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Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san – 06

「じぇーけー 水着 夏休み」 (JK / Mizugi / Natsuyasumi)
“JK, Swimsuits, Summer Break”

Episode 06 of Sunohara-sou cuts straight to the chase by introducing us to Ayaka’s younger sister Nana. She used to live at the dorms as a member of the student council, but since she graduated to high school, she passed the torch down to Yuzu and plans to camp out at the residence over the summer. Her presence adds some nice spice to the gumbo as she shares Ayaka’s same level of energy and flirtatiousness, yet is young enough to not have such an age disparity between her and Aki that wouldn’t be nearly as taboo as a relationship with Ayaka. Although she takes a liking to Aki as her pet, she takes on a big sister role for him as she goads him into getting beat at fighting games for the “Beep Boop Machine”. With a combination of Ayaka’s assets, a dark tan, and a fang, Nana has a very cute and alluring character design that definitely raises the stakes in which one of the Sunohara sisters is the most attractive.

With Nana’s introduction, her mindset provides a lot of chaos at the dorm as she mingles with the others. Yuzu particularly has a rivalry built up with Nana as she put the pressure on her in the midst of passing her title onto her. In the process, Yuzu feels like she’s constantly tested in Nana’s presence as she tries to compete against her in a battle of wits. It doesn’t help that Yuzu has gotten a recent sense of jealousy when it comes to girls that get close with Aki, driving her to act as a guardian to protect him from Nana’s wiles. Nana also has a friendly rivalry with her sister Ayaka that comes into play she competes against her in a race for Aki after Nana tries to save face when she tells them that Aki is her pet despite her sister’s own possessiveness for Aki. Ayaka was able to get the upper hand, but sadly, Aki isn’t able to get the swimming lessons that Ayaka promised him since it’s closing time by the time they wrap up their race.

Although Episode 06 was a ton of fun because of Nana’s inclusion in the fun the dorm rooms have provided so far, she brings with her two of her best friends, Mai and Uchifuji. These two school friends seem to represent the differences between the school years that Aki, his roommates and Nana belong to with how they are high schoolers that are more interested in younger guys. Because Aki fits this mold, however, this means that he is more than viable in their eyes to be a potential love interest. While it still fits a level of taboo, it’s not quite the kind that people would frown upon as heavily as if someone Ayaka’s age went after someone Aki’s age. In comparison, it might seem weird though not alarming if Nana or one of her friends were to try to get with Aki. In the next episode, we’ll learn more about them, but their main role in this one was mainly to show their direct interest in Aki. Oddly enough, their inclusion would make this more of a harem anime with how far the cast expansion is reaching in order to give Aki something to reflect on as he thinks about if he’d really be able to hold out until he’s old enough for Ayaka.


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August 12, 2018 at 3:30 pm
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