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Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu – 16

「死の罠の迷宮」 (Shi no Wana no Meikyuu)
“Death Trap Labyrinth”

There was a lot that happened in this episode, and even if the run-ins between characters were a bit haphazard, I loved how it allowed different combinations of different characters to flex their muscles in different ways. I did find myself thinking that, if there were all these powerful people, that it’d be nice if some of them helped fight the demons instead of playing into their hands, but I guess that’s too much to ask. Not like our own societies ever go all in until the danger is clear and present, and those times are generally referred to as world wars. Hopefully the Sins & co will take care of the Ten Commandments before it comes to that.

Elizabeth was the star of this episode to me. Many other characters would have been angsty about Diane not remembering them, but she was not. She’d had time to come to terms with it, granted, but even then she showed hella poise. She wasn’t trying to convince Diane, she wasn’t even especially trying to jog her memory. She was just stating the facts: She knows Diane. They are friends. She will assist her even if it’s scary. Where others would have been up their own butts or worrying beyond their ability to control events, Elizabeth was looking straight at Diane, keeping her centered in her attention, and treating her as they friend she is. Elizabeth is truly one of the good ones, though we already knew that.

Then there was Ban. I’m glad they tied a bow on the Zhivago thing by having Ban apologize to Meliodas, and I’m equally happy that Meliodas seemed like he wanted to blow it off. A heartfelt moment would have been cool, but that wouldn’t have been a Meliodas thing to do, at least not with Ban, and at least not in a somber way. The way Meliodas seems to want to brush past it shows both that he’s already forgiven Ban and that it wasn’t a big deal to him (or he’s going to act like it wasn’t), but what’s important is that Ban still said it, and Meliodas still heard. That will help deal the rift in their relationship, even if it was mainly in Ban’s mind.

I’m a little hype for this fighting festival to get going, because there is some power assembled here, and they ought to be enough to wipe the floor with two Commandments … is what I’d like to say, but I’m sure it won’t be that easy. It’ll definitely be fun to watch, though. It also holds the potential for more Ban x Elaine scenes, not to mention Diane x King scenes, and I need more of those in my life. Gowther better fix his fuck up soon so they can go back to the rabu-rabu, dammit!

Random thoughts:

  • Hawk, that’s … that’s horrifying. You’re a monster! At least Kirby just swallows them whole! Which is better?
  • The big one makes even Diane look small and cute. She’s always cute, but small is a new one in this form.

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