“Heat Stroke”

「熱中症」 (Netchuushou)

Quick Recap: Quite the educational episode, highlighting the way that cells are affected when they cannot operate at an ideal temperature, as well as the bodies various mechanisms designed to control said temperature. The water reserves had mostly dried up, bringing on a bodily crisis which was depicted as a drought. At first, it didn’t seem too bad with Red Blood Cell wearing a vest and the platelets struggling to reach the barley tea. Then things quickly took a turn for the worst, where the body was rendered unconscious. From what I understood, the body shut itself down to limit the usage of any remaining water. Also, the bacteria this episode wouldn’t have been a significant threat if not for the fact that White Blood Cell was being impaired by higher temperatures. However, there’s a saviour at the end of the day. It amused me to see the occurrence of divine intervention, in the form of a drip feed. I’m not usually one for these kinds of plot devices, but the context of humour mixed with reality makes it permissible for me. All in all, a really enjoyable episode! Though I personally wish there was less focus on the bacteria chase, and more on the kinds of effects that were occurring in other places of the body.

“Hemorrhagic Shock (Part 1)”

「出血性ショック(前編)」 (Shukketsusei Shokku (Zenpen))

Hypovolemic Shock (1) and (2) – two of the best Hataraku Saibou chapters to date. You would think that the BLACK spinoff is where all the dark stuff happened. But we find out that it isn’t entirely reserved for the spinoff, because life-threatening injuries make their appearances in the mainline series as well. Everything starts off all fine and dandy – Red Blood Cell gets a new kouhai who she shows around the body! Despite trying her absolute best, it becomes really clear that she’s rather inept, not to mention her kouhai looks to be more competent than she is and secretly looks down on her. Nevertheless, there comes an opportunity for Red Blood Cell to display her mettle. Namely how she can deal with a catastrophe of the likes never seen before. I’m not exactly sure if the animators were aiming for that angle, but the actual disaster itself is reminiscent of the Hiroshima bombing witness accounts – particularly the flash of light in the sky that gradually blinded out everything else, before leaving nothing but destruction in its wake. Welcome to the post-apocalyptic world, and death is ultimately a possible outcome.

How will the human body fare against this potential extinction crisis? Who knows. They say it’s in times of crisis like these, that we see the truth about people’s characters. Where we find out who will be the heroes to back you up, as well as who will be the cowards to slink into the shadows of oblivion. I’m sure that even if it is lights out, the body will continue putting up one heck of a fight. Unfortunately, we’re left on a cliffhanger and will have to wait until next week to find out what happens. Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. Otherwise, sorry about the delays. I wanted to get the Fall Preview out on time, which caused me to put Episode 11 on the backburner. Additionally, I moved back to university a few days ago, which ate into a lot of my time. But I hope you didn’t mind, and if you did mind, I’m extremely sorry! Still, thanks for reading my post as always, and hope to see you in a week’s time for the finale!



    1. First the Body need to regain conscious, right now the subconscious are in control or instincts if you want to use this name.. The will of Life is strong and the Body now do all means necessary to keep on living.

      First they need to delivery the Oxygen aka fix asap the Tunnels and such that the remain red blood can do their work without sacrifice limbs and other worse case scenarios

  1. …. did I know that you skipped a week and didn’t cover 11?? … I usually keep tabs on these things but this post comes as a surprise to me.

    If you think about it, being a senpai in this body isn’t very deserving. The new rookie already knows everything about the body by this point? If so, what use is there for a senpai on the job at all? Except maybe to help her be familiar with getting around, which we know Red Blood Cell is poor at doing but is steadily improving.

    1. There is an World inside this Anime.. They look like Humans, they speak like Humans and their behave like Humans.. So being Senpai and Kohai seems like what humans do

      So in short, do not think to earnest or deep about this.. Enjoy this world

  2. Ok, you have to stop calling this thing educational… and call things by what they are… this is entertainment. If you took immunology 101 you would know this is far from reality.
    For example, Neutrophils only live for a few hours once activated… that neutrophil keeps being there and being activated.

    There is a doctor reviewing these episodes… if you want to really learn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnvgQCavmkM

  3. Episode 13 (end):

    – i liked it

    – Gome-ne fo being this late into this anime.

    – 2nd season when? I like to see another one.. Perhaps with Adrenalin-Kun and other cells or even hormone-chan

    – I hope if there will be an 2nd season (go buy the BD’s) they stay true to their style here.


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