「罪」 (Tsumi)

Ladies and gentlemen, let the secret spilling commence. While a good deal of mystery remains for shock and awe later on (*cough* next arc) SnK certainly dropped the bomb this week by both explaining Eren’s actual origins as a Titan and showing/confirming Erwin’s (father’s) hypothesis of mass memory manipulation. Oh and Mikasa’s unfortunate family relation, but I think we know where everyone’s attention went this time around. The best part though? It only gets crazier from here.

It’s been known from the start that Eren obtained his Titan powers from his father, but never the reason why. Why endow a seemingly random child with awesome power and then disappear without a trace? This question may still lack an answer (for now), but the flashback evidence certainly fills in some of the blanks. Papa Yeager gave Eren the Titan power so Eren could eat him and obtain the power dear daddy-kins stole from the Reiss family. Considering the potency of the power Grisha acquired it’s easy to see why he would want it—and why the Reiss patriarch is determined to take it back—but to be a broken record it still comes down to why. What need does the guy have for memory manipulation, why desire to pass it off to your son who’s wholly ignorant to the entire situation? SnK may have squared a few circles in explaining Eren’s past, but this only raises more questions you can be sure the show will take its sweet time in extracting answers from. Got to keep everyone on pins and needles somehow after all.

The nature of this Titan power though does lead to some interesting conclusions considering it’s now been effectively confirmed that the collective history of everyone within the walls has been deliberately sealed away as per Erwin’s belief. Considering such blatant acts like this are done out of fear instead of spitefulness—i.e. to minimize a threat to one’s position—the question becomes how keeping everyone ignorant preserves the current order, and for that there’s only one logical answer: there’s something beyond the walls the true leadership doesn’t want anyone to discover, something which could likely upset the entire social order. Whether this danger is living or not is anyone’s guess at this stage, but with Eren’s father out to steal the very thing responsible for societal peace for some shady reason (not to mention the frenzied fear of discovery from the former leadership), my bet is firmly on the former.

There’s a major reveal SnK is slowly working towards, one which will upset the entire known order, and one which few will likely see coming. Getting to it though requires a free and screaming useful Eren, so you know what’s coming first. That’s right boys and girls, pepper your angus: it’s rescue time.

Random Tidbits

Might be minor, but I like how the remnants of Erwin’s black eye was still kept in his appearance this week. Too often continuity in these instances is abandoned in favour of speediness (time is money after all), so having the animators care enough to show Erwin’s recovery is a really nice touch.

Also it may not have been mentioned it above, but pay attention to Kenny’s subordinate’s speech. We may know how the rescue is going to end (given Eren’s importance and all that), but I bet the manner of it will prove surprising for some.




  1. Imma gonna lock myself in my room for an entire week with No NET !
    I’m pretty in whatever hole I step in (Reddit,. Forums, even blog’s side chat,etc) I will run into some BS spoiler. So yeh time to practice Caveman OP !

    1. Oh yeah the spoilers will be plentiful (I really have to be careful how I word certain things for this reason), but if you’ve managed to avoid them up to now you should be fine considering how long people have had to spread them 😛

      1. I got stung by spoilers pretty hard once . I actually randomly read some side blog chatbox and behold some as…. just outright spoiled the ending of Code Geass R2 just 1 hour after it had aired !!!! All that suspense, excitement,etc gone in a blink of an eye and I was just angry like a raging boar ! Although that was 10 years ago, but the awful memory still lives with me ^^.
        Thus I’m so wary of spoilers and limite my vision like those carriage horses back in the day, so I don’t end up reading some BS accidentally !

      2. Hah! I don’t blame you in that case, I’ve been spoiled too much in such manner before as well XD
        You may have to wait a bit though, the major spoilers won’t be featured in the show until the next arc so there’s lots of time for dicks to be dicks haha.

  2. Those were some startling revelations. We almost certainly haven’t heard the full story from Rod Reiss, as even in the flashback you can see Grisha pleading (perhaps to get them to engage with the invading Titans?). Regardless, it sure was dark of him to have killed the children too.

    One thing I’m curious about is the nobles being unaffected by the memory wipes. If their blood makes them immune, why could Frieda make Historia forget their meetings? Shouldn’t her royal blood make her immune too?

    1. There’s always the possibility she doesn’t actually have royal blood though. Compare Historia’s blonde hair to Rod Reiss and his other kids for example, the colour difference is not something you’d expect from direct progeny. Also possible the immunity only relates to those who hold/have held the memory manipulation power (and the nobles are naive thinking they’re special), but that’s not as likely as the former IMO.

  3. As the story keeps going about Memory Manipulation. The conspiracy theory: I’m feeling it’s like Maze Runner all kept in the walls until they reallly reallly explore outside the world. Some big human social experiment or something Matrix.

    Still that basement though. I can’t wait to see what is in there. Will the backstory be explained?

    Dexter Sayas

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