“The Tournament Begins!”

「トーナメント、開始!!」 (Tounamento, kaishi!!)

Tournament arcs are meant to be a time of great excitement, and although there was some impressive stuff on display, my feelings are quite mixed on this one.

Tainted Battle

Though Yurui is a really unpleasant and confrontational guy, he didn’t deserve to lose out like this. Worst of all, Boruto probably could have won without relying on the Scientific Ninja Tool, had he worked harder on making the most of his natural talents. If he’d listened to Sasuke by meticulously honing his skills on the shuriken, I’m sure he could have defeated Yurui without resorting to such a cheap trick. Instead, this victory feels greatly tarnished and adds to the growing level of disappointment I’ve been feeling towards Boruto, ever since he began relying on the Scientific Ninja Tool.

This starkly contrasts Shikadai, who really took his experiences from the Byakuya Gang incident to heart. From a slacker who didn’t think the system could be changed, Shikadai’s grown to become an incredibly hard worker who’d fight tooth and nail to progress, even when the odds are heavily stacked against him. His calculated win over Yodo was extremely impressive, especially because he started off on the back foot, before using his wits to gradually figure out how he could defeat her. Like father, like son.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if Boruto’s cheating became exposed in front of everyone. After all, it’s a ticking time bomb that the anime has steadily been building up. I fear that Naruto’s heart might be broken in a terrible fashion, but it’s ultimately for the best if it means that Boruto can grow as an individual. As such, I look forwards to witnessing the ensuing blowout.

Criticisms of the ‘Tournament Arc’

Previously, I expressed joy that the anime would go back to cover stuff that the movie didn’t have time for. While it was great to see all these unique jutsu on display, for the most part, I was left rather unsatisfied. The fights weren’t bad, but I definitely wished that there would be more to them, and I especially didn’t like how little time they spent on each fight. In fact, we blitzed through the tournament’s first round in a single episode.

While this is certainly better than nothing (by which I mean a snapshot montage), I can’t say I’m too pleased. When utilised to its maximum potential, tournament arcs are meant to be a special construct that can make an anime’s ratings skyrocket. Even if there were some fantastic moments, so much has been squandered, especially when you compare this iteration of the Chunin Exam with the original one. It doesn’t look like we’re going to get a single fight that will be anywhere near as memorable. But given how the rest of the movie panned out, I reckon that Studio Pierrot are placing all their poker chips on the events that are going to follow the exams. Time saved here means time that can be dedicated towards other kinds of action, which could prove to be more beneficial in the long run.

Concluding Thoughts

Sorry folks, I’m afraid that my coverage of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will go on an extended hiatus. With my university exams coming up, I’ll need to take about 3 weeks off blogging and sadly, I was unable to find someone else who could help cover in my stead. Mainly because I’m the only writer who watches Boruto. Obviously this isn’t ideal and I really apologise for any problems it might cause. But I promise I’ll make up for it by whacking out a crazy megapost. So until then, take care and see you next time!



  1. Well, i know how this ends, but i am curious in how they tell the way until the destination. the anime is doing an good job. But someone there is an “Alpha and Omega” feeling, we know how this ends with the Tool from the beginning..

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Boruto%20Naruto%20Next%20Generations/Boruto%20Naruto%20Next%20Generations%20-%2058%20-%20Large%2029.jpg
    Goodness, I am surprised Tarui’s nose and skull had remained intact.

    Are we shipping these two? Or is there another person that we can ship with Shikadai? Notably I wonder what happened to Shiho from the Konoha Cryptanalysis Team.

    Notably I find it a shame that Shikadai can’t use wind jutsu

    1. Perhaps this Power she has from her mother, has also some instant heal effect for the Bones of the Victim. Perhaps it also has an On and Off switch, if the enemy is real

  3. I get what you mean, but I can also see why the fights were shortened. In the original series, the Chunin Exams were set up to introduce us to the rest of the Leaf Genin, as well as the Sand Siblings and Kabuto. It was also to show off what Jutsu they specialized in, which, with the exception of a few, were limited to one technique. By the time the exams rolled around in Boruto, we’ve already gotten to know about the major Leaf Genin and what they could do. There were also the time skips the original series had during the second exam and before the third, as opposed to in Boruto.

    Another thing worth noting are how each of the matchups following the preliminaries and the third exam had some purpose to them and helped most of the characters developed, such as some of the characters developing a rivalry with a specific opponent they want to defeat, showing off new techniques, and getting a sense of how some of the characters are portrayed, with half an episode to multiple episodes spent developing the two characters fighting, along with their goals and motivations. This is what Boruto’s exams are missing. Aside from Shikadai and Chōchō’s fights, we’re given little development on the opponents the other Leaf Genin fought due to the time each one happens, with the other two Rain Genin Sarada and Mitsuki fought serving as nothing more than fodder.

  4. There is a lot of stuff happened in Boruto. It really doesn’t feel like a Naruto clone. But the story still sucks so far. I can’t decide if Boruto is a “filler” or just a different format for the entire Naruto series.

    Im going to watch all the eps so far and try to figure out if I truly liking this arc.


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