“Hemorrhagic Shock (Part 2)”

「出血性ショック(後編)」 (Shukketsusei Shokku (Kōhen))

Continuing on from the crisis that began last episode, every cell put up the fight of their lives, hanging on for survival. But things are looking bleak, following an unexpected Red Blood Cell exodus. The body became short on staff to supply oxygen around the body, leading to an eventual death via Hypovolemic Shock. As one of the few important Red Blood Cells left in the body, RBC-chan takes it upon herself to see through the task at hand. She might be incompetent at times. But in the hour of need, she is the one who steps up with steely determination, refusing to let her resolve waver. When it mattered the most, she kept hope alive in the face of utter despair – refusing to show fear on the rocky cliff of doom or in a barren, snow-filled landscape. She remembers that the rest of her cell buddies are fighting the good fight, and that she has a responsibility to carry out her duty – be it till the very end. What’s more, it inspires her kouhai as well, who had almost lost hope herself. I’d like to think this is the moral Hataraku Saibou has been trying to impart – qui patitur vincit. This latin phrase was my high school’s motto and means ‘who endures wins’. It certainly seemed that way when RBC-chan’s perseverance was rewarded by a deus ex machina we’d know as blood transfusion – cue random Blood Cells turning up out of nowhere to save the day! As always, it amuses me to no end seeing these things that can be explained by medical science being perceived as miracles by the cells down below. Then again, if a random tube stuck out of the sky and banished a hurricane or tornado, I know I’d be equally confused yet relieved like those cells.

What else can I say? All’s well that ends well – threats are eradicated and the crisis has been averted. The body in question shall remain at peace, until another season of Hataraku Saibou makes itself known. I’d like to move onto some final thoughts about the series, which will be relatively brief. The show was relatively straightforwards at the end of the day, and often conveyed its messages in a simple manner, meaning there isn’t too much depth to dive into and analyse. Without further ado, let’s go forth!

Final Thoughts

Recently, people correctly called me out for referring to Hataraku Saibou as an educational series, and I want to give myself the opportunity to address this matter. I’m aware that at a higher level, Hataraku Saibou makes vast simplifications across the board, to the point of being factually wrong. However, this is exactly the level of content that is taught to 15-16 years old students. In class, you’re explained these concepts in a similarly rudimentary way, and it is only at a university level where the inaccuracies are properly ironed out. When I refer to this as being an educational series, it does an awesome job of breaking down the nitty gritty into a highly entertaining and easily digestible format. Relevant to students who need to take lower level Biology exams too. For that, Hataraku Saibou has my plaudits for being an educational anime – not to mention it is thoroughly engaging that it is conceivable that younger viewers may gain an academic interest which didn’t exist beforehand. We need more shows like this, to encourage the development of healthy interests towards learning.

So what’s my final consensus? Hataraku Saibou provided consistent entertainment, week-in and week-out. In short, it was heaps of good fun. As I said, we need more shows like this for the good of a younger viewing audience. However, I would hesitate to describe it as anime of the season. For me, I’m way past the age group that would highly benefit from its educational value and comedy is not difficult to pull off and has an upper threshold in terms of potential. The characters were unique and charming, but one-dimensional in their personality, though said personality typically complimented their bodily function. Although RBC underwent some character development, I’d be hard-pressed to describe it as being all that compelling. And then the animation was really bad at times… disappointing for a studio of David Productions reputation. They did a fantastic job of invoking useful influences from their previous works, but I didn’t feel the same kind of passion or charm that was present in their other shows. The charm that you saw largely came from the source material, and I personally think that David Productions could have put much more energy in further bringing this piece to life. The final product was by no means a bad one, as evidenced by this show’s popularity. But I think there was significant leg-room for improvement where animation was concerned. I will remember this series fondly, for the weekly joy it brought to my screen. That said, it never set my heart alight, so I wouldn’t be terribly dejected if a second season never got announced. Heresy, you might think! Nevertheless, I would like to see the BLACK spinoff receive an adaptation. After all, as shown by this episode, desperate plights have always possessed greater emotional gravity than situations largely played for laughs.

Anyway, I will miss these two goofy cells, because they never failed to brighten up my week whenever a new episode came out. That’s about everything I wanted to talk about, though I’m sure there’s a lot more to discuss – I want to hear your thoughts on this show! As always, thanks for reading my posts till the end and see you another time!


  1. This was actually one of the biggest shows of the Summer season in Japan. The lack of an early second season announcement is likely down to David Production having a full schedule of shows to do(Jojos Golden Wind, Strike Witches Road to Berlin, Ensemble stars etc).

  2. Some kind of CPR that create this Strong wind? external O2 Mask?

    The coldness is logical, because of lost so many blood the Body cells do not create enough heat anymore

    But Air supply still working, Heart still beating and the mighty Red Blood cells still doing their Job and the little ones patching the best they can “little by little”.. But an to big open wound they can not stop the Blood flow.. Perhaps someones is helping from the Outside with an “blood compress” from an First aid Kit (you still remember your First Aid Drive license?)
    And of course the Basics of all basics.. CPR

    1. But if you think i deeper, then perhaps this Coldness is done on purpose to cool off the Body to prevent losing to much Blood.. to slowdown the Blood flow, until they can provide with fresh blood…

      Well, this all knows the Host Body or manga-ka/Director… also the Time that flows in this Show


      An Good Show

    2. The increased breathing is actually just another part of hemorrhagic shock, the worse you get the faster you breathe. It’s the same kind of mistake your body makes as increasing blood flow and just making the hemorrhaging worse, your body mistakenly interprets the lack of oxygen going around to be due to intake and not circulation.

  3. …it was heaps of good fun…

    Yes, that’s what an educational series should be; learning should be
    fun and entertaining. There are those who believe otherwise, but I say
    F* them! That’s how kids learn, and have always learned. </rant>

    Anyway, really going to miss this series. It definitely taught me
    a couple of things, too…

  4. I teared watching this episode and reading this entry. As a blood donor, it’s heartening to know that you are making a difference to a stranger. In the words of Pods 153 and 042, “… your data will be used to help someone somewhere around the world. You will not know who you’re helping or receive any thanks. Your data may even be used to help someone who you hate most.”

    One thing about Hataraku Saibou is that for a lot of the contrived ass pull deux machina is actually deus ex medicinae. In other context it is unwarranted or seen as shoddy work, here it pulls of since its grounded in SCIENCE BABY!!!

    I inow technically there’s no MVP in the body but for their cuteness and loli-shota innocence, these combat pioneers really carry out their duty no matter what dangerous situation it is.

    Henrietta Brix
  5. Kind of an awkward ending, especially for a season finale. I should be clear, what HAPPENED in the ep was great for a finale, but it was the way it was executed. The transfused red blood cells popped in just as abruptly and silly as they did in the manga, though I suppose you can’t very well introduce them gradually if you tell this story 100% through the cells’ perspective. As a result, the happy ending took up only the last minute and a half, with the rest taken over by total dread.

    Overall, this show looked to be the jewel of Summer 2018, and it delivered! i enjoyed it so much! And I hope one day they’ll continue to adapt more of the manga.

      1. Last three months? The official twitter page has 111k followers(More than pretty much every show that aired in the Summer). I doubt they just appeared when the anime started airing lol.


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