「昔話」 (Mukashibanashi)
“Old Story”

Plots, schemes, and some defining reveals—it’s time to get down to business boys and girls. SnK may often belabour the duty of handing out answers for its many outstanding questions, but with this arc and the information dropped this week, the picture just became slightly clearer. The king? Fake. The people? Potentially brainwashed. Eren? Still playing second fiddle to that giddy Mikasa rage. Alright the last isn’t really anything new, but everyone’s favourite scouts going up against the leadership of humanity’s last bastion? Yeah there still be some action on this horizon.

The two big things this episode naturally lay with Historia and Erwin and a different plan for a kingdom under siege. As revealed last week Historia is actually the true heir to the throne, kept quiet and out of the way for reasons which will make their appearance before too long (if a few scenes aren’t already enough formulate a guess or two). This little fact is what enables Erwin to place his trust in a coup that uses Historia to replace the current—and illegitimate—king with a better, kinder government. Or in other words, finally let his Titan slaying Scouts actually become the good guys in everyone’s eyes for once; god knows hiding out gets boring after a while. In reality Erwin’s scheme is just the latest manoeuvre to retain control of Eren. With the enemy desperate enough to try and hand Eren’s abilities over to someone more psychologically malleable (with the reason still remaining shrouded in mystery), the good guys need a solution which stops this and prevents such a situation from occurring again. Thus a change in government. As far as strategizing goes it’s a pretty impressive idea, although as with most plans the devil is in the details. Coups are hard enough to pull off even with substantial support, and to do so without the spilling of blood? Yeah isn’t happening. Pixis might provide the manpower needed, but in the end it comes down to successfully recovering Historia (and Eren), and there’s no guarantee Levi and friends will manage that in time yet.

Part of the reason for this is the fact the scouts have been officially outlawed. With Erwin arrested and the maniacal Hange (who should really dump the goggles—and not just for hiding in the crowd reasons) now in nominal charge, there’s a noticeable lack of manpower for quickly breaking into the Reiss estate and recovering the damsels in distress. The enemy knows they’re coming after all, they can reasonably assume their number, and while Mikasa’s combat prowess (read: Eren-napping rage) may be unconsidered, even she can only do so much before being overwhelmed. The upcoming battle will be the most important one Levi and friends have fought to date, for failure will cost more than a simple change in kingship. Without Eren there’ll be no sealing the wall, no discovering the truth, no breaking through the collective miasma covering recent history.

It’s a pretty hefty weight for our scout squad to bear, and they’re about to quickly get the first real taste of it.




  1. I was expecting this episode to be almost all flashback judging from last week’s preview, so I’m pretty happy to be proven wrong on that. Both Historia’s and Erwin’s flashbacks were quick and to the point, and there was plenty of plot reveal otherwise. Dunno how long Attack on Titan can keep me interested without… well, the Titans, but this was a pretty well-organized episode on its own.

    1. A lot of the logical backstory probably helps for this arc. Compared to last season it’s easy to see the sense in certain decisions characters make, letting the events flow more naturally. The pacing also improves matters, but we haven’t reached the info-heavy portions of this arc yet so it’s unknown just how well this arc will work for anime-only viewers overall.

  2. Haven’t read the manga btw: but anyway, who’s to say that Historia would be on their side even if she became queen? Since technically we don’t know what Rod Reiss has in mind, and maybe Historia wants some fam time and is willing to “help him” or whatever he is wanting hm. Also Historia had questionable friend choices with Ymir, who isn’t good or bad, but definitely chaotic.

    1. That’s the thing, Erwin doesn’t know, it’s part of why he calls the gambit significantly risky and why he hints towards Historia being the one who must decide whether to replace the king. The matter of Historia’s allegiance will be dealt with shortly though as Eren’s fate (if I remember right) plays heavily into the choice she makes.

  3. So it was the Interior Police who actually remembers killing “the teacher” (Erwin’s father) and “the whore” (Historia’s mother), that leaves “the couple in the balloon” as the only flashback not explained.

    Historia’s mother was a terrible mother, it seems, not caring for her daughter at all while on the farm.

    1. The mother’s treatment is definitely terrible and surprisingly not something really explained in the manga, besides some hints emanating from a few later reveals. Pretty easy to guess though considering the fate of the mother 😛

    1. There is some sort of liquid in the stomach. But it may be connected with the bearer of the power dying. Eren didnt die. For what we gather Ymir killed Annie’s gang’s friend.

    2. Yeah I think the implication is that the bearer must die for the power to pass on. It’s why Reiner probably tried getting another Titan to eat Eren last season, since Eren was incapacitated he likely wouldn’t have recovered in time before being digested.

  4. These past episodes have been so boring.. even the opening sequence makes me want to sleep. I hope in the near future some titan just pop up out of nowhere in the middle of some political scheme and start eating people.

    Also, I don’t like how they are introducing some redshirts like Hange’s subordinates on the first episode only to have them killed while the main cast miraculously survives. It’s getting old fast. I really miss the first season.


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