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「〈罪〉の帰還」 ( no Kikan)
“Return of the Sins”

I love it when, in a fantasy series with a bunch of different fantasy races, where pretty much all of them are bigger, stronger, longer-lived, and more magically powerful than humanity, when a human is the strongest person around. Right? We’ve gotta have some pride in our shitty, weak, ridiculous, short-lived, bastard of a species, or at least I do. So when Escanor marches out there and takes a demon to task, showing that no matter what tricks he has up his sleeves, Escanor is ready for him—I mean, awesome, right? Granted, had the battle not been taking place during the day, and at noon to boot, events could have gone another way. At night they certainly would have. But it was a treat to see regardless. Not that I have the least bit of faith that he offed another Ten Commandment this time, not when they’re blasted out of the scene like that. I like to see ‘em suffer, though. I’m petty like that, when it comes to literal friggin’ demons.

There was something very satisfying about Denzel’s totally pointless death. It was foreshadowing, surely—I have a feeling these archangels will show up at some point, now that they’ve been name dropped. But it also did two things: showed the (largely) futile nature of the struggle from most humans’ points of view, and was a good ol’ red herring. A big cool goddess in the body of the guy who seemed so in control against Fraudrin, and (s)he goes out like a chump. Sucks for him, but it’s a good moment for the series. I didn’t expect it, for one.

Then there was the moment I did expect, and it only made it better. The other thing the goddess was foreshadowing for was Ark, the power Elizabeth manifested to stop Derieri from killing Zaratras. When that drew Derieri’s ire, though, there was no question what would happen. Meliodas’ triumphant return was obvious, especially since they so plainly foreshadowed it next episode, which was precisely the right move. That made this feel not like a deus ex machina, but what Meliodas would do. Of course he would have the Bid Damn Heroes moment (trope!) to save Elizabeth. Of course he would. It was character more than convenience, and it just made me smile. Also, notice how she didn’t call him Meliodas-sama, but just Meliodas? D’aaaawww! It was the best. That and Hawk Mama chomping down on some demons. She’s the stealthy badass of this series!

Next week we get to see Meliodas strut his stuff. Since it feels like only he and Escanor have a chance against the Ten Commandments, his return is undoubtedly a Very Good Thing.

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June 19, 2018 at 1:59 am
  • June 19, 2018 at 4:04 pmnovocaine

    I am saying this just out of spite, but give ban some credit for killing a commandment, true he is no melidos or eascnor, but he got 1 :)

    also i have a feeling they are going to have some problem with pacifisem trait without someone elses help (merlin?, gwother?)

    • June 19, 2018 at 7:40 pmStilts

      Good point! TBH Ban is a weird one, it really feels like his power leapt upwards at the demand of the plot, so it doesn’t feel real? Though none of it’s real, so I guess it doesn’t matter haha

      • June 20, 2018 at 9:00 amnovocaine

        probebly the fact that they didn’t show unable to move after using a lot of his magic trait. (he can steal has much power has he wants, problem his it techniclly kills him to do so) or at least this is how i understood it