「思いがけない来客」 (Omoigakenai raikyaku)
“Unexpected Visitors”

Who knew at the start of this season that fall’s defining meme would be goblins. Shrewd goblins, evil goblins, hell even voluptuous goblins, it’s a cornucopia of green and pointy right now, and when even SAO is now getting in on all things goblin you know you’re living in interesting times. As for the progenitor of it all, well, no real surprises. When it comes to Goblin Slayer it’s goblin 24/7 and you better like it because darling, there’s no brakes on this goblin train.

While no vivid displays of Christmas colours made our acquaintance this week (don’t worry, that’s coming next time), Goblin Slayer certainly didn’t waste for effort by introducing us to the other side of this mass murdering freak show, and oh boy what a show it was. High Elf (or just Elf the movie, because Christmas is almost here and she’s about as curvaceous as one of Santa’s little helpers) is obviously going to be winning points here for the 2000 year old youngling act and those hilarious bit of drunken shenanigans—not to mention lembas bread—but add on our dwarf and his complementary amusement to things? Yeah, now we’re going places. I never expected Goblin Slayer to feature a good bit of comedy considering its edgy appearance (read: all dark, all the time), but the way our new cast plays off against Goblin Slayer’s single minded focus and Priestess’ almost motherly care for the guy really gives the show a life of its own. There’s a lot of life here beyond the eye popping bloodshed and provocative imagery, which ensures that when Goblin Slayer does return to its roots, the intended effect will be that much better overall.

As for bringing back Goblin Slayer’s thematic namesake we won’t have long to wait before seeing the goods. If elven (well, lizard) foreshadowing is to believed, there’s a massive goblin infestation encroaching on elven lands, and rather than cause an international uproar by mobilizing the army, the pointy ears decided to send in the mercs adventurers to take care of the problem. Given the dropping of details like goblin lords and kings and the origins of their species you can bet quite a bit of interesting scenes await us in the future, especially considering this nest is supposedly nothing like the brief forays we’ve seen up to this point. This little excursion is going to see some crazy before all is said and done, because if there’s one thing funny talking magicians tell me, it’s that nothing good ever comes from pathological nutcases wielding unknown powers.

We’ve got some fun awaiting us next episode, and even if we don’t know exactly how it’s going to play out, you can bet the body count is going to be awesome—crazy elf archery guarantees it.




  1. Best anvil is finally here!

    Seriously, though, this is what I mentioned in the first episode’s comments: while the darkness and the brutality never go away, the tone and implications of the series change radically when Gandalf, Legolas and Gimli… I mean, Lizardman, High Elf and Dwarf are introduced. Now this is a real party, in every sense of the word.

    Also, I like the moment when High Elf and Goblin Slayer discuss the setting. She’s clearly worried about this demon lord that may pose a threat to the world, and she seems righteously offended when Goblin Slayer is all “No goblins? I don’t care”. And yet, he’s not wrong: while kings and heroes make plans to stop the demons, goblins are still a threat for villages and peasants. Someone has to defend them.

    Who knew at the start of this season that fall’s defining meme would be goblins. Shrewd goblins, evil goblins, hell even voluptuous goblins, it’s a cornucopia of green and pointy right now, and when even SAO is now getting in on all things goblin you know you’re living in interesting times.

    Indeed. Even a recently discovered dwarf planet was nicknamed ‘The Goblin’ by astronomers.
    Goblin Slayer’s theory about the moon might not be so far-fetched after all XD


    1. So I guess in the LotR analogy, Goblin Slayer would be Aragon or Boromir? That would make Priestess Frodo (or Sam, perhaps the hobbits collectively) and Show Spoiler ▼

      I have always considered Goblin Slayer to be more of a character study. It is not the tale of epic adventure with the fate of the world in the balance. That is literally someone else’s story, something that the Light Novel pokes fun at.

      His answer to the Demon Lord’s army is very telling; yes the Demon Lord is a big problem but ignoring all the more local problems because of him simply means that you achieve a pyrrhic victory. The Big Bad may be dead but the Frontier is teeming with goblins and most of the farms that feed the populace have been overrun.

      1. His answer to the Demon Lord’s army is very telling; yes the Demon Lord is a big problem but ignoring all the more local problems because of him simply means that you achieve a pyrrhic victory. The Big Bad may be dead but the Frontier is teeming with goblins and most of the farms that feed the populace have been overrun.

        The series has already deconstructed the economics of an adventurers guild (goblin quests are for greenhorns because villages can’t afford better, whereas strong adventurers will go for the big prizes), so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s deconstructing feudal society too.

        As callous as it is to say, from the point of view of royals and nobles, they can afford the destruction of several villages. Sure, many peasants will die, food production may suffer, but it’s not as if the higher-ups are going to die of hunger as long as there’s some food around. It may not be even a pyrrhic victory in their eyes: if demons win, countries will fall and everyone will die. If goblins win, many peasants will die, but… They’re peasants. They have reserves.

        It’s the same mindset that makes most people in the guild not care too much about goblin quests. A pity about the farmers, but if they don’t have the money…

  2. Hearing Yuki Aoi with her crazy voice at the beginning results in me hoping that she appears as a Tanya like killing machine, but doesn’t look like it from the cast list.
    Also I think Mamiko Noto would have made a better Sorceress.

      1. Oh didn’t know that she was expecting. My “illusion” is shattered. 😀
        Hm, can’t comment on that Yoko Hikasa character since I haven’t watched any of the Working anime.

      1. The character she voice is not yet identified in the anime yet. In the Light Novel, she’s identified as Show Spoiler ▼


  3. I’ve read the manga prior to the anime being announced, and I couldn’t be more than happy to watch the camp scene being animated. Lizardbro especially with his newfound discovery of cheese.

    Also the High Elf’s ear wagging was so adorably cute, it should be a crime!

  4. Who directed this episode? Some of the angles during the talk with the magician girl were fantastic, the scene cuts were interesting, the music was good enough for me to notice it (which is kind of rare), and the voice acting was on point.

    And Lizardman is voice by the Gintama guy? Shit, sign me up. Totally different from his Gintoki or Joseph Joestar, but still quality.

    1. A quick google search suggests the episode director was Mamoru Hosoda, the guy who did the 6th One Piece movie and The Boy And The Beast, I wonder if that’s accurate. I love both of those.

    2. Funny thing is that the angles during Priestess and Witch’s talk were faithful to the source. They like to play with the fact that Witch is so stupidly hott that even girls can’t help checking her out, especially one-on-one.

  5. Lore-wise, are the goblins connected to the greater picture of the demon invasions and the demon king’s rise?
    The goblins certainly act more like demonic monsters (with intelligence) here.

    1. There isn’t anlot of deep lore presented for the series so far, but I’ve always wondered if the Goblins were an end run by the gods of darkness to weaken the Praying Races. The fact that they prey upon the weak lynchpins of society and kill a number of potential heroes in training makes them unusually effective in weakening society.

      The fact that they have to rely on females of other races just supports them taking a chunk out of the peasantry and weakening society in a way that is unlikely to be noticed.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. The name used by High Elf Archer for Goblin Slayer, Orcbolg in Elvish means Goblin Slayer and was used for a magical sword in Lord of the Rings. The Goblin/Orcs in LOTR were made by the chief Evil God (Sauron’s boss) from Elf’s and breed in part from captured women. Saurman breeds Orcs with captured human women for Half-Orcs.
        This story’s Goblins just like a lot of other stuff are borrowed from Lord of the Rings directly or from Dungeons and Dragons which borrowed heavily from LOTR.
        So Goblins are created by an Evil God to be evil and cannot be good and use rape to reproduce which is one way they are thought to reproduce in Lord of the Rings.
        There are even two Goblin Slayer elvish brothers who go on a many century killing sprees of killing Goblins/Orcs after rescuing their mother from “Torment” when she was captured by Goblin/Orcs.
        So the raping Goblins and the obsessed Goblin hunters are all Tolkien story elements. I doubt Peter Jackson could film that part of the story currently.

      2. *Tolkien Geek Mode on*

        In both the films and books, goblins first appear in the Mines of Moria (Fellowship of the Ring). They also appear in The Hobbit. (Goblin-town, anyone?).

        I guess the only differences between Orcs and Goblins are the size (Goblins obviously being smaller than Mordor Orcs) and their choice of habitat (Goblins preferring caves and abandoned mines–which often put them at odds with the Dwarves).

        *Tolkien Geek Mode off*

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Goblin%20Slayer/Goblin%20Slayer%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2003.jpg
    I can’t believe High Elf Archer (2,000 y/o) is much older than GATE‘s Rory Mercury (961 y/o)!

    Goblin Slayer: “I wanted to slay…”
    High Elf Archer: “Yeah, I think I can guess.”

    Looking forward to see GS ripping and tearing through goblins in the next episode (High Elf Archer scoring a triple kill aside). Better get that DOOM (2016) music playlist ready… (Off-Topic: Managed to play the aforementioned game at a cyber cafe, enjoyed the “Glory Kills” a bit too much.)

  7. This is not something unique to this series, but I always enjoy when a loner finally gets people nice, stupid, and/or crazy, but always-competent, people to join his or her party and acknowledges his or her skill. Its especially satisfying when other supposedly competent people have s—ed on said character.

    1. Yeah, the party thing is big. Witch shows that people do acknowledge that GS does something important for the world, but most just don’t like to admit it. What kind of high-rank badass wants to acknowledge that while he’s off being cool, insignificant little goblins could have popped out of the ground and killed his mother if an obsessed weirdo hadn’t stopped them? So they focus on the part where he’s undeniably a little nuts.

      They mostly skipped it last episode, but GS is just about the opposite of what a Silver Ranked should be: they’re all about getting lots of money to hunt the biggest thing around so they can have sparkly gear and that nobles and royalty will love them. GS does dangerous as hell work for change, is all about being practical, doesn’t care about appearance, and wouldn’t know a princess if one tripped over him. The trade-off is that people like Guild Girl and the commonfolk know adventurers are mostly in it for the money, so they love GS.

      But yeah, this is the start of spme much-deserved respect for Mr. Goblin Slayer.

  8. So…are the Gods DnD or Space Battles forumites doing a campaign?

    Hot Witch doing an onee-san bit with the Priestess? Makes you wonder how long she has been observing GS and trying to mitigate the bad feelings aroused in other adventurers?

    So…the Goblins came from the green moon? Or could they be degenerated Orks who came down as spores?

    It was touching when GS said that his sister was never wrong.

    1. More DnD from what I understand. The world runs itself without their immediate attention, but they can jump into a “campaign” they find interesting to try and “help” or make it more “exciting”.

      FYI their “help” is what happened to Priestess’s first party. Fumbles for everybody…

  9. When it comes to the review, considering the state the West is in, I’m not sure whether you’re serious or joking about Christmas being close when it’s 2 months away… As for the episode, I kind of ruined this anime for myself gobbling up the manga after the first episode. It’s rather good and only makes anime shortcomings more noticeable. Well, as noticeable as that jarring switching of GS to CG for no reason. I guess armoured characters should be easier to CG but no matter how well you do it and how much money and time it saves you, it’s still horrible when it’s one sore CG thumb in an overall good looking series. I just hope they won’t mess the fights with it.

    1. Oh I’m definitely joking with that bit haha, the comment mostly stems from the fact most major retailers start putting their Christmas products up for sale around this time now.

      As for the CGI I think it’s going to be limited to the walking scenes as the fights up to now have been entirely 2D; I doubt White Fox would change the format midway through.

  10. Goblin Slayer is a “poor” adventurer. One of the reasons the other Adventurers don’t like him is because he’s not obsessed to get flashier and better armor and weapons like they are. He’s content staying a “dirty street fighter” type and almost throwing away his weapons as soon as he gets them. You can be a lot of things as an adventurer, but like in the US Army, being poor is not one of them.

    Not that GS could use some improvement. “Heavy” cast iron, leather-with-heavy steel, or half-plate steel armor only works to enhance your muscles for a while. Things like climbing or running are harder to endure in heavy armor. And that helmet! I’ve worn a Kevlar helmet in the US Army for days while training or deployed. It gets old real quick. So did the heavy M-16 or M-4. Lighter is better. Better equipment means longer adventures, too.

    In normal D&D (Pathfinder) Goblin Slayer would be a hybrid Fighter/Ranger with Favored Enemy as Goblin. But he would also be getting lighter mithril armor, mithril chain shirts, etc and tell the blacksmith to “make it black” and start adding glamour spells and cloaking spells to the armor. GS would be a better two-handed fighter, sword-and-board (shield) works for the bigger hobgoblins, but throwing daggers with Strength enhancement at the smaller goblins is more cost-effective.

    Goblin Slayer’s tactics work while he is young and limber, but with an uncle who considers him a mad dog, there’s no retirement in store for GS. Just eventual mistakes that kill him in a goblin tunnel one day. Hopefully Priestess, High Elf, Dwarf, and Lizardman can change his attitude to accept help and be a team player getting better and better.

    1. There is another reason for why Goblin Slayer went out of his way to not use top of the line gears. He can afford the top of the line stuff, but for the sheer amount of goblin he uses, those weapons would become less effective after multiple kills. He also work with the understanding that he will eventually be kill during one of these quests, and he fully intend on not giving Goblins any more advantage were they to kill him off and get his gears.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Well, non-humans taking adventurers’ stuff and using it against them is a staple of D&D tabletop games. Adventurers do it to monsters inside the dungeons all the time. It came to a head in D&D 3.5, when the books actually gave the creatures PC levels like adventurers. I think that’s what the author is allowing here.

        It does make the point to “kill ’em early and often”, lest a goblin with a 10-year-old body and mindset grow up to become like a human adult with experience, guile, and ambition.

  11. There’s a practical reason for Witch’s stilted speech. She has to break up her sentences to insure that she doesn’t accidentally cast any spells.

    This is an issue solved in The Dresden Files where Wizards uses non-native words for their spells to prevent accidental casting. Harry Dresden uses broken Latins, and some other Wizards are more creative in their choice of language.

    1. Same idea as “tactical” canines I believe. Believe their “cue” words are foreign to whatever the handler’s native language is to avoid accidentally giving the canine a command.

    1. The scroll is a Chekhov’s Gun, and they’re rather cryptic about what it is and what Goblin Slayer had the Witch does with it. Mind you, scroll in Dungeon and Dragon setting is a single use item that’s consumed upon use. In this universe, they’re expensive and rare.


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