OP2 Sequence

OP: 「KISS OF DEATH」 by Mika Nakashima x Hyde

「ぼくたちの日々」 (Bokutachi no Hibi)
“Days of Our Lives”

One episode breaks can be utter nuisances at the best of times, but you have to admit Franxx picked the right time to let us take in the wild ride that is darling love and assorted NTR. RandomC hardware going up in smoke? Final exams ravaging Pancakes’ cherished moments of blogging and commenting time? Nothing a week off cannot fix. With everything body and soul now back up and running though (as it should be) it’s time to return to the teenage mecha drama fest and all the chaos it brings. Oh yeah, it’s a brand new Franxx.

Considering where we left off some two weeks prior, it’s not too surprising we got the calm before the storm episode to herald Franxx’s second half. Some one month has passed since the “blow up the world and everything/-one in it” climax, and our parasite crew now find themselves all but left to fend for themselves. All parts of a balanced character development diet were on hand, from new reveals of entirely expected love to bursts of touching camaraderie, and even a bit of subtle personality shifts guaranteed to be critically important later on. Zero Two’s change is likely to be the talk of the week though, as our horned demon girl has gone full cutie pie (if in a demure manner), becoming a full part of the squad and losing the impulsive aggressiveness largely defining her prior self. While undeniably a sudden shift, it’s a believable one considering Zero Two both knows Hiro is her true darling and is able to be at his side, and has the added benefit of providing some protection worthy smiles. Don’t deny, you d’awwed too. Of course Ichigo finally giving up on the come from behind victory (there’s hope for Gorou yet) may have helped matters, but I doubt either girl is ever going to admit that.

Where the intrigue lay (at least for me), however, was with everyone else. Mitsuru for example is now fully over his grudge, with a haircut and Kokoro kiss effectively putting the change in stone—yes, expect those skilled Kokoro hands to done some work before too long. Likewise Zorome has shown himself, in a quite touching way, to be awfully perceptive and caring in a way few likely ever thought him to be. And then we get to the changes with Futoshi and Miku. The shock here isn’t for any shift in their personality (of which there’s little), but rather their physical differences. Besides the mention that most—if not all—of the kids have had the so called “child fever” (which we know is a sign of parasite demise), Miku’s hair is starting to change colour (never a good sign—take it from Chaika) and Futoshi’s appetite has gone full teenage prom queen. The latter certainly could just be Futoshi trying to win back Kokoro by trying for the Mitsuru look, but with everything else I firmly bet it’s medical and not by choice. These kids are slowly undergoing a change none of them—barring Zero Two—understand, and none have any tangible idea of the likely outcome. It remains to be seen whether this ominous teasing will result in anything bad given how devilishly Franxx has toyed with us before, but with the sheer number of flags popping up this week, something is going to give before too long.

What probably ensures someone is bound to cross the Styx too are the hints regarding the next threat in Franxx. For one our good doctor has some purpose for deliberately isolating the kids, and you can bet it involves those aforementioned physical changes. Then comes the talk on messengers and only one being needed, which you can be sure means either Hiro or Zero Two (likely Hiro, because darling) is going to be the target of liquidation very soon. And that’s before dealing with the appearance of a new klaxosaur girl who is definitely related to Zero Two in some capacity. With the Grand Crevasse now open and APE doing the usual evil things inside, I imagine we won’t have long to wait before the blue stuff hits the fan, the teenage (melo)drama roars back with a vengeance, and Zero Two returns to beast mode in the name of preserving darling harmony.

There’s a lot of tasty new developments awaiting us in round two of Franxx, the only question is how crazy it’s all going to get.


ED5 Sequence

ED5: 「Escape」 by XX:me


    1. @McL

      I found myself laughing out loud when Kokoro gives in to her desires(ID). Mitsuru was practically pushing all the right buttons to make this happen.


      First, he gives Kokoro the choice if she would cut his hair, then he shares his deepest and most genuine thoughts, he then listens to what Kokoro has to say about it. From her feedback, he gives her… an honest and genuine response.

      Making Kokoro cut his hair, showing vulnerability by sharing his inner most thoughts, and saying that “he feels he can do anything” through her words just screams genuineness, trust, and intimacy in the part of Mitsuru towards her. All these I think are what Kokoro desires. It is shown that she feels misunderstood by her all her peers apart from Mitsuru who treats her differently.


  1. It’s clear that Franxx is more than the echi position in the mecha.

    By the way, I found that there is a manga about it and it explain a few things better:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. The manga part was already posted in one of the past episode’s comments.
      Feels rather half-hearted to me.
      Theres still more to it.

      Hmm, maybe episode 20?
      In the final 4 eps?

    2. Actually I don’t find it ecchi.
      Maybe just a tinny bit of fanservice.

      Theres this super robot (parody?) where theres skimpy suits and breast groping every now and then.
      Watched a few eps but forgot the title.
      Maybe it was not that bad but it left an impression.

    1. Likely down to Trigger and the number of death flags they keep shoving in our faces. I admit I’m also hoping for something shocking to happen (because there needs to be something eventually), but the show could easily avoid it and go for the “peaceful” route. It’s part of what keeps Franxx generating so much discussion.

    2. It had all the signs of being one, but after so many episodes and so much time building up the characters and making it a “teen drama” type deal, I no longer see this as a likely possibility unless they go Evangelion which would be a shitfest honestly. I’m watching each week and not expecting a whole lot, a lot of the episodes have been truly so-so bordering on bad for me so I’m trying to keep expectations low.

      But definitely it doesn’t seem to be that type of show anymore. We may be looking at a mostly happy ending maybe with one death or two.

  2. … and we have a lesbian romance the hell outta nowhere. Ichigo and Ikuno never had any chemistry save for that one test run where they failed compatibility. I hope they shed some explanation on that.

    1. I’m kinda for it but like in an exploring sexuality way. Ichigo has always been a pistol who can connect well to different partners and is pretty open-minded even though she has been a little bitch about Zero-Two. Goro is still the superior outcome for her in my mind, though. Maybe Goro can have a little harem going. He deserves it.

    2. Ikuno’s interest for Ichigo was always there for me, specially after Zero Two licked her once and said she tasted like secret stuff or something lol
      Besides that, there was an AMA at reddit with some people from the staff where they confirmed that there weren’t only heterosexual characters in the show.

  3. We open anew with a theatrical reading.
    Then horn care sequence.

    New OP sequence!
    Zero Two falls.
    Dr Franxx, Sages, 9 Aplha, Nana and Hachi.
    Then onto Klaxosaur(?) hands
    Turn A ish hand waving.
    Mitsuru no more slick hairdo
    Ride-on Boys.
    Klaxosaur Queen and prehaps first Franxx or that ark thing is a Franxx?
    A hug through disintegrate…
    That queen thing is Zero Two?
    Another hint that Zero Two won’t survive?

    Or is it Strelizia + Hringhorni?

    Princess = Zero Two?
    2 keys = 9 alpha and Hiro?

    1 month…

    Zorome is still the papa lover.

    Supplies with a letter.
    A letter to Nana and Hachi that wasn’t taken.

    Whats that paste thing?

    Zero Two…looks like having achieve her wish she is unshackled and changed.
    Was Futoshi slimmer in the OP?

    Ok so Nana and hachi had gone into hiding as per orders from Dr Franx.
    All for his experiment.
    Been down this road before?
    That they are part of the previous P13 squad theory?
    Nana expiring?
    Why is Hachi so poker face serious?
    They remind me of the Velvet Room people, then Dr Franxx is Igor lol

    Gardening Mitsuru’s hair.
    Coming to terms with himself.
    Is this the third unique kiss?

    Oh, that fever.
    Feels like a growing up ritual.

    Fish…and soap suds?

    White hair…?
    Accelerated aging?
    Then the old lady and everyone else in the plantation could be expired Parasites?
    What is humanity?
    Maybe I’m thinking too much,

    No elevator? So their Franxx are up there too?
    Feels as though Zorome will never get the fever 😛

    Feels like Dr Franxx experiment is just a simple thing.

    Modern cave men.
    This event is making the team better.

    Zorome… he knows when it is to not thank papa.

    Really geniuses… engineered children?
    Coordinators… ;p

    Actually Zorome looks like he knows what he is doing?
    Ok, he has the post-papa neglect trauma going on.

    Its like they want all the teenage problem to happen to them lol.
    But they cannot do smartphone addiction and gaming addiction.

    Ok, so thats really the Sages landing into the Gran Crevasse in the begining?

    The squad taste freedom and the fear it brings, they talk it out.
    60% of parasites left…what are the rest doing?

    So humanity is a way of life?

    The ominous roar.

    Ok the princess is not Zero Two.
    Her sister?
    Actually that is what I would think to be the witch, not APE.
    Then the 2 keys?

    Yay! RC is back!
    This is my go to anime blog and only discussion place 🙂

  4. I’m surprised no one mentioned Dr. Franxx speaking to Nana when he notes that “You’ve been down this road too, you know.” to her apparent surprise, and then tells Hachi to “Keep it up” right before Nana gets a sudden pain in the head.

    This is likely the biggest reveal of the episode.

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx%20-%2016%20-%20Large%2014.jpg



    Jokes aside, have you guys seen this? I say that it pretty much provides a good prediction to where this might be heading

    Wither APE gets taken down by the Mistletoes and Hringhorni being their ride to Valhala. An ending where 02 sacrifices herself might also be possible seeing the mythological direction and based on 02’s book as well.

    Henrietta Brix

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