「ありったけの嘘を君に」 (Arittake no Uso o Kimi ni)
“All of the Lies for You”

Luckily, many of the concerns that me and other newer audiences of Seishun Buta Yarou had regarding the “misunderstanding” were assuaged by Mai talking with Sakuta to get an understanding of the situation and making sure that nothing was going on as part of the plan to fake a relationship with Koga. In the process of clearing the air, it was a chance for Mai to solidify her role in Sakuta’s life as her visit to his apartment allowed her to give Kaede a fashionable outfit as a gift. It was sweet to see how the situation hasn’t changed the dynamic between the two at all with them planning out the proper way to get started again once the fake relationship reaches its course. One scene that raised suspicion in how the route will unfold was Mai’s warning for Sakuta not to get too careless. Although he tried to reassure her that he wouldn’t cheat, her warning was most likely steering towards the possibility that Koga’s feelings might be caught in a tailspin as a result of the fake relationship.

And with how the episode ends, the warning Mai didn’t get to finish could just be what plays into Laplace’s demon getting kicked into gear once again with the level of regret Koga seemed to show after seeing the drink commercial Mai was in. In fact, Koga’s largest problem that is feeding into her Adolescence Syndrome is her addiction to validation and popularity on social media. She is outright obsessed with how others think of her, and goes out of her way to read what everyone is saying to her and about her in order to make sure that nobody has a chip on her shoulder over her. After Futaba found that time was moving normally because the source of Laplace’s demon has been pleased with the way fate has been rolling, doubt is bound to surface with the impression that Sakuta has been making on Koga. Sakuta running away with her after getting revenge on her previous admirer for spreading malicious rumors after his rejection was also a small taste of what she could have if the relationship was real. Knowing she did all of this while he was still in a relationship with Mai, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the final part of Koga’s arc being about trying to get her to accept herself before she gets too carried away in trying to keep up appearances with a fake relationship and a fake reputation to get him to stay.

With all of Koga’s flaws, however, it gives Sakuta the chance to take the front wheel by having a better opportunity to shine through as a stronger character. The humbling he received after going out of his way to help Mai had an effect on his approach to others as he has been more open to be involved with others around him. The chemistry he had with Mai helped them become a symbiotic force to be reckoned with, but since he’s trying to handle Koga’s case alone, he is able to have more judgement calls with how to control his interactions with those around him and how he handles his lack of interest in the positive or negative reputation he accrues. This attitude is what gives him better insight in handling Koga as the polar opposite of her by trying to show her that being overly concerned about reputation is limiting and crippling, especially in light of his own experiences with the Adolescence Syndrome where public opinion and social media fuels its hazardous effects. His personality is able to come out with the focus on him since the lack of comebacks he would normally get from Mai gives him the leeway to be ballsy, smug, funny, and perverted with ease. Sakuta’s interactions with Futaba seem to be bridging towards a possible confrontation between her, Kunimi, and his girlfriend, but for now, he has enough on his plate with the possibility of being sucked into another loop.



  1. McL
  2. Mai takes the initiative and leads this relationship: I can gobble up this love life between Mai and Sakuta and still ask for seconds, thirds, fourths and fifths. When the two are together it’s great seeing how Mai plays hard to get being that she is the sempai. I must say though it’s a good thing Mai is in the driver seat for this love affair, Sakuta keeps repeating “Mai lets date” and doesn’t do anything else to move the scenes along since his escapade in the third episode. You can clearly see that Mai reads into this pseudo date with Tomoe very clearly and how it reflects poorly on Mai and Sakuta’s relationship from a spectator stand point. While Sakuta being the person who doesn’t care for what the public thinks is in some ways irresponsible


    Follower not a leader: Tomoe is pretty and I don’t hate this character but I am not completely sold on her personality. Maybe it’s because she is really forcing her way in this fake date, but to that regard the jock that was trying to hook up with Tomoe isn’t even in the picture any more since that misunderstanding at school. Perhaps there is more to this than avoiding the jock.


  3. Magnus Tancred
  4. This episode presses one too many buttons… In a good way.

    I’m surprised that Sakuta was patient with her. I remembered back than as a student, I pretty much looked at these kinds of students with disgust as it seemed they are spineless and have no direction in life.

    I’ve read enough hentai to see where this is going.

    Henrietta Brix
  5. Just realized that time-looping is the ultimate yandere superpower…

    Also, much as I love the Mai/Sakuta ship, dat Futaba though…!

    The last segment pretty much explained how this arc will end, and as much sympathy Koga garners for having teenager worries and feelings, I’m excited to see her growth next episode. Also, the Friend Zone is hard.

  6. I found it funny when Koga was shocked that someone could live without a mobile phone. It’s probably normal for a teen, and I’ve probably assumed something in a similar fashion in the past, but I still find it rather amusing.

    I also know that class circles can be rather exclusive, but that exclusiveness here seems a tad extreme isn’t it? What’s wrong with helping someone?
    Can’t say I find the dynamics that led to that scene normal. Even when I don’t find it strange for someone to come up with an excuse to help someone else.

    1. More like, it’s possible to live without a smartphone, but the point still stands.

      Back in my high school (and later, college) days, I didn’t have a fancy mobile phone with MMS, color screen and camera (the big mobile phone tech thing at the time). All I had was a humble Nokia 3310 and later, a Nokia 1100 (after the former got stolen). I basically just use my mobile phone (currently a Nokia C3-01) for texting and the occasional call.

      Despite the conveniences of a smartphone (crisp image quality from the phone camera/s, instant upload to a social media of your choice, net surfing) and actually having one (a hand-me-down LG G4), I’m not too keen on using smartphones yet. One: They’re too big to fit in my pants pocket unlike my regular mobile; and two: I hate seeing ads on my smartphone with an obnoxious “download now” button.

      So yeah, I also find Koga’s reaction to living without a smartphone (or for that matter, social media) hilarious. Or maybe it’s just the modern-day generation gap.

      Side note: The entire week I was in Japan, I had no way to access the net whether via smartphone/laptop (didn’t bring/have one), a hotel computer terminal that is pricey and with a shorter usage time limit compared to back home, or even a net cafe (since I don’t know how to find one there). While having net access could have been helpful to let me know more about the places I visited (spots in Osaka, Kyoto, Himeji Castle, the Hakone area, and Tokyo), I did have more time to savor the whole experience and take better photos with an old-fashioned digital camera.

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Seishun%20Buta%20Yarou%20wa%20Bunny%20Girl%20Senpai%20no%20Yume%20wo%20Minai/Seishun%20Buta%20Yarou%20wa%20Bunny%20Girl%20Senpai%20no%20Yume%20wo%20Minai%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2006.jpg
    Can’t wait to see this scene improved in the Blu-Ray version. (That foot focus and stocking filler… Mmm!)

    Poor Tomoe landing in the “Friend Zone”… Then again, it’s hard to compete with best girl Mai at this point. That said, the cute kouhai still has her charm, and as someone who’s experienced being self-conscious in high school and even in college, I did relate a bit to Tomoe’s experience (sans the over-reliance on her smartphone). Looking forward to browsing illustrations of Tomoe showing off her cute butt.

    While I still can’t read moonrunes, I know enough to recognize a YouTube video ad’s “You can skip this ad in 5 seconds” button in any language. While it’s a non-issue on PC browsers thanks to ad-blocking extensions (Hallelujah!), it’s not the same case on smartphones and Smart TVs that have little to no ad-blocking. (REEEEEEEE!!!)


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