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「さらりと頂く冷やし茶漬け」 (Sarari to Chasenchakukei)
“Refreshing and Easy to Eat Chilled Ochazuke”

Ah, summer! A wonderful time to bask in the radiating warmth of the computer screen for the next episode of Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan, and there hasn’t been a better season than now for swimsuits and sunshine. An in-door summer isn’t half bad, especially with the sweltering heat or downpour, but Emiya, Saber, and Rin take their in-door entertainment to its highest heights by spiraling down the largest water-slides in Fuyuki. This episode is quite impressive in how well they pull off the summer atmosphere with the color tones that capture the glittering cerulean water at the park and the warm hue of the outdoor sunset. Additionally, it gave us terrific opportunities to make fun hang-out scenes with Rin and Saber enjoying each other’s company. Similarly, Rider shows up for a friendly game of volleyball while Lancer and Archer go for the unfriendly route.

And to gush further on the artwork of the show, this is the first I’ve seen them pull out incredible scenes with the budget. The manga’s aesthetic sticks predominantly with the cuter looking designs and sketch-like visuals, but when it came down to the Saber/Emiya vs. Lancer/Archer volleyball scene, they pulled off Unlimited Budget Works with how visually pleasing that intense sequences can be with the cutesy visuals of Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan. Everything from Saber utilizing her high agility to reach the ball to the beams radiating from the piercing stares and strikes of the Lancer/Archer duo works to create a hilariously impressive volleyball match between the four heated contestants.

To cool off from the hot-headed competition and blistering summer heat, Emiya’s go-to meal to beat the sun is Chilled Ochazuke. Because Ochazuke’s main appeal is pouring green tea or dashi broth into a bowl of rice and toppings, it’s a relatively simple dish to make. The only questions you would have to contend with is what toppings you would like to use, whether to pour green tea or dashi broth into your bowl, and if you would like to serve it hot or cold. A warm and comforting ochazuke could work well in cooler or colder seasons, but because July is hot as blazes in most parts of the world, making it into a cold soup could provide much needed refreshment if you’re feeling the heat.

Chilled Ochazuke with Emiya’s Preferred Toppings:
- Rice
- Shredded salmon
- Ginger
- Japanese ginger
- Salted kelp
- Sesame miso
- Dashi broth
- Green tea

1. Make a batch of rice and let it chill for a colder ochazuke.

2. Slice a combination of Japanese ginger and ginger as finely as you can, creating thin slices.

3. After broiling a salmon, debone the filet and pull it apart with chopsticks, shredding it into small chunks.

4. Soak cucumber slices in in salt water, rinse, and continue to squeeze lightly.

5. Top a bowl of cold rice with the fixings you prepared or bought.

6. Pour cold dashi broth or green tea over the cold rice you’ve made.

July 1, 2018 at 5:34 pm