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OP: 「Mob mentality」by Mili

「小鬼を殺す者」 (Saki o korosu mono)
“Goblin Slayer”

With the memes raining down and everyone and their Bowsette waifu caring grandmother voicing opinions on this season’s contentious highpoint I think we all know where we stand on Goblin Slayer by now. Even being only the second week in this show has already established itself as this season’s most provocative offering (Tokyo Ghoul train wrecks don’t count), and as highlighted this episode that fact won’t be changing anytime soon. You best learn to like the edge, because it’s only going to get sharper from here on out.

After the vivid events of last week I was expecting something similar to grace our screens this time around (if you’ve read any spoilers you know what I mean), but instead we got treated to an otherwise normal episode. Well, as normal as gritty fantasy violence can be. As expected a little history on Goblin Slayer was revealed, with the guy originating from a quaint little village home to the always cute (and ever voluptuous) childhood friend who also provides lodging while our iron-clad terminator takes care of business. Even without reading the light novels it’s easy to guess what might have transformed a pouty brat into the (goblin) devil incarnate: something small and green tried acquainting themselves with the Slayer’s friends and family, resulting in a transformation yielding the monster before us. Obviously a little more complex than that of course, but Goblin Slayer’s routine and his single-minded focus tells the tale more than any info dump ever could. This guy is on a mission from God, and no one is going to stand in his way.

Beyond the stark portrayal of goblin slaying though, what particularly makes this simple setup work are the quirks of the characters involved. For example I’ve already mentioned Goblin Slayer’s morning routine, but I like how the guy possesses a no nonsense, few words spoken personality which is engrained enough to eat with his armour on—say what you will, but that shows some serious dedication to the mission. Likewise our little Priestess has also grown with a commitment to helping her new partner and an unflinching willingness (well, mostly unflinching) to using otherwise “pure” magic/prayers in roles they weren’t originally intended for. It’s a good bit of personality for a largely one track show, and one small highlight which eliminates some of my concern about things only being about the visual (and visceral) satisfaction of impaling small green things on long pointy sticks. If Goblin Slayer and Priestess have some backstory explanations awaiting us, you can bet the rest of our yet unnamed cast will too, and such discovery ensures the inevitable goblin slaying will be that much more impactful when it happens.

One way or another there’s a story plan in place when it comes to this fantasy bloodletting, and likely not a moment too soon. With another chunk of our cast looking set to join with our licensed exterminator, you can bet the green pointy eared fun and games are not far behind.


ED Sequence

ED: 「銀の祈誓」 (Gin no Kisei) by Soraru



      1. It says alot about Goblin Slayer that it is considered a spoiler that a female character is NOT raped and murdered!

        All jokes aside, I do appreciate that the anime is not hiding the fact that aweful things happen, while at the same time toning it down a little and not using it for titilation.

  1. This episode is actually fairly subdued compared to the source material, IIRC.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. After huge uproad of episode 1… I’m guessing WhiteFox went the safe way.

      Though it’ll make me rage more at the goblins if they really showed what happened to the previous party.

      That said… Let’s just gas and exterminate the goblins

      Henrietta Brix
      1. You do realize companies don’t just “react” to things in a week. It’s impossible to assume that they redid scenes in a weeks time if you know anything about how long it takes to actually produce an anime. Them leaving that out was most likely a decision they made when drafting the episodes a long time ago, or they could have just moved that scene to another episode. Anyways, an episode does NOT change after a week. The only thing I see different from last time with them responding to the outcry is that they actually put a “Viewer Discretion Advised” warning in the beginning….which TBH….First episode needed a hell lot more since apparently there was no warning. So that’s their own fault.

    1. Short answer? Yes. Power of friendship, Priestess, Guild Girl and Cow Girl all trying to draw Goblin Slayer out of his shell, Goblin Slayer becoming a *little* more civilized, etc.

      Considering the way the volumes go and that Goblin Slayer looks to be one cour….

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. let’s see if they
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Well a huge part of the story is focused on Goblin Slayes reagaining his humanity after all the crap the goblins did to him, the guy is broken and more than a little of crazy but he’s not beyond hope.

      3. I suspect that they are going that fast mainly to introduce the party seen in the previous episode’s trailer. Getting them on screen might have been seen as a priority compared to the fate of the Steel Party (which they allude to but do not explicitly state as a bone thrown to the LN/Manga readers).

        Perhaps they will slow down a bit in the future to add more character development and tension.

        Show Spoiler ▼

      1. If it didn’t happen in this episode or a prior one but will happen in a future one (and you’re stating it as a known fact as opposed to speculation) then yes. And that would apply to comments saying that a huge focus of the upcoming story is one thing or another. Let the animators tell the story.

  2. Ugh, that cowgirls voice. Does her seiyuu make JAV for the deaf or something? Gave me tinnitus. Same for the OP and ED. Shold’ve juat made it instrumental. As for the content – was okay, I guess. Nothing special. I’m just waiting for the party to form. Less graphic than last week, though that probably won’t stop the feminazis on Twitter.

  3. An uneven 2nd episode as they rush through the source material to get to the start of the “real” adventure with the full GS party. Fair amount of backgroud information and a good part of tactical side of the fight with the goblins in the old elven fort was heavily cut or left out entirely. Hopefully the speed will slowdown in the coming episodes so there is enough time to tell the story properly

    1. They also cut a lot of Guild Girl’s stuff, which sucks because she’s great and helps to ground Goblin Slayer a bit more. She’s good to show that he’s just a little more Batman than Terminator, plus her crush is adorable.

      Hope the anime isn’t trying on purpose to make the series more serious than it already is.

    2. I dunno. I’m good with the level of information they’re providing now. I don’t feel that I need to know any more of what happened in that fight than I learned here. I presume we’ll see and hear more from the guild girl as we go forward, so it’s all good. Not looking for Goblin Danmachi. This episode had plenty of stage setting. That said, I thought it was well done in an understated ‘put all of them to the torch’ kind of way.

      Where two of the females are concerned, I find it more interesting how they struggle with their roles… the Priestess as she learns the most brutal combat skills that the goblin slayer has developed, feels compelled to stifle her feelings for the doomed rookie squads, and then go out and pervert the blessed magicks that she was granted for entirely other purposes.

      Or the guild girl, perfectly postured and smiling warmly as she accepts jobs or chats up the adventurers, but the moment she’s not being watched, she sags beneath the weight of it all. And the despair she feels when, seemingly daily, rookie squads dismiss her warnings, and head out, never to return.

      I like the pace as I feel they’re not wasting a frame as they drive the story forward almost as relentlessly as the goblin slayer himself.

    3. Have to agree with Mockman, what we received here was good in terms of explaining some world basics and the features of certain characters. We didn’t need a good deal of tactical information to understand Goblin Slayer’s strategy for example, it was shown in practice and highlighted in the moments needing it—i.e. Priestess’ use of her new magic. Given what’s been shown so far I likewise imagine any relevant background information and world history will similarly appear when needed.

  4. I always imagined the Witch to be a Red head (seeing as she was based on Dragon’s Crown Sorceress XD) and Lancer/Spearman to be Black haired. Guts/Heavy Swords,am and Paladin are as I imagined.

  5. They left out a big scene in the Manga/LN.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Well, now you know how our Goblin Slayer works and fight. Do you still are with him? Then this is your anime. Is his world full of Hate more an annihilation of Goblins and you can not bear this? Then do not look behind and go, for your own happiness. Our Goblin Slayer here wash his hands mostly on Goblin Blood

    But if you are still unsure what to do, then it would not hurt to watch 1 more Episode

    and yes, as you can see this “Cow girl” here survived, because she was away with his Uncle at the City

    1. and she is the anchor that he still remain “Human” and care for the female Priest. Imagine he would just slay the Goblins in the Dungeon and let her behind, taken care of herself and just continue to slay Goblins…

      an Spark, that he has a bit humanity inside him

  7. @animators:

    The Car she pulled after this scene:
    Give it more bigger ones. Because bigger let use you lesser force to overcome obstacles, like rocks and such.. Imagine this tiny wheels overcome today’s sidewalk barrier.. So it would be better to have bigger ones, right?

    or make the back one Wheels bigger, so she can lift a bit the front ones to overcome this problem


  8. For some one who lived through a dramatic experience, this girl is fairly care free with her image don’t you all think? With the danger of goblins, with how those monsters raid villages and turn women into sex toys for their amusement. Yet here she is but ass naked under her sheets.

    This episode is so sharp I got bandaids all over.



    1. Well, goblins are HUGE problem for villages in that fantasy world, but nobody considers they are going to be next in line for the nightmare until is too late. Cow Girl was on the city when she lost her parents to the goblins so she didn’t get to experince the full horro of goblin raids as poor Goblin Slayer did.

    2. in the Manga Show Spoiler ▼

  9. Goblin Slayer anime (so far) in a nutshell:

    Episode 01: “Damn, that was a brutal twist for a season premiere.”
    Episode 02: “Based on the audience reaction, the last episode was so brutal, we ought to have a breather episode today.”

    Might as well enjoy these moments of fanservice before s**t hits the fan once again:
    Cow Girl? More like Cow Tits, amirite? Hehe…

    That hot witch (trope!)… Though I can’t help but wish for Sword Maiden to make a cameo in the season finale at the very least. (Yes, I’ve read the manga up to chapter 28–the latest unofficially translated one–and… Damn.)

    Hope they give High Elf Archer a nice behind, just like the SAO character she was based on.

    Can’t wait to see if next week’s episode will be as no-holds-barred as the first. BTW, is Goblin Slayer usually broadcast in Japan during the “Otaku-o-clock” timeslot? (Late nights from 11 PM to 1 AM, IIRC.)

  10. It pains me to see how Goblin Slayer is treated like an outcast and weirdo by almost everybody when he’s doing such an important work for thsoe defenseless people, hell, most adveturers don’t take goblin slaying quests because they are really dangerous and the pay is very low. At least Priest, Guild Girl and Cow Girl know he’s a real hero, that’s got to count for something.

    1. Well, he isn’t really that sociable. And his zeal on a single type of foe probably means he hardly parties up with anyone on other quests. The only impression he makes to anyone is by his looks. Just by hearing what everyone is saying you can tell that that isn’t helping his image at all.

  11. I’m probably in the minority, but I found Cow Girl’s voice very jarring. I guess I’m too used to hearing Iguchi Yuka voice flat-chested imouto-ish characters (I’m looking at you, Index and Tsukihi) that hearing her voice her really broke my immersion.

    Elf-chan as well, for that matter. I was expecting a spunkier tone based on her manga depiction. And what’s with all the lip gloss? o__o

    1. You’re not the only one. I didn’t expect Cow Girl’s voice and, frankly, I didn’t like it. For a moment I thought that she was still speaking from her childhood flashback, but no, that was her adult voice.

  12. One of the more interesting, under-discussed aspects of the second episode is actually the Priestess as a character. What drives her to continue to follow Goblin Slayer, even if his methods themselves call her faith into question? And I think it’s a very interesting direction, to have the holy nun nice girl archetype to question why her goddess permits her to use her powers in such cruel, un-merciful ways, in the very ways that feel wrong to her moral conscience even if she agrees with the reasoning of the GS on an intellectual level. I do hope we get more about the crisis of faith that the Priestess may well be going through, instead of this being a one-off incident.

  13. What I find interesting is four VAs plays the characters from Encouragement of the Climb:

    1. Yui Ogura (Priestess) plays Kokona
    2. Nao Toyama (Elf Archer) is Honoka
    3. Yuka Iguchi (Cow Girl) voices Aoi
    4. Yoko Hikasa (Witch) plays Kaede

    Small world. They just need Kana Asumi.

  14. Ep 03:

    I would say, this Episode 03 is an good entry for peoples that do not like the Dark Theme of the first two ones, but then they miss the “drive” of our Main Hero. Sure its hard to bear, but seems like you still are here and walked this path

    Welcome, in an dark world where not all is shiny and easy.. i still wonder what manga parts they want to animate.. i look forward for this dark theme world, but be warned this is not your every “stroll in the park” anime. Blood, Gore and … you will see

  15. After seeing the flashback it seems that the uncle knew about the impending attack on the village and got the girl out of there before it happened, seeing the look on his face there. The Author DID mention that there were bigger forces at play, the humans probably have been doing stuff that as a side effect, piss off the goblins. It also seems hes pretty afraid of the Goblin slayer, as i afraid he’d find out the truth.


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