「ダーリン・イン・ザ・フランキス」 (Daarin in za Furankisu)
“Darling in the Franxx”

When the pretty explosions start monopolizing the screen and the battle for survival reaches its crescendo, you know it’s the endgame. With Franxx ready to send spring off in style we got the culmination of many weeks of hints, teases, and foreshadowing as battles were fought, futures secured, and happy endings set up (more or less) for what is sure to be a finale pulling out all the stops. For once we may not have been surprised by any juicy backstory details, but Franxx is still plenty good with what it already has.

The big thing this week of course was the reuniting of Hiro with Zero Two and the reveal (that wasn’t really a reveal) that Zero Two is still alive and well, albeit with a growth spurt. A bloody big growth spurt. Snu snu jokes are going to be all the rage with this one (among other things *Pancakes dirty mind intensifies*), but as a switch up from the usual endgame shenanigans I’m not faulting the refreshing ingenuity. Darling and cutie pie are back together, they have some sort of means to end the Wall-E psionic gestalt consciousness threat, and whether as giant laser firing cyborgs promise to return home in one piece once the saving the world stuff is done. You don’t get more Trigger than this.

Of course such (potential) resolutions were not without their sacrifices as we finally—finally—got our first real death of the show with the Nines leader Alpha. Barring hilarity of many doujin writers furiously putting pen to paper over a new creative wellspring, this was a death which honestly felt hollow and several episodes too late. The Nines were a hyped source of conflict for many weeks, only to quickly 180 and become allies with nary a Franxx showdown to show for it. Quite hard to blame anyone who doesn’t feel much with their sudden choice of duty this time around. Hachi or Nana for me for example would arguably have hit the feels harder, and that’s with similar levels of development for them throughout the show. While a death for the sake of darling love was always going to be a necessity at some point, I cannot help but think Franxx lost a good source of shock and tension with this setup, giving too many characters plot armour who may have otherwise better served as the sacrificial vanguard (*looks at Mitsuru and Gorou*). No matter the sanctity of happy endings and cute lovey dovey, there were certainly better ways to make the moment felt.

Barring any issues with happy ending setups though, there still remains the potential for something to upset Franxx’s conclusion. It’s not a bad bet Hiro and/or Zero Two wind up being permanently attached to the new Strelizia at minimum for example, particularly if their intended bombing winds up backfiring in some manner (and Zero Two’s petrification isn’t reversible). With the main theme being choice of path and securing one’s future there’s no reason our titular duo must live to see it, especially given both have already broken fate and found their own happiness in the arms (well, implanted cables) of each other. We won’t know until next week, but calculated time skip or not (and there will be one in one form or another), our parasite crew have already found a future and you can bet plenty of baby caretaking and family bonding will be on feature to send this show off in style.

Well, unless the darling duo loses to the pleasures of utopian bliss of course (we know how that went before), but I think we all know the ending Franxx is aiming for. It’s just a question of if the final reward will be worth the trip.


  1. https://randomc.net/image/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx%20-%2023%20-%20Large%2038.jpg

    The only saving grace left in this show for me…

    These two kept me intrigued since episode 7, solidified my interest to them as a romantic pair by episode 11, fully caring to their fates in episode 16… to now. If it weren’t for these two, I likely would have dropped this in episode 11.

    Now I will be able finish this because of these two.


    How fitting for Kokoro and Mitsuru to be at the center.

    1. Agreed. I enjoy the show, but I was mostly looking forward to seeing if these two make it. I will say my rewatch value is a lot higher now knowing these two make it in the end.

      1. XiV and @Nikki

        Mitsuru and Kokoro

        All that’s been displayed is how utterly worthless this character were and how useless they were throughout the entire show until the end.

      2. Mitsuru and Kokoro just as all that trash “NTR”, “pregnancy” and “I’m a gayboy who’s butthurt by a gay childhood promise” and everything related to them were a complete waste of time and added absolutely nothing to the main plot and story, besides impairing and hampering the pacing greatly.
        And yeah, Episodes 1-15 with all that trash, “NTR” and “I’m a gayboy who’s butthurt by a childhood promise”, just as 16-18 with all that trash, “Hiro told me to fall in love and marry Kokoro so I’ll do” and “pregnancy” hampered the pacing greatly and have been a complete waste of time, 9-21 was too much, but 22 has hit rock bottom with all that trash, “w-what am I supposed to do H-Hiro?”, Jesus Christ, Mitsuru is determined to run to Hiro so that Hiro decides for him what to do with the girl that he knocked up and they’re not even part in final battle and still no memories restored? The unironically high school drama-tier bullshit and memory wipe was waste of screentime. They rushed it way too much to have it rendered meaningless by memorywipe.

      3. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that Mitsuru and Kokoro have to ask others for advice is annoying, but it kind of makes sense in regards to what has been shown to us. Many children do not question what goes on around them. Only Hiro has the will power to ask things. The children are ingrained from a young age not to feel or question Papa. These two are in that mentality, but are blooming away from that ideal with outside reinforcement (the book, hormones, learning about things from Hiro and 02).

        It’s just small details I have noticed in regards of the character development in this story.

      1. Agree to disagree? The show has a lot of problems with fleshing out the world in general, especially when it comes to the secondary cast. However, I do enjoy that they explore sexuality in a world where emotions and hormones are considered nuanced. These kids were just exploring something no one will talk about, which is the same concept many teenagers face around our world.

      2. To be fair their relationship was built up for a while and whether forced or annoying, they play a better part than say Futoshi and Ikuno who have received even less story attention. Any problems with Franxx go deeper than the usefulness of Kokoro and Mitsuru.

      3. I only started watching this since it’s about to end and I hate cliffhangers. Why do you people like “Mitsuru”. It’s ironic, right? Kokoro is the one who does everything to bring them together while he just mopes around like a emo, passive bitch. Hiro’s the one who has to talk him into marrying her even as if Hiro is his bull and he can’t get it up without him. When Kokoro of all characters is more alpha than you, you know Mitsuru must be the most beta character in the show.

    2. So much negative emotions here… hate, bitterness, frustration, disappointment… and even pointing fingers and blaming.

      Certain viewers just can’t get over Kokoro’s failed promise and Mitsuru’s heterosexuality. And they are very vocal about it like some angry mob. “KOKORO IS A THOT!! SHE BETRAYED A FAT DUDE!!”, “MITSURU IS A GAY BITCH AND HE WANT’S HIRO’S D!!”


      Everyone is entitled for their own opinion I guess…

    3. Well, now at least we know Bitchuru is canonically weak and bad. He knows it and so is Kokoro. Isn’t it perfect though? Two physically and mentally weak jobbers leaning on each other. I think they weren’t even meant or fit to be pilots. How did Naomi and Bitchuru get to P13 squad though? And ones like Zorome who isn’t that bad actually.

    1. My reaction to that transformation:

      “Oh god, it’s Diebuster! Damn, they made her pretty…. Hey, that’s an awesome take on a wedding gown….. Oh crap.”

  2. No. Just no.

    A giant Zero Two is where I draw the line. If they’d simply had Strelizia’s usual face pop up it would have served the same purpose all without being such a weird and essentially goofy transformation.

  3. Ok so Mitsuru holding on to the relationship from words told by his squadmates?
    None of the 2 have any recollections?
    Or theres too little to be coherent?

    Er…Zero Two didn’t go?
    So one K-person is enough?

    Whats in it?

    Franxx space upgrade!
    Blacken up!
    The true form of space faring alien tech?

    So its only Hachi and Nana on the mothership?
    Now I wonder when did the K-people die out and when did they build all these for the humans?

    …They are cool about the riding 😛
    For certain things Japan is really open-minded.
    Alpha acknowledge that they were clones.
    But why was Zero Two named Iota?
    To mask the truth at that time?

    Hmm, so the Nines’ Franxx is space compatible already?

    Hachi is enlightened?

    The red blue flames make me want to put on those red blue 3d glasses 😛

    O…the lance shoots!
    Too convienient!
    Wow it extends too!

    Woah that white blank slate of an entrance of a massive Franxx is so easy to spot 😛

    Pastel mops redemption episode?

    Ok, in the mothership is more little shops.

    Long distance remote pistil-ing!!
    Tenticle feasting…

    Connect to reject.
    Still lingering feelings, putting up a strong front.

    Those lesser clones didn’t speak a word, silent pistils to the end.

    Now more tough with that eye scar.

    K-tech is very user-friendly.
    To the escape pod in no time ;p
    Maybe K-people had a hand in shaping human technology.
    A little poke and nudge here and there in different points in human times.

    What if all this is only a part of the VIRM forces still?

    The VIRM is like the Human Instrumentality Project that has a life of its own 😛
    With salesmen to boot!

    Hachi and Nana provide commentary 😛

    They had to raise the risk factor back on Earth, a thunderstorm.

    Seems like fighting is the “compulsory education” for parasites.
    Now Kokoro “graduated”, she is feeling lost going into “adulthood”.
    Love prevails!!
    Ok cut! Good take!

    Is True Apus bigger than Buster Machine Nono?

    lol, its like when Setsuna left with the ELS 😛
    But not for peace though.

    Hmm, possible time skip?
    I want to see Shibuya crossroads somehow 😛

    lol, they can build a park around stature Zero Two 😛

      1. – Nine Alpha humiliated Mitsuru first by roasting his thot in front of him and everyone whom they know,saying that his waifu was absolutely disgusting.
        – Then by getting them mindfucked;
        -Then by stealing milkman’s childhood dream for himself, as well as Ichigo, 001, 02 and Naomi had do before.

        He’s fucking merciless aint he?
        is Mitsuru the worst and most useless joke/comic relief character of all time?

      1. @AndyArm

        Probably because Franxx isn’t really a pure mecha show anymore, it’s now some weird mix of mecha aesthetics and post-apocalypse shenanigans that’s become all about the darling couple. I’d imagine the action would be better if that was the main focus of the show.

  4. What a glorious mess. We had Gunbuster meets Diebuster meets Evangelion meets Gurren Lagann meets Space Patrol Luluco, with just a touch of Voices of a Distant Star and Vividred Operation thrown in for good measure. All we need now is some sort of coherent finish.

  5. I was hopping and still hope this Mecha Zero Two we see is just an Illusion like the Maross Fortress could make. Also now she looks like an Giant Centaurus Wedding Mecha from the side

    As if every body in the animation team, trow their ideas and favorite manga into on pot and they meltet this into Zero Two true Apus

    Yes, this is nearly an easter egg to Macross (the Gigantic “bee Queen” we know) but looks like we get an Gunbuster/Diebuster ending

    Lets see
    i speculate that we get perhaps also an nearly Gunbuster/Diebuster ending. Their trip home beyond the Warp Gate will take years or like in Gunbuster Generations to came back. To fresh up your memories, look for the ending “after” they use the bomb. They used on of their light drive cores to fix the bomb and could only travel “slow” back to earth (from the center of our Milky way…) the laws of travel at Light speed and outside were very important in the entire Gunbuster/Diebuster universe

    So yes, until know we saw an easter egg of “Macross Frontier” seems next episode will be an Gunbuster one

    1. on reddit i posted my thought in how there is an possibility to have an “happy ending”… Well, if they call this an happy ending. What happiness is there when all your friends you know are no longer there.. Okay their Kids of unknown generations awaits them.. Perhaps with time Hiro and Zero Two “transcend” into God like peoples.. How knows

  6. The warp gate stuff reminded me of Kuromukuro’s ending, with the main couple going to the depths of space to fight the enemy.
    I must be the only one who liked the giant 02 transformation.

      1. @Khalid
        Yes, he reminds the Kuromukuro’s ending, but you made mistake, the girl who was went with MC the depths of space to fight the enemy wasn’t the main girl called Yukkina but Yuki-hime’s clone called Muetta, the main girl has stayed at earth.

        but like Gundam 00 the Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer mixed with Gunbusters.


        This scene reminds me a lot of the scene where Setsuna merges with with the alien (ELS).

    1. No worries you weren’t the only one, it’s so different than the usual mecha power ups that it’s hard not to be intrigued. Makes one wonder how they plan on resolving the story though if Zero Two is now literally a Franxx.

  7. Didn’t see the wedding dress theme in True Apus until you guys mentioned it 😛

    So if someone want to do a cosplay wedding, the groom costume will be the Franxx pilot suit?

    1. It works like this:

      Darling in the FranXX
      Pilot in the Mech
      Boy in the Girl

      Girl = FranXX
      Boy = Pilot
      FranXX = dress

      02 is now a robot, that is why 02 can breathe normally in space without oxygen equipment.
      And that is also why the anime is titled, ”Darling in the Franxx”, where Hiro is the darling and 02 is the FranXX.

  8. Suddenly thought of a vague side story idea.

    Set in the bakumatsu period of Japan.
    Some conflict with some tampering by the VIRM and K-people.
    Sprinkled with bits of facts to tie in to the anime.

    Or we can follow the K-princess through the years and their involvement in critical points of human history in different countries. With that bakumatsu period piece as an arc. Then cowboys, vikings, King Arthur…etc. lol 😛

  9. Hiro is similar to Zero Two. Ichigo was breathing hard and sweating when he seemed fine. 02/Hiro must output high levels of positive/negative energy.
    Both Ichigo/Naomi can’t handle Hiros and the men with 002 can’t handle her energy. It fits the Hiro being a child prodigy during training too, just that none of the partner candidates could reach the same potential.

    I had posted this on the episode 2 thread (January 21, 2018 at 12:27 am)

    Episode 23 – Nine Alpha: Besides, you put too much strain on your partner. No ordinary pistil could handle it. https://i.imgur.com/QcPekBN.jpg

    and I was right all the time.


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