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「西瓜 せんせー 酔っぱらい」 (Suika / Sensei / Yopparai)
“Watermelon / Teacher / Drunkard”

Sunoharasou hasn’t gotten as saucy as it did in this episode with Ayaka turning up the heat this summer. On top of her swimsuit accentuating her well-endowed figure, she had much more time to share with Aki in this episode as she was able to have the opportunity to be closer with him. Much of their involvement comes from Ayaka knowing that Aki wants to improve herself, giving her the chance to boost his confidence through activities like getting him more into the idea of swimming with everyone and not being as uncomfortable with the other girls.

The spiciest moments of the episode come from her other ways of helping Aki, however. When Aki needs to study, Ayaka does the most to get him involved with studying with her by dressing up as a sultry teacher with cute glasses. Ayaka-sensei takes the cake for offering some of the more erotic scenes in the anime so far with how she lets him see through her sweaty white button-up shirt and rewards him by showing him how she handles a Popsicle. Her drunken scene was also close to being risque with how being a light-weight results in her being an aggressive drunk that enjoys skinship with the girls around her. Although Ayaka passes out before she can pursue Aki to a dangerous degree, she lets him know that she’s waiting for him on the day that they’d be able to get serious.

Of the three student council girls, Yuri had a larger chance to shine this time around. While the backyard pool scene showed that she had assets that could possibly rival Ayaka’s, she was able to have some fun mischief with Aki in the second half of the episode’s photographic adventure. Her fascination with her camera provides a different side of Yuri to Aki as she takes candid photos of Yuzu in exchange for favors from Sumire. Her obsession with finding the weaknesses of her friends and allies is in line with what we know of her as she aims to hone in on Ayaka’s weakness in particular with hopes to tap into more of their weaknesses to use as leverage for her own interests.

Next time around, it’s looking to be even more exciting as we meet the some of the gyaru characters. We know that Ayaka’s younger sister is considered to be rowdier by her, but it’ll be nice to see what their personalities end up like and how they fit into Aki’s world.


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August 4, 2018 at 8:15 pm