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As you may have noticed, Random Curiosity was down for about a week. For those who don’t follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or join us on Discord, here’s the long and short: we had server troubles that took longer than expected to resolve. Sorry about that! We’re back up and running now, and we don’t plan to go anywhere.

Important caveat to the thing I just said! While we were getting the site back online, we took the opportunity to update some back end systems that we’ve been (frankly) lax on the upkeep with, and that’s broken a few things. As I write this, the comment system is currently a bit broken, which we’re working on fixing as well. (Edit: They’re back online.) So we might have some downtime over the next few days as we smack down any bugs and do some needed updates. Hopefully it’ll be short or nonexistent, but if you try to visit and we’re down again, that’s why. The good news is that soon we’ll be up and running even stronger than before! We’re also contemplating a few changes that might make the site even better going forward.

For now though, please enjoy the onslaught of posts we’ve been writing but unable to publish for the past week. Even if the comment system is being screwy, we felt it was important to at least let you read the posts as soon as we can. Thank you for bearing with us, and all of your understanding. Y’all rock!


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  2. When the site wouldn’t load I thought RC had been hacked, like what happened to ANN a while back. Thank goodness it’s just a server update. Phew!

  3. yoooooo guys!!! it crazy how you dont really miss something till it s GONE!! i started taking up all these FREAKY hobby’s!…ill spare yall, but bottom-line



    BROOKLYN otaku

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