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「お化け 宿題 まっさーじ」 (Obake / Shukudai / Massage)
“Ghosts, Homework, Massage”

With the latest episode out, new tidbits of Nana’s personality and mindset come into the fold in many amusing ways. She continues to solidify being the more mischievous equivalent of Ayaka who revels in teasing Aki and Yuzu whether its through frightening them after a horror movie or testing their athletic capabilities. This episode places emphasis on the good-natured fun that comes from her sense of humor as she’s willing to back down from moving her workout machines outside of the storage closet after Ayaka vetoes the decision right away, and is willing to compete on the pull-up bar despite it being Yuzu’s expertise. She also has a large weakness in not having as much sway in what goes on in the residence as Ayaka does since her push to hide her expensive workout gear from Ayaka comes back to bite her as she catches her and gives her a stern lecture about her consumption habits.

What stood out plenty within the episode as well is how close Aki has been getting towards Ayaka. His efforts to try to help her out more lead him to having numerous chances at getting close to her. Although he was flustered at Ayaka’s gardening attire, he ended up taking on Yuri’s advice to learn how to massage her in ways that make Sumire surprisingly pleased. Ayaka initially calls Aki a pervert for moving so quickly to her lower back, but she also got dangerously hooked in once he started implementing what Yuri taught him. At another point, a game of King’s Game shifts swiftly into the Pocky game where Ayaka and Aki have to share a stick of Pocky, racing down to the end. Even though Aki pulled away before their lips could meet, they gave viewers who like the Ayaka and Aki exchanges a lot to work with.

It was a very enjoyable episode with Nana and Ayaka, but there were some other standout characters this time around as well. Yuzu’s mastermind act is as funny as usual, and it was nice to see Yuzu and Aki try to brave a horror movie together as it allows them to compare and contrast how they handle scary situations and ghost stories. Nana’s friends Mai and Uchifuji are a little hard to get used to as they go into stranger danger territory quickly with how obsessed they are with younger boys. Nana tries not to let them get too far, and the King’s Game helps to at least break the ice so that their screentime is more about how they’re caught off-guard with Ayaka’s aura, so luckily there’s a chance for them to come into their own as time progresses in the show.


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August 19, 2018 at 3:16 pm