「楽園」 (Rakuen)

Oh yeah it happened, it finally happened. Everything happened. Ok, maybe not the pulse pounding death of key characters happened, but give it time, those flags are riding high today. After a long trek along the scenic route Franxx finally revealed a great amount of information on humanity, the klaxosaurs, and a little of squad 13’s fate for spice. Some key details and story points may still be missing (looking at you purpose of Zero Two), but at long last we know the truth. And oh boy what a truth it is.

Arguably the most surprising reveal this week lay in what humanity is, or rather in what they lost. We’ve known about the utter lack of people around in general and some vague Matrix upload system, but who would have guessed Franxx’s humanity in general has sacrificed both emotion and reproductive capability. Somehow kids—specifically pistils and stamens—are the only ones retaining their sex-specific plumbing, and do so because of the usual magical mecha pilot technology shenanigans. How or why humanity gave up this very important process is unknown, but at least it helps explain, in addition to the yellow blood cell injections, why parasites aren’t expected to live long. Don’t want the kids figuring out the birds and bees? Just disappearTM them before puberty kicks into high gear. This does open up some intriguing possibilities regarding Nana and Hachi too, as from Nana’s mental dissonance and mention of “puberty regression” we know both that parasites can survive into adulthood, and that the removal of human reproductive capacity is likely reversible. Doesn’t take much from this to guess that Zero Two will eventually pull an Android 18 when it comes to baby making with the darling.

For baby making in general, however, Kokoro definitely stole the show. It was certainly known the girl was firmly infatuated with Misturu, but hot damn I didn’t expect heavy petting—let alone third base—in the span of a single week. Seriously Franxx, my tender virgin emotions can only take so much. Kokoro’s open advance though does identify the main enemy for Squad 13 in the immediate future, and probably to no one’s surprise it’s the Nines (and ultimately Papa). With Hiro’s marriage in the making catalyzing the formation of parasite relationships left, right, and centre (barring Futoshi and Gorou, those poor NTR’ed souls), love and the accompanying baby making are going to assume some seriously importance for everyone, which with the Nine’s inevitable crackdown will invite the mecha Franxx showdown everyone is anticipating. Considering Kokoro is miraculously still alive (was honestly expecting someone to start throwing punches) it’s an honest bet who, if anyone, will meet their non-Papa maker, but there’s enough to suggest now that someone is going to pay the price of touching the forbidden fruit soon, and that the fallout won’t be pretty. With our good guys all committed to the future and long, happy lives, something will have to give before that goal can be realized. Just have to hope the price isn’t too steep.

The interesting question though is whether Papa and APE will even have the strength needed to put down a parasite “rebellion”. We shockingly learned for example that humanity was seemingly created by the klaxosaurs—that’s right, humanity originates from dino ingenuity, not the other way around—and that humanity has been waging a war against the klaxosaurs for over a hundred years which with cracking the Grand Crevasse (home of the klaxosaur princess) has seemingly put the upstarts on the path to victory. Of course nothing in life is that easy, but the eye opening part for me was the fact humanity’s apparent overlords lack a physical body, if pictures are to be believed. There are some significant questions raised by these scenes (such as who APE actually is and what the klaxosaur really are), but the important bit is that the remaining parasites can be expected to be called forth very soon to put a certain princess in her place. We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what’s coming next in Franxx, and with our good doctor also waging a secretive battle of his own, you can bet what comes next will surprise us all.

We may have finally received (if only in part) the answers all of us were eagerly after since the start, but there’s a lot of Franxx to go, and you can bet the events this week are just a taste of the fun to come. After all someone is on the verge of discovering his own klaxosaur roots.


    1. Mad_Scientist
    1. I hope I´m wrong but my bet would be on Hiro, the story so far is following the same steps of the Beast Princess Fairy tale so it would make sense wouldn´t Zero Two to be taken away or turn into a complete kolasour so he coud try to sacrifice himself to avoid recreating the ending of the tale with the princess turned into a monster and gone.

    2. Jesus Christ, the red flags are all over the place. They raised, like 5 death flags this ep, and I’m not even 10 minutes in the episode.
      This isn’t a joke anymore.
      Oni, Miku, Zorome, Mitsuro and Kokoro are gonna die.
      It’s assured at this point. I don’t know what else to say, the evidence is conclusive at this point.

    3. Not really killed, but will die because of no Injection/Pills support

      Mitsuru – he is surly long ago out of these Pills, that keep running as parasite
      Futoshi – Well, Kokoro chooses Mitsuru, or in the end he become the “Papa” for the child
      Ikuno – all points for me show into the direction that she is Show Spoiler ▼

      All others are better grounded and have their support of their partners

    1. This, everyone expected sappy SOL stuff, instead we got to see APE actually do something, Klaxosaurs actually do something, Blue Oni Hiro, Kokoro pegging Mitsuru, the babymaking tribunal, Nana being a parasite, and I’m interested in what the Old men in space are saying.

  1. Reading.

    And its horn grooming again.

    The Ride-on Boys.
    Wonder what they have been doing?
    Maybe can have side story or have the manga show these things?

    I see.
    An answer.
    The rest of the parasites have gathered.
    Only Squad 13 is living it out on their own.
    As per Dr Franxx’s “experiment”.

    Will Squad 13 affect Ride-on Boys?
    Maybe make them sacrifice themselves or something?
    Get their heroic spirits up?
    Or behind their smiling faces they think of Squad 13 in disgust?
    Besides 9 Alpha, the rest are pretty forgetable at this point.

    Hiro really got horny.
    Blu-ish looking..
    Just like a previous comment.

    Children, time to eat books then go out to play!

    APE is really playing the witch role.

    Oh…they are doing doujinshi!

    That save by Green Ride-on makes me want to call Ride-on Boys as Blue Peagasus 😛
    They are always prim and proper in uniform too.

    Has Kokoro been branded heractic?

    Now I wonder if that mansion and environment is what Dr Franxx grew up in.
    Dr Franxx’s past could be an interesting prequel of sorts.

    Now Kokoro is acting strange.
    That book has that much hold on her.
    Well seems to be her only read, repeated self suggestion.
    Kokoro is rotting 😛

    Now what about Futoshi and Ikuno?

    The Pastel Mops.
    No love allowed.
    Wonder if the boy girl pairing a push by Dr Franxx?
    The Seven Sages couldn’t care less.
    This living style is the next move to rehabitate humanity?
    Next push Dr Franxx plan to propose?

    The Sages have gone mad with the control they gain over humanity.
    Banning natural childbirth!?
    Again, how long have this been going?

    No, Kokoro!
    Death flag!
    Ok, they engage in verbal battle.

    Are the Pastel Mops duel gender like another comment suggested?
    Evolved…the time for a species to evolve…
    Time accelerated? Or Alpha didn’t mean it literaly?

    I suppose Dr Franxx planted the book there.
    Or should be his executors Hachi and Nana.
    All for his grand plan.

    Wow, required to pilot Franxx…
    So Hachi and Nana…
    Otherwise they might be like Misato and Kaji, lol

    Hachi and Nana got brainwipe too?
    That previous Squad 13 theory…

    Puberty holds a different meaning in these times.
    How much emotion do they discard?
    Hachi doesn’t show any but Nana is shown angry at times.

    A new Nana?
    The clones theory!
    Seems like every squad have their own 7 and 8.

    Reproductive organs is power!

    Ok, its a 100 years.
    The short sage is rather agile.

    Human wanabes?
    The k-saurs is human theory?
    Feels like the current state of humanity is created humanity.

    Potential…the Gundam Unicorn music plays in my head 😛

    I see an ending…
    1000 years later in a busy street in Shibuya we see the descendants of Squad 13 going about their daily life.

    Zero Two knows her specs.

    Futoshi and Ikuno became a pair of third party.

    Scorched by their own creation?
    Huamans created AI and androids.
    Human turn k-saurs?
    AI android turn APE?
    Or the budding APE caused humans then to klax out?

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      Edit: spoilered for steamy lascivious romance

  2. Maybe Zero Two is part of Princess Klax?

    Perhaps grown from a cell sample gotten from a scuffle back in history?
    I’m thinking of those shadowy caretakers of Zero Two from before she went to the Garden too.

      1. Well, she believes she can’t have babies. If we can regard the manga as canon, though, she’s certainly got all the necessary external equipment for baby making, so might it not just be that because everyone else is human she can’t interbreed with them? But Hiro’s saurification is well on the way now, so maybe he’ll start producing klaxosperm at some point soon.

      2. If she’s literally not human then having children with anyone outside of her species won’t happen.

        Good news is that Hiro is an absolute fucking madman and will no doubt complete his metamorphosis in dramatic fashion making them genetically compatible, letting them write their own ending to the previously sad fairytail that 02 has based so much of her life on. The monster changing for the prince and tearing off her wings ended in tragedy, so this time the prince will become a monster too and they will be each other’s wings

    1. Perhaps Zero Two was found, or her DNA Host Mother/Father inside an old still operational Cryo Chamber like in the B-Movie “the Dark Side of the Moon” with our “Checkov” Actor, and last and only survivor of the “ancient race”

      Also “The Dark Side of the Moon” has also living Machines on their own

      1. The Nines are probably similar to Hiro, but in a unique way (i.e. controlled saurification as Dr. Otacon mentions). Zero Two is wholly unique on the other hand, she is a klaxosaur who imitates a human and if Dr. Franxx is to be believed, the only one who has gotten as close to human yet.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx%20-%2017%20-%20Large%2029.jpg

    After a while Klaxohime starts calling him onii-chan without Hiro asking for it.
    She becomes red as a tomato as a result
    Klaxohime claims Hiro’s lap during breakfast and orders the orders in delivering food to her.
    Zero-Two gets jealous and kisses Hiro and gives Klaxohime a smug look.
    Klaxohime then turns around and asks Hiro what that was.
    Hiro answers that, that was a kiss.
    Klaxohime looks smugly at him and tells him she already knew that and kisses him as well.
    “That’s payback for teasing me too much onii-chan”
    Zero-Two runs after her to beat her up but she is too fast.
    Mitsuru gets closer saying onii-chan to Hiro but gets knocked away by Klaxohime and Zero-Two.
    Hiro just looks at Zero-Two and Klaxohime in bliss. As his plan to tease both and get to see a jealous Zero-Two worked.
    Klaxohime becomes red as a tomato whenever the kiss was discussed.

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx%20-%2017%20-%20Large%2005.jpg

    I’m already on Anger, upon a second rewatch of this series in it’s entirety i’ll come to accept it.

    What really pissed me off about simon and nia is that while they where together they never really got to do anything.
    Franxx is some anomoly type shit, they have so much pure and amazing interactions, and they are both wholey aware of each others love, so I can stomach a bitter sweet end.

  5. Guilty Crown 10042
    Aldnoah Zero 8293
    Valvrave 7625
    Kabaneri 6880
    DITF 5912

    So Franxx is the lowest selling mecha anime from Aniplex thus far. Since its 2-cour it’ll definitely average between 3k to 4k by the end of its run.

    Malintex Terek
    1. Are the numbers all presale numbers form the same point in time? What is the overall sale numbers year to year if sales overall are down that must be adjusted. I would not try to make this type of comparison until sales are a year old and then still adjust for year to year sales. Unfortunately, Japan does not release any TV rating data, unlike the US where less important TV ratings are released. Ever wonder why a US show gets canceled with seemingly OK numbers? It often the numbers that are not reported that you have to pay for that did it.

  6. My heart felt so heavy from this episode. Kokoro’s and Mitsuru’s futures are so uncertain. I wonder though if any of the girls are even menstruating. They are at the age but their bodies might be different.

      1. Villains are literally asexual freaks who find heterosexuals and breeding disgusting and don’t want to conform to a single gender, holy shit you can actually make this hit up what the ufkc im fucking dying here.

      2. because franxx’s goal was to create a perfect version but failed with 02.
        that’s why she still has some parts (like the horns) that don’t look human.
        he succeeded to create pure klaxosaur human looking creatures with the nines though.
        they’re the same as 02 but are lacking the horns etc.

      3. It’s unclear right now if the Nines are mono-gender or not, all we know is that the apparent males take up the pistil position and that the Nines are basically APE’s special forces squad. They’re also not klaxosaurs, at least from what’s been revealed so far, and will probably wind up being something similar to Hiro in composition.

        Also Red Rocket has it right, Zero Two is a captured klaxosaur, her backstory episode a while back discussed it.

  7. The Kokoro and Mitsuri incident reminded me of Tokyo ghoul and chapter 125. No one expected it to go anywhere, we thought at best it’d be implied, then the author just goes all in

  8. Well I think it’s safe to say Kokoro is pregnant now which makes me worry because I get this sad feeling that upon discovering/announcing her pregnancy to Mitsuru he will be really happy but then get killed in a battle.

    God you can even see it now
    “Come back to me and the child/so we can have a family”
    “I promise”

    Bang, dead

    1. but then.. children become parents…. here alone could be an other critical point. Because they have no one other to ask about being an parent and such… I do not know in how much Kokoro can read in this book to become an full flagged mother. it is only about childbirth

      1. Asking Nana and Hachi to become their role models of being Mother and Father?… It is all in the fog of tomorrow my friend

        or Dr.FranXX inject in the next “memory maintenance” of Nana and Hachi some memories of being parents. even it is Fake ones. that could work

      2. They can have an Granny.. Zerome’s old Woman surly survived, too and perhaps she could fill in the role of the Granny and perhaps she has memories of the old days being an Mother

      3. Granny: “Young one, do not panic. I born x children and raised them into adulthood, so let this old Granny give you some advice here..”
        Kokoro: (Crying in not knowing what to do) “Thank you very much Obbasa-san”

        This kind of conversation.. i also see some lines here on my own mother when she talk with my sister-in-law

    2. It might be possible that the way Kokoro will discover she’s pregnant is because when piloting their Franxx suddenly they will have problems maintaining a link as the link must be between two people but having a baby in her will effect that.

  9. I don’t think they lack physical bodies – rather, I think the blackness was there to hide what they truly are while making it clear they aren’t human.
    My money is on Papa and his gang being robots.

  10. And they thought Mitsuru and Kokoro did that but then again we will suddenly learn that the book didn’t really specify how to do a baby so mitsu and kokoro slept together naked and they thought they’ll have a baby lol joke its pretty much confirm that kokoro will get pregnant but Mitsuru will suffer as we already got a hint since ages ago that him riding 02 did something to his body so he won’t survive long enough to probably see Kokoro gives birth

  11. … my god would this show please either stop the controversial themes OR just get to the MECHS already! Though who say this plot is going by slowly clearly aren’t paying attention because a TON of new world-building stuff was revealed. They can make clones and Nana is being replaced with one since she “relapsed into puberty” whatever that means, the 9’s think of gender as stupid (which explains their odd piloting arrangements), Kokoro heart go doki doki and wanna jump Mitsuru’s gaybones, they actually DO have sex (THEY ARE UNDERAGE!!!), there is an effin Princess of Klauxosaurs, the humans KNEW about her, Hiro is growing blue horns like I called, my GOD!

    1. in the Middle age times, kids with 6-9 Years where marriage for Pacts.. So, do all the Laws and Orders of our World do apply on them in the Anime world? Well, we can not ignore them, because the viewers are real. But i turn you into the anime “Simoun”, where until some age they are “genderless” and can choose on will what they wanna become.. and these “Girls” (genderless) where Priestess that used their Holy Flying Machines to draw lines into the Sky for their God, for War…

      You real should watch “Simoun” and their world around.. to get an gist about Laws and Nature inside an Anime

    2. The observations from this episode

      – Hiro is mutating (obviously)

      – Kokoro is now more than likely pregnant, unless they only slept naked together

      – 02 alludes to not being able to have children like a Human can

      – The adults may have had some form of accelerated aging done to them

      – A blink and you will miss it image in Nanas relapse implies she was a Franxx pilot but based on the previous point it’s possible she might be a clone of the original Nana whose age was accelerated so APE would have an instructor for new Franxx pilots

      – APE don’t seem to be Human and may in fact be the invaders (which might make sense as we’ve seen them sacrifice Human lives for pointless reasons)

      – The Klaxosaurs may in fact be the real Humans but just more evolved, they may be a weapon created by Humans to fight APE or they could be an ally of the real Humans

      – APE seem to have outlawed natural reproduction which tying into the previous two points may be because they want to control the portion of Human they have. We’ve seen in previous episodes that APE really go out of their way to try and stop the Franxx pilots speaking to other adults and knowledge is deliberately withheld from them except for information which could be argued to be propaganda

  12. Okay time for some APE Analyzing (to change a bit the mood):

    Perhaps you also come behind my question here, but before i show you 2 Pictures and try to guess what i mean. Take into account what they are saying when she scream

    So.. Did you also fid it strange, in how she can directly talk into their mind/brain, when there is an empty shell?

    But how empty is this Shell anyway for have this impact?

    Perhaps the Anime here show us on purpose an black nothingness when she removed the Mask. to avoid early spoilers

    So they are not entirely Digital or their very Androids/robots that had downloaded their Virtual Brain into their body

    i begin to compare APE with “Expelled from Paradise” for this now.. Lets see in how this turns out

  13. There’s just too many things going on here and it ain’t good for my kokoro. Some of it at least.

    The amount of death flags is too damn high and everyone in Squad 13 is continuously raising it.

    Bridal 02 is just overflowing in pure innocence although we kind of know her history and from the mythological and in universe references, it’s even more heart wrenching to know that she’ll be the tragic heroine. My kokoro ain’t ready for it.

    The revelation that gender is an obsolete social construct really struck home and very much parallels the ongoing “gender discussion” and heckling by the “apparent social justice warriors”. The Alphas do come of as belligerent and hostile. In the same exact manner as those SJWs are when they’re protesting and heckling about gender and the “dire need for society to reform and bend to their childish whines and will.” Ikuno slap was well deserved. Speaking of Ikuno, it’s really apparent that she’s struggling to come to terms with her yuri tendencies if the EDs thus far seems to suggest.I think deep down she knows that it’s “wrong” yet at the same time it “seems so right” as well.

    Mitsuru and Kokoro on the other hand was something that I’ve been waiting for. At the greenhouse, I can feel the warmth and smell Kokoro’s scent across the screen and I was waiting for a hentai scene but was blocked. Damn you. Kokoro x Mitsuru… Now that’s a hentai pairing that I want to see.

    APE and the Klax colony… I am intrigued by Klax Hime saying “human wannabes” What does that mean? Is APE as a whole non humans? By the way, some on YouTube theorise that Klax Hime is 001. I mean come on, they have running numbers. So if there’s 002, there must be 001 right?

    I just realise this. Dr FranXX has a horn. Is he a semi-Klax? We see Hiro turning into a Klax-human hybrid. Would Dr FranXX be connected to Klax Hime?

    Henrietta Brix
    1. SJW the extremists of the left are all about gay sex, being able to express non-straight sexuality and sexual differences so not like the Alpha’s except in strident attitude which is shared by the right-wing male chauvinists and anti-gay bigots who seem to be the largest complainers about SJW’s. Note I don’t use the term misogynist as not all opponents of equal rights for women hate women. All you have to believe to be a feminist is support equal legal rights for women so I am a feminist even though some SJW’s would not. But I do complain about SJW’s without using that term so I often cannot tell about those who complain about them until I get to follow up comments. I normally break SJW down into the separate parts of radical feminists, radical minority advocates, radical gay rights folks and more. The US and it seems the world is more and more breaking into extremist views on all sides.

  14. – Kokoro obtained the book in episode 7 but has never done anything before hearing the Hiro speech: ”There’s more to our lives than piloting the FranXX”.
    – Mitsuru didn’t even know what to do before hearing the Hiro speeches about love.

    I love how each P13 team member with the exception of Hiro is either unable to question the adults, Papa and all their shit, including 02, she might even hate Papa, Dr FranXX and the adults, but she is either unable to question them and blindly believes in the shit that Papa, Dr FranXX and the adults told her even after her has been tortured by them, for example, you will become a human being if you kill klaxosaurs.

    I love how each P13 team member is either unable to make any shit without the help of Hiro, without Hiro has already done so before or before hearing one of the Hiro speeches about a certain subject.

    I love how each P13 team tries to imitate Hiro, what he does or says, and they can only do some shit with the help of Hiro, if Hiro has already done so before or after hearing one of the Hiro speeches about a certain subject.


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