「スターゲイザー」 (Sutaageizaa)

Alright, breathe easy and let it out calmly: Zero Two is alive! Well, in praying mantis dino machine form, but dammit the happy ending is still online! Oh, Kokoro also being pregnant? OK yes there’s that too, but I think we all knew the signs when they emerged—right? Right. Needless to say Franxx isn’t through with the wall defying twists and turns, and with two episodes to go alongside the ubiquitous Trigger special of crazy space battles against ridiculous alien menaces, you can firmly bet the entertainment hasn’t reached fever pitch just yet.

Barring the double whammy of darling/baby shockers this week, a lot of what Franxx is doing isn’t too surprising in the greater scheme of things. Death has more or less receded into the background as a potential threat, largely losing its fangs as everyone has managed to keep on staying alive no matter the circumstances. Our parasite squad is all well and good, the Nines are somehow still with it (and even now allies *grumbles at lack of mecha on mecha action*), and the two major questions left outstanding after the Virm’s assimilation—i.e. what happens to humanity and how it secures its future—have been answered by Dr. Franxx holding onto the memories of all immortal people, the liquidated parasite kids actually being kept on ice, Hachi and the real Nana being assigned as caretakers adults, Kokoro leading the way with humanity’s first baby in a long time, and Mistilteinn having the Earth’s last organic soil. Ignoring the fun that is Children of Men biotransference and reverse War of the Worlds, it’s hard denying these reveals are a little convenient now, particularly with the teasing that has occurred earlier in the show. Obviously there’s a good chance something wicked disrupts the happy ending now out in the open (just see Ikuno’s new look or those death flags flying high around the Nines, Gorou, and Mitsuru-Kokoro), but it’s a good guess the pleasantries will have minimal disruption. Need look no further than the conspicuously blank page in Zero Two’s fairy tale copy; somehow, someway, the darling couple’s fate is going to be challenged.

The plus side to all of these shenanigans though is the relationships which will likely solidify out of them. Gorou bless his NTR’d soul (but not as NTR’d as poor Futoshi) did what no one else could and finally put Hiro in his place. Considering Hiro’s “perfection” in terms of the story this was quite surprising, but very well deserved, reminding the now undeniably klaxo sapiens heir that the story isn’t all about him, that his desires aren’t the end all be all, that his so-called friends are as important as Zero Two—or a potential princess competitor—when it comes to their future and legacy. It might also had the benefit of finally telling Ichigo who the right guy is for her, but that is going to be a kiss for a later date (cannot forget Ikuno’s little crush after all). Whether these moments of harsh introspection are enough to finally bring the likes of Miku and Zorome together as well remains to be seen (because everyone is waiting for that moment of adorable awkwardness), but you can bet the upcoming fight is going to iron out any remaining kinks in our parasite love ties.

With everyone heading off to space (well, Mars) to put an end to the true enemy, Franxx is ready for the endgame. We may not know how it’s all going to end, we may not know who the final sacrifice is going to be, but one way or another you can bet this roller coaster of a show has a trick or two left to dazzle the eyes.


  1. Man…I don’t like how Kokoro got a free pass on final fight and pretty much means she’ll survive until the end…..I hope Mikuru, 02 and Hiro will survive…as for the rest? good luck..especially for the nines

    1. You have to do some adjustments, see…

      -Zero Two’s soul is in Strelizia Apus.
      -Strelizia Apus is one of the Franxx robots.
      -Only a klaxo sapiens can operate Strelizia Apus
      -Hiro is the only klaxo sapiens left in this world
      -Hiro is Zero Two’s lover, therefore her darling.

      Darling in the Franxx! The title makes sense now!

  2. Damn, Dr. Franxx is much better than Gendou.

    I’ve watch a review somewhere that said Franxx isn’t as good of a character as Gendou, which might be true, but at least he’s much more moral than him.

    1. Because he got very little screentime. But the greatest problem was that they’ve wasted a lot of time in futile/irrelevant things and irrelevant/useless supporting characters that added absolutely nothing to the main plot and story, such as MitsuKoko and all that ”NTR and pregnancy” trash – Mitsuru and all his ‘I’m a gayboy who’s butthurt by a gay childhood promise” – and those damn filthy filler episodes (7 -11 and 16-18) with SoL and fanservice, including whole episodes with irrelevant/useless supporting characters that added absolutely nothing to the main plot and story, in short, these 8 irrelevant/useless filler episodes could have been easily removed from show or made in just three episodes (two for the episodes 7-11 and one for the episodes 16-18), this would have been absolutely perfect, and they would have enough time to answer important issues about the main plot and story, and to deal appropriately with important characters that add interactivity and content to the main plot and story such as DR. FraXX, APE, PAPA, Klaxosaurs, 001 and also their character story, backstory and story arc.

      1. The thing is that first set of filler episodes would have had more staying power if the events that unfolded within them came to matter, at all. Goro and Ichigo are still at this odd sort of emotional impasse and Ichigo saving Goro’s life has never been referenced since the episode it happened. Zorome had the most eye-opening experience of the main cast in regards to seeing how the adults actually live, but his gallivanting through the city ends with ‘Soon I forgot all about that day’ and his faith is never shaken again up until the endgame. Futoshi never really got an episode at all, unless you count him dealing with the fallout from Kokoro’s rejection of his ‘arc’, but despite all this, he still managed to present more personality and character development than Mitsuru that is by far the worst character in the show.

        And yeah, 16-18 hampered the pacing greatly and have been a complete waste of time, but I think 19 is also guilty as well because it awkwardly shoves in an exposition episode right before the final act. Franxx has a habit of doing this, setting up some form of pacing in one direction and then slamming on the brakes.

      2. A lot of the issues with this may ultimately come down to time. In hindsight it feels like the show was meant to be 3-4 seasons instead of 2, with much of the character development featured in the middle serving as a stepping stone for later. Instead it was effectively cut off as though the writers realized “oh damn, we have to wrap this story up in 24 episodes.” Thus the weird stuff with Gorou and Zorome where their spotlighted moments were basically ignored after they transpired and the rapid sequence of reveals we got the past few weeks.

    2. I think they were going for making you feel the shock that the characters felt. I also think like many shows over the past few decades that the audience is demanding a twist near the end to surprise. Several of these secret alien plots have this only near the end. But yes it limits details we would want but cutting the characterization has its price in that one becomes less attached this is a battle of feed the emotions demands or mental demands.

      I wonder when the set in seasons episode demand finally ends. Shows are either adding filler or cutting details to make the set number of episodes and it always hurts at least a little.

  3. Wow things changed.
    Hiro went off to war alone?
    Ok, no?
    Blue lines on Strelizia, so its taken by the Klaxo.

    Looks like the Zero Two is trapped in Strelizia theory is true?

    So Squad 13 took the lead?
    Wheres Hachi and Nana?
    A student council like situation with farmers, engineers and a pregnant kid 😛
    Ikuno still looking good with white hair.

    Didn’t their books have stuff on tidal energy or wind energy?
    Perhaps they lack the resources to use them.

    Hiro wants to go to space?
    But don’t want to break the peaceful life of his mates?

    So the Nines are so high maintenance types?
    Totally withering without their gardeners.

    Foxy Nana feels so empty.
    The kids feel so mature doing all the uber planning stuff to survive.
    But Goro still feel APE can provide repairs.
    What is APE’s situation?
    I see the computer is still on.

    Zero Two is still fighting out in space.

    Farming in dresses?
    Hiro finds it hard to tell as he is afraid of the consequence he thinks of.
    Keep it all inside.

    A reminder that a war is still out there drops in.

    First pregnancy in history after many many years.
    The kids are dumbfounded, lol
    Kokoro still has the false memories, she panics in disarray.
    Mitsuru seems to somewhat have remembered some, sitted on the floor in disbelieve.
    What to do!

    Zeo Two looks to her soul in space.

    Crisis strikes.
    Hachi and Nana!!
    Dr Franxx backups 😛
    The brain upload theory!
    The oldtype humans now exist as knowledge.
    The newtype parasites are preserved as the next generation.
    Dr Franxx has always been thinking about the future.

    Uncertainty overwhelms.
    Struggling in uncertainty.
    Everyone seeking answers and support.

    The soil gone sterile?
    Fear, despair.
    Breaking point for Ichigo.

    But theres still power in the building.

    Hiro is too occupied by love.
    Everyone is troubled by something.

    What did Goro realize?

    Horn resonance!
    Hiro finally understands.

    Goro did not despair.
    This guy is great!

    Hmm, satellites still work?

    Hiro finally wants to talk (after he got the facts).
    So the fight is now at Mars’ doorstep.

    Goro lets his true feelings flow.
    Love made Hiro selfish.

    Find the light.

    Oh, the whole crew sans Kokoro is going too?
    Foxy Nana is a robot, lol.
    There no big fight against the Nines but they are ready to fight alongside Squad 13.

    Mitsuru’s staying too?
    His words to his idol?

    1. Blue lines on Strelizia, so its taken by the Klaxo

      Yeah, the klaxxosaurs took the Star Entity (Apus) to the space to fend off war from earth and use it as a shield. However, Apus is currently nothing more than a worthless piece of junk, since Only a klaxo sapiens can operate it , see https://i.imgur.com/DVF1Nqg.jpg

      Looks like the Zero Two is trapped in Strelizia theory is true?


      Zero Two is still fighting out in space.

      Nope, Only a klaxo sapiens can operate Star Entity (Apus) , see https://i.imgur.com/DVF1Nqg.jpg – that’s why the klaxosaur princess has lived millions of years, just so that she could operate it, because she was the last remaining klaxo sapiens. And this fact became even more clear-cut in this scene (http://i.4cdn.org/a/1529796838381.webm ) where Apus isn’t even moving, she is literally standing still as a stone, Virm’s troops are attacking her, including face, but she’s doing absolutely nothing to defend himself, she’s not even moving her arms or even using her shield.

      1. Zero Two overpowered the Virm takeover Virus inside the Apus cockpit. She gave herself up for Hiro and she melted with the Princess inside it. Both had lost their body.. i wonder if the princess body is still there where they meet. But i bet they have no idea to preserve the “soulless” body of the Klauxus princess and i think for this Apus is an one way ticket

        i do not want to speculate the ending here. So i just have to wait what they had in store fpr Zero Two’s future

      2. I’m wonder what the klaxo called themselves.
        K-Princess acknowledge that the humans called their evolved organic weapon forms Klaxosaur so the klaxo stuff is a human term.
        I’ll go k-person for kyoryujin, easier to type 😛

        I guess since Zero Two is a clone of K-princess, she would be a k-person too?
        Dr Franxx did say Zero Two was created to pilot the Star Entity.
        I suppose Hiro through ingesting Zero Two’s blood plus the Yellow Cell stuff attain mutation into a k-person.

        Ya its just standing still faceless in the horn resonance feed.
        Perhaps it needs the stamen.
        Ok Zero Two is sacrificing herself in space T^T

        Somehow I feel that the K-Princess’ will is lingering on Earth.
        Periodically launching K-pods to space, leaving a K-pod for Hiro.

        lol, its more like Frank’s Arc 😛
        But to save humanity all the diverse wildlife is gone?
        I suppose theres still earthworms, fishes, lizards, insects, rats and birds etc in Mysteltainn?
        Missing the other big mammals.

      3. Lets see if there are enough life to re-cultivate earth again. Its an Anime not an real life documentary. Just hope that in these deep holes the Soil is still okay and they can use it for gardens. Perhaps they need greenhouses or in the end “Ar Tonelico” are around the corner (you need to know this PSx game world building to understand)

      4. This anime also hold an hidden message that would Ghibli made proud.

        between this all fights, FranXXs, Girls, Boys and stuff, there are “mother Nature”

        “Take care of mother nature so that she can feed you tomorrow again and your kids. The World do not ends with you!”

  4. My god– why the hell does this show have so many breaks!?! I mean it must’ve only been two breaks but it goddamn feels like this show is dragging on FOREVER!!!!!

    1. “w-what am I supposed to do H-Hiro?”
      “Dude how am I supposed to know? I have my own problems to deal with. Learn to decide for yourself for once.”

      Bitchsuru totally blown the fuck out.

    1. Hiro only cares about 02 and only 02. Everyone else is dying. If anything I’m surprise it was just one punch.

      God Hero… you need to actually care about something beyond 02. I’m not saying you should love her less but do try to notice what’s going on around you.


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