldering everything by himself.

  2. Sasuke and Sakura has one of the most dysfunctional relationship ever. It’s so sad, because I do ship them in a way, I just also think they are really really unhealthy, and Sakura would probably be better off without him.

    (Though probably not the other way around, since I think Sasuke is probably better off with her in in his life)

    1. It’s difficult to disagree, considering he even tried to kill her at one point.

      What she sees in him beyond that childish first crush absolutely boggles my brains. But hey, glad they managed to turn it around!

      1. That is why I start reading SasuSaku doushinji, so I would stop hating him. There is a channel on youtube with works of a particular artist, she transformed him in the best boyfriend ever on the time he was wandering around with Sakura, completely redeemed the guy, so I am using this.

      2. And wasn’t Sasuke the one who tried to kill Naruto as well? Still it doesn’t bother anyone.

        “What she sees in him beyond that childish first crush” – you can say it also about Hinata’s crush on Naruto.

      3. @seya-san, Hinata’s first love is also pretty childish. But you see, Naruto actually saved her from bullies when they were kids, getting beaten up badly in the process. What the heck did Sasuke do for Sakura? Nothing. Also, Naruto never tried to kill her, so we don’t get to see the full extent of how she’d hold onto it.

      4. Naruto was very nice to her since they met each other and he was always pushing her forward.
        Not trying to kill her was a plus. Aside from him being a terrible father and husband since he became a Hokage, they had a good marriage and create a loving family. There are a lot of pictures around the house with the happy moments they share.

      5. @Zaiden
        He saved her in the horrible movie with plain story. In the manga Sasuke saved Sakura several times, as she did for him the same too.

        I like both couples in manga but anime is another thing, very bad one.

    1. Yep, they’re pulling a Dragon Ball Super here and adapting the movie now that they’ve reached that point in the timeline. Luckily the animation doesn’t have to suffer as bad.


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