「イゼルローン攻略[後編]」 (Izeruroun kouryaku [kouhen])
“The Capture of Iserlohn: Part 2”

If there were any lingering doubts as to the strength of LotGH’s reincarnation, this weekly should have firmly eliminated them. Being the key turning point of this story the capture of Iserlohn was always important to nail correctly, and while we may have lacked two episodes of grandiose fortress capturing and Rosen Ritter combat (battle axes I miss thee), what we got here more than did the task. From leader ineptitude to poignant foreshadowing and more, this episode was LotGH through and through.

While the differences between empire and alliance and new leader versus old have been fleshed out (mostly) before, the actions in Iserlohn once again show the paradigmatic mindset at war under the surface. The imperial troops and commanders are every bit as intelligent and canny as Yang and friends prove again and again (Oberstein isn’t the only one to smell a trap), but more than a few are firmly enamoured with idealistic (almost quixotic) thoughts of duty and sacrifice. Dishonour worse than death? A motto well-practiced by many a European state in the past, but as poor, outwitted Stockhausen shows, one which loses its lustre when death stares you in the face. Honour in war is one of those myths which will never die, as those who preach it typically reside far from its consequences while those who suffer never live to tell the truthful tale. No surprise then in the offhand chance underlings have the opportunity to live seeing the future proves more worthwhile than any ephemeral “honour” in the face of defeat. Yang’s choice of target may have been more to preserve life instead of sending that message in this case, but his actions once again show how utterly entrenched such philosophy is in both empire and alliance. No matter how much he may long for a peaceful retirement, Yang’s mindset is too valuable to too many to let go of now.

Part of what ensures the fun in this regard is just beginning is what the capture of Iserlohn means. Ignoring all the similarities between fortress and Death Star and the ridiculous ease of overcoming a garrison of 500,000 (praise be to thermal exhaust port sleeping gas), Iserlohn is, for all intents and purpose, the sole means for the Empire and FPA to reach one another (smirk). Whoever holds it possesses the only means to attack their opponent directly, and with the FPA now holding it, you can imagine what the immediate thought on both sides is going to be. The Empire for the first time must assume defense, our good friend Trunicht has a victory needed to wipe away those prior defeats, and the more vocal of the FPA’s democracy loving base now has the means to start bringing freedom to those in “need”. Yeah it’s not wrong to say Yang’s victory has upended the entire political board. Of course how effective any potential FPA invasion is remains to be seen—we haven’t heard from the newly minted fleet admiral Reinhardt in a while after all—but you can bet the wheels are turning and the planning is in full gear.

There’s a lot of tasty happenings to come in the near future, and with one in all his glorious shiny dome already being teased, you can bet they won’t take long to see. Stick around boys and girls, things are about get spicy.




    1. Oh yes! And, at least that it was a mistrabslation, Iserlohn garrison was only 50 men strong. Fifty!

      At least 500.000 is more believable. And sleeping gas is more factible too. They needed time to dock. So 90′ is enough time for the sleeping gas to work.

      Next time: Castrok’s (or something similar. :P) rebellion.

      I am worried because kircheis’ voice actor has died suddenly. 🙁

    2. From what I remember yes. Also I do think they checked the case, at least via the scan. The fact nothing popped up in the case when Schoenkopf went through is likely where the one guy started thinking something was amiss.

    3. I think that the case contained papers. It would, more or less, give the same picture when scanned.

      Why they use paper in the XXXV Century, I don’t know.

      Other option would be that the case was protected against scanning. But it would be more suspecting.

      On the other hand, I think that the 50 only garrison of the old series, would have been a translation mistake.

      @Pancakes: I don’t think that the sleeping gas would be something so strange. After controlling the control room, you could close all the areas and release the sleeping gas. Only problem would be: Where did they keep the gas?

      1. The “only 50 men” statement actually referred to the number of soldiers guarding the central computer room (not the entire garrison; that would be indeed silly). Apparently the mainframes are located in a different room instead of the command centre itself in the OVA, thus necessitating the Rosen Ritter to occupy it by force to override the lockdown.

  1. Not exactly. This episode finally introduces the Domain of Fezzan (in the OVA, they’re shown as part of the many cut away during the initial battle in episode 1). The Empire and Alliance exist on different arms of the our spiral galaxy. Travel between the arms of the galaxy are only possible through navigational corridors. The Empire (and its predecessor Galactic Republic) existed in the Orion Arm. Exodus Fleet fleeing the Empire went through Iserlorn Corridor and populated the Sagittarius Arm.

    Fezzan is technically part of the Empire, but exist as a defacto neutral trading post between Empire and Alliance.

      1. Probably, there’s plenty of series with such lazy characters.
        First things coming to mind for me are Ryner from Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu or The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, although both aren’t really generals haha.

  2. I fully expect the alliance to get overconfident now and try to invade Empire…
    Reinhard might get his wish for anothe r battle with Yang.
    Poor Yang , no rest for the strategists.
    I wonder what will be the Fezzan guys up to?

    1. I don’t think they’ll get to it this season, but Fezzan has significant importance for a major turn of events later on. As for the Fezzan guys, well, that should be coming up shortly if Rubinsky is already being teased.

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