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「さよなら生徒会長 / オカケン・ウィッチ・プロジェクト / 顔面凶器」 (Sayonara Seitokaichou / Okaken Witch Project / Ganmen Kyouki)
“Goodbye, Student Council President / Oka-ken Witch Project / Face of Mass Destruction”

When we last saw the Vice President, it was during a flashback when she scared the lights out of the entire student body in a bid to get them to vote for the President. When we finally get to see her without a scary filter, however, she looks entirely different, putting on a large layer of make-up and styling her hair to look trendy and hip. In fact, she appears at the least threatening figure in the student council as she’s been able to make several trips to the boy’s school, also known as “Opposite-san” for specific reasons. It’s easy to catch on that she’s going specifically to have sex with all six members of their student council, supposedly resulting in a violent bloodbath that happened at some point in Opposite-san’s future, but she spends a good amount of time just trying to relax and find ways out of the work she does so she can give the entire load to the President.

That is… until the truth comes out where she looks completely different without her make-up. Where her appearances as a threatening Sadako-esque figure suddenly makes sense with how intimidating she looks without it. This rings true with the crux of her dilemma as her efforts to cover for the President go from trying to hide her face from the Pastimers Club desperate for their movie to be aired with as many edits as they can make to knocking a visiting member of the Opposite-san student council out cold twice after he was outright terrified of the monstrous appearance she seemed to have sans make-up. Although the other introduced cast members have had funnier quirks, her struggle to try to cover for the ever-increasing problems she faces made for some funny hijinks in this episode. Her kneeing the Opposite-san student another time at the very end in response to his insult was yet another episode-ender that packs a huge punch in the comedy department.

While the Vice President was featured in a majority of the segments, many of the other cast-members shone through the brightest. The President herself had a breakout moment as she used her power to trick the Vice President into staying behind while she made her way to Opposite-san with hopes of getting as much “action” as her VP was. Unfortunately for her, the Occult Club placed a seed of doubt in her head as she had her eat a candy they made, causing her to have a mind trick played on her that made her sick. Speaking of the Occult Club, they were great in this episode as Oka-san and Agrippa had cute bonding moments while coming up with their cookies made with Agrippa’s grandmother’s magical essence that ended up transforming their teacher into a zombie addicted to cookies.

Maeda’s butt-lasers made their triumphant return as well, turning heads as his genuflection ended up boring a laser through the walls of the school, and Olivia’s investigative skills she learned from Kindaichi were also very funny. Olivia’s brother’s appearance in this episode was his funniest yet as he ends up driving an enthused VP to show the side of her face without makeup as he drones on about the Pastimers Club’s movie in a surprisingly eloquent manner. The effort he gave in giving a thorough film studies analysis to their movie combined with his creepy breathing when they’re trying to restrain the perceived killer of Opposite-san’s student council member ended up being absolutely hilarious as was the rest of the episode. I’m curious about what the Art Club looks like judging from their poster that looked like a Parasyte with breasts. Next time around, it’d be exciting to see what becomes of the Culture Festival movie now that they had to cut out so many of the scenes, including one where the Kewpie Doll was going to be shoved into a butt.

September 16, 2018 at 4:21 pm