Episode 47

Episode 48

「友人 / 傍観者」 (Yuujin / Boukansha)
“Friends / Bystander”

I must admit, it certainly feels like an eternity since the last time I was here with SnK. A week’s delay from the fun of work camp wireless internet, then the joys of another delay due to typhoon postponements, needless to say it’s been a crazy few weeks. Now though it’s time to return to fun of all things big and smiley as the show gets set to hit its most critical material. From here on it’s nothing but surprises.

Ignoring the short history of Kenny and aggravating teases concerning one ripped monkey—I think everyone has had plenty of time to chew on that already—the fun and games this time around hit a little closer to home. The backstory regarding Grisha Yeager was always going to come out sooner or later for example, and thanks to one infamous cadet commander (Sasha may your potatoes be ever plentiful) we got a good chunk of it. From some pretty obvious evidence Eren’s father seemingly originated outside of the walls, being found with no memories, or at least no recollection of his past. While possible Grisha was simply dispensed outside after who knows what, the shrewd might notice some similarities between Grisha’s mental state and the likes of other Titan power wielders such as Ymir who self-professedly came from outside the walls. All these power possessing individuals, from the first Reiss on downwards, came from outside known civilization, originating separate from accepted society in both time and place. Given all Titans are largely accepted as being human (or at least once being human) now too, it’s not that unlikely to assume some form of human society is present beyond the walls, and that it for whatever reason is providing the Titan material wreaking so much havoc in SnK’s world. Whether or not that society still exists of course is up for debate, but it would certainly provide one reason why Reiss and government both were desperate to keep the people ignorant of what lay beyond their borders.

Finding out this truth of course is going to come down to Eren, although this time it seems the kid is better set to actually make a difference. From successful practice runs to actively assisting in technological development, Eren has quickly progressed into something pretty damn formidable both in strength and attitude. Sure it remains to be seen whether our chronic screw-up will finally overcome the difficulties of the protagonist lifestyle once the brown stuff hits the rotary device, but that calm determination and lack of angsty screaming? You know full well he’s on the right path for once. Also a thoroughly jealous Mikasa (yes that’s a jealous face) breathing down your neck doesn’t hurt matters either. Thanks to a nearly successful kidnapping-turned-murder and a very successful coup the good guys of SnK finally have everything needed to launch a true counterattack, and this time victory is a very real possibility.

All that remains to be seen is how difficult this fight is going to be.




    1. Mikasa aside, I really support this couple . They suit each other really well based on their character, history, and where they are headed. I also like that they weren’t being shipped in the beginning to cheesy moments together. They have their own goals and support one another in their own way without being corny about it. It’s really nice to see them develop and grow to have affection for one another for the deeds done and vision. Refreshing, indeed.

  1. I wanted to cry this episode but not enough feels in the barrel. The segment on his mother was so good. I miss his mom. His dad totally scored. I’d be just as broken if I were him too.


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