「イゼルローン攻略[前編]」 (Izeruroun kouryaku [zenpen])
“The Capture of Iserlohn: Part I”

You hear that? It’s the sound of LotGH fans waiting with baited breath for the wicked fun about to descend upon our heads. Yes we’re now getting down and dirty into the true war and intrigue of LotGH, and this episode sets up the start of it all. It may have been a relatively peaceful episode full of foreshadowing once again (in more than one way *eyes those invasion remarks*), but with what’s coming up next, the peace won’t last for long.

While Yang may have been dealt a terrible hand in leading a half stocked fleet of novice recruits against the Empire’s most impregnable fortress, this week showed why such a thing isn’t to be worried about. Being handed a suicide mission (in all but name) gives a certain degree of leverage, and Yang wasted little opportunity in making the most of it. Competent subordinates were selected, the right adjutant assigned, and the star of the show introduced for all to see. Frederica and Walter von Shoenkopf are the important ones to watch here, because the former is going to assume a very big role in the future (just take a guess as to the reason), and the latter for the theatrics to come next week. It’s probably obvious what Yang’s strategy is to take down Iserlohn, but for those still confused, just remember the talk of Imperial uniforms, Walter’s Imperial origin, and that crafty scenario playing out in front of the fortress. Cannot beat down the walls through a direct attack or starve the place into submission? Why not try infiltration instead? Sneak Walter and his Rosen Ritter aboard, subdue the fortress leadership, take control of the station defense, and enjoy a victory with nary a casualty suffered.

Such a tactic of course is not perfect in the slightest as Yang and Walter both know. One wrong move (or defection) and the whole scheme goes out with a whimper. This, however, is where LotGH’s penchant for showcasing terrible leadership comes back into play. The two Imperial commanders (one for the fortress, the other for the fortress fleet) as well observed are the quintessential example of poor leadership choice and implementation: neither have overall command, both are out only for their personal glory (a common flaw of many high ranking officers), and both see the other as an obstacle to their own success. It’s basically the Falkenhayn-Conrad quagmire that plagued German-Austro-Hungarian relations through the first half of World War I, which becomes particularly ironic when it’s realized Admiral Seeckt (rocking the brown hair) is largely based off in looks and personality on the German General Seeckt, one man who spared little love (or personal pursuit of glory) on his Austrian counterparts. As Oberstein correctly points out the situation is likely a trap, but since neither admiral wants to be shown the loser in war and honour both, the chance at cautiously discerning the moment is lost. With Seeckt playing catchy catchy with Yang’s fleet, the Rosen Ritter will have ample opportunity to sneak aboard unmolested, and with all their training you can probably imagine how well it will go for the complacent fortress guard.

For the second of many times we are about to see how drastic the effects of incompetent (and exceptionally competent) leadership can be, and how quickly one wrong move can alter the outcome of an entire war. Yang may not have won the battle of Iserlohn in any manner yet, but when the dust of this engagement settles, the political map of LotGH will never be the same again.




    1. Love interests definitely exist in this series, and yes she has a role beyond any potential love with other characters. It’s a lot like Julian to tease a bit more, where they finally end up is not at all what you’d expect at this stage.

    1. If you like this so far and continue to at the end I highly recommend watching the original. This adaptation is doing a fantastic job, but the original fleshes out a lot more of the events and characters, particularly from this point onward as the fun gets going.

  1. lack of unity of command has turned many a battle into defeat…
    but is exactly something a military like Empire – ossified on nobility – might do!
    the trojan horse gambit is one of the oldest and yet still most effective tricks in the book
    few militaries will refuse to open gates to friendly forces chased by enemy
    I wonder how the “making peace from unassailable position” idea will end up in reality, I bet the warmonger/nationalist faction in the Allliance will try to invade Empire, while there will be hardly anyone in the Empire willing to consider peace even when faced with unassailable position in hands of enemy.
    Of course if Lohengramm takes power, he MIGHT conmsider making peace, but that is a big “if”

      1. Just read up on nationalism which describes the warmonger faction with enforcer goon’s quite well as in ewok4’s post. Nationalism is almost always used in a negative way. Nationalists can be isolationist and not aggressive to other countries even if fascists at home, or very expansionistic like the Nazi’s thus ewok4 adding the term warmonger to be clear which type of Nationalism is referred too.

    1. From what I have read this anime draws from the books, not the OVA and most who have read from the books agree. This anime has changed some things just like the OVA did but maybe not as much.

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Ginga%20Eiyuu%20Densetsu/Ginga%20Eiyuu%20Densetsu%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2029.jpg

    Two forces working against each other, to build up some kind of “Arrow in the Bow”, and then at some point one side suddenly turn off and it release the build up strength into motion

    Some kind of similar like the Airplanes take of from Air carriers or an Arrow ready to shoot with an Bow

    Nice idea there, totally different like the Warp drive we all know from Star trek

      1. Okay, but even now and then in Star Trek the Gravity dampers fail or are weak to compensate the G-Force on the outside.

        Someone can calculate how many G’s is would be, if an Spaceship of today suddenly goes into Light-speed? or how fast they travel here. i am curious

      2. How many seconds is suddenly?
        1 sec?
        Then a=v/t=c/1 m/sec/sec=c m/sec2
        As g=10m/sec2 a=30000(10m/sec2)
        So: 30000g.

        But I am using Newton equations, no Einstein equations. So the result is wrong. 😛

      3. Someone can calculate how many G’s is would be, if an Spaceship of today suddenly goes into Light-speed? or how fast they travel here. i am curious.

        Remember, G’s is a measure of acceleration, so it depends on how long the engine has to burn in order to reach light-speed.

        So, if a ship can accelerate to light-speed in 1 second, that’s 299,792,458 m / s^2 (just a simplistic calculation which might be completely wrong LOL).

        Divide it by 1 G which is 9.807 m/s², and you get 30,569,231.9772 Gs.

        In other words, splat. 😮

        Increasing the time it takes to reach light-speed will greatly reduce the Gs.

        The ships in LoGH are definitely using an FTL drive. Even at lightspeed, traversing interstellar space will take a long time– for example, it will take around 4.2 years at light-speed to travel from Earth to Proxima Centauri, which is closest to our sun.

        Magnus Tancred
      4. Wow.. impressive G-Forces…

        Well, today technology is only “Rockets” and “Ion Booster engines” (Satellites). We really need upgrades if we someday want to travel the Space like Sailors in the past on Ship.. But i do not know if an Hybrid of “Ion Boost” (for acceleration) and “Rockets” (course correction) can be effective. Sling shots could be possible, but would consume to much time of an human lifespan

        Anyway, i really like this anime and the questions it ask. btw, why no one ask about the safety of the Woman that put this Minister in the pinch at the first place? i saw only the protection of his own home and boy so far… they forgotten about her?

      5. There’s nothing to suggest once the Light speed breakthrough is made we can’t travel x times faster than light. Yes I know someone may reply with a sciencey response, but really FTL is just the beginning, someone will create something faster in time.

      6. In simple terms FTL as we commonly comprehend it (i.e. actually moving faster than light) is physically impossible, moving at light speed requires infinite mass, and unless the theory of general relativity is replaced anytime soon (which is looking increasingly unlikely with the wave of new pulsar and galaxy observations coming out), that will remain a boundary no amount of time and research can cross.

        The main area of focus on FTL right now is messing with relativistic frames, with warp and wormholes the primary candidates. It’s theoretically possible for example to generate a “bubble” of space where any object inside that bubble obeys all physical laws, while the bubble itself appears to move FTL to an outside observer (i.e. warp). Likewise wormholes are similar to teleportation devices in that they connect two distant points of space, with the inside of the wormhole obeying physical laws while an outside observer sees any object traversing the wormhole moving FTL. The only problem with both concepts is actually building the technology necessary to generate such phenomena, but I know NASA has a department devoted to developing a working warp drive.

        For LotGH I’m betting they use warp on their ships because it’s the more familiar concept and intuitively easier to understand.

      7. I don’t think something is physically impossible, rather the technology to do it just hasn’t been invested yet. I would imagine science 100s, 1000s of years in the future being significantly more advanced than it is now.

      8. @Lyfe

        Agreed it’s certainly not impossible, but the physical laws dictate how we must go about it. Second law of thermodynamics states heat can only freely transfer from hot to cold for example, yet we routinely move heat from cold to hot (ex. refrigerators) by using energy to forcefully transfer it.

        FTL is the same idea, no body with mass can reach the speed of light as we observe it, so we have to make a workaround which respects this principle while still having the body move FTL. It can be done as mentioned above, we simply lack the technology needed as you highlight for it to actually exist.

      9. You’re right, I can’t fault your reasoning. I just think what we know about the universe, what’s possible or impossible and science in general will much more advanced than it is now in the distant future. We’ll be doing things people could only dream of assuming we’re not wiped out as a species in a major World war. I could see humanity charting the universe, exploring the unknown and finding out just what makes this universe tick.

      10. With an acceleration of 10m/s2, it would be needed:
        t=c/a=(300.000.000m/s)/10m/sec2 = 30.000.000sec. = 347,22 days

        But… Relativity makes it impossible.

        As an interesting note:
        Einstein’s equation says that we can reach c, but they didnt say that we cant surpass c. :3 Things start becoming interesting with v>c, as for example: negative time.

        Anyway, while it looks impossible to reach c with the actual laws of physic, perhaps we find that there is a loophole that allow us to go faster than c.
        Or perhaps we can reach other dimensions.
        We have 26 in string theory, 10 in superstring theory and 11 in M theory.

        In my opinion, the most promising one is the Alcubierre drive (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcubierre_drive).

      11. In David Weber’s Honor Harrington series ships use gravity fields to move sub-light at hundreds of G’s. And in that series, if the anti-gravity fails the crew gets turned into paste.
        But for faster than light you have to move without gaining relativistic mass in your FTL process so there may be no G-forces at all. At first, the energy cost of warp fields was in theory almost all the energy in the Universe but over time the math has gotten the energy cost down to something you could imagine a ship with say matter/anti-matter engines might be able to do it.

  3. I remember Stilts blogging the Persian anime based on a story by the same author. In that one there was one genius guy on the good guy’s side and I and others told Stilts how Legends has the genius on both sides to make it greater.
    But right now just like in that tale we are suffering from the all too common in history military idiots and bad organizations.
    Over and over in history strongholds fall to one ploy or another including variations like this of the Trojan.

    1. Seems like what i see so far, on the “free Planets” are like us, that there are still nationalists that want power and then in the end they are not different then the “enemy”

      on the other side, it seems they suffer from “WW1 Nobel’s” exploit of power, where only birthright, blood and nobility count. Seems like our Prince here want to change that. in an way i am watching the time between WW1 and WW2

      So, one side represent the “present” and the other side the “past” for me

      1. What one side won over the time and under many sacrifice, they are about to lose it again

        the other side are about to archive “somehow” the benefits what the other side gain under many sacrifice

        it you break it to the basics.. Yin and Yan. the infinity circle

        I hope that i found the right “pictures” now

      2. also in case you did not notice yet.. this example of the WW1 Nobel’s abuse of power and status is still here on today

        Just they are not born nobel’s and with Birthright and such.. No they got power trough money and act like Nobel’s

        just look around in the current history and such.. Just the surroundings changed, but the core is still the same

        and that’s the danger of the “Free Planets” government. just that “Blue blood” was changed with “money”

  4. So in 6 years, Yang went from sub lieutenant (O-1)to rear admiral (O-8)? Dang. I like that conversation between Yang and Von Shoenkopf. Von Shoenkopf wanting to know what makes Yang tick? Yang wanting at least a few decades of peace so he can retire, raise Julian and indulge in his passion for history threw Von Shoenkopf for a loop. The problem with that answe is that some folks won’t believe it.

    1. Also, the words from our MC when they finished the Job.. “heart of an Warrior” the same feeling i had in Yamato 2199 when the beaten Captain self destruct themselves on the bottom of Yamato’s shield center

      But now knowing the full 2199 Anime it do not hurt so much anymore


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