“Teitoku Kakine (Dark Matter)”

「垣根帝督(ダークマター)」 (Kakine Teitoku (Daaku Mataa))

Accelerator – Slightly Washed Up?

Four supernatural kids against five thousand soldiers. Who do you think would win? We all knew that prime Accelerator could defeat literal entire armies by himself. However, I think it’s been stated that his powers became limited following his close encounter with death. These days, he relies on a radio collar with 20-30 minutes of battery life that’s connected up with the Misaka Network, in order to generate under 50% of his original computation power. Obviously, he’s still a force to be reckoned with, alongside the rest of GROUP. But you wouldn’t be completely deluded for thinking that he’s a tad washed up, where his limitations were concerned. After all, MEMBER’s member managed to land a blow, even though he ultimately got exposed as a one trick pony at Accelerator’s mercy.

BLOCK’S Objective

What exactly was the business of these 5000 mercenaries? This episode, they revealed BLOCK’s aim. By infiltrating the high security prison compound, they hoped to extract Musujime’s friends and use them as a bargaining chip to access the windowless building, if not leveraging the means of transportation through Musujime herself. But things were never going to be that easy. Even with the power suits mostly deployed in Avignon, Academy City’s remaining security forces proved no laughing matter. Three scientifically advanced helicopters did most of the work when it came to taking out the five thousand men. Even excluding factional in-fighting, I don’t think BLOCK stood a chance, although it certainly helped that their leader was incapacitated by his second in command. Fact of the matter is that barring some moments of difficulty when individuals from MEMBER showed up, GROUP casually dismantled BLOCK.

Aleister’s Disposable Pawns

The skirmish between the Aztec magicians posed little relevance or interest to me, so you’ll have to pardon me for skimming over it. But speaking of MEMBER, they got overconfident and thought they could take out the two strongest espers in Academy City at the same time. Instead of bringing down two birds with one stone, it rebounded off a tree and hit them directly in the jugular. I’m not surprised that they paid the price for such folly, resulting in utter decimation. Assuming they answer to Aleister Crowley like they claimed, I doubt that he honestly believed that they stood a chance. From my perspective, MEMBER could only have been pawns in his game of playing these organisations like chess. Aleister’s goal? I can hardly tell at this point. There are going to be a lot of disgruntled people with a bone to bite when it comes to him, and I’m not sure why it’s necessary for Aleister to continue provoking powerful factions. How is he meant to fight a war against the Roman Catholic Church if he pisses off Academy City’s most powerful espers? Perhaps he possesses ridiculous powers surpassing all prior precedent and likes messing around for the shits and giggles. Or maybe he knows that his boy Touma will have him covered, when Acqua of the Posterior decides to launch his invasion.

Frenda’s Fate

On the other hand, we finally discover Frenda’s fate. She took a beating from Kakine and unable to withstand the suffering, betrays ITEM’s location to him. After which he instantly makes a beeline towards their humble abode. Considering that Kakine remained unscathed from their prior encounter, while Mugino came out much worse for wear, I can’t imagine that things will go well for ITEM this time around. We’ve only seem him flex some white wings, but that’s enough to tell us that there could be an angelic nature to his powers. For those who can remember Angel Fall, that can’t be good at all. Mugino is in for a rude surprise and I’m trying to figure out how ITEM can escape from this situation. Given the handicap that Accelerator sustained, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kakine has actually surpassed Accelerator to become the strongest esper in Academy City.

Concluding Thoughts

For all my gripes about animation and pacing, I remain optimistic that JC Staff can live up to the hype where fights are concerned. Looking at the episodic previews, it seems like Accelerator will finally face off against Kakine. No doubt, the battle to determine Academy City’s No.1 esper ranks as one of the most exciting fixtures so far among this year’s anime, and I will be extremely excited to see the outcome. Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading my post and see you next week for what will hopefully be an epic confrontation!



  1. If I remember correctly, the magician fight will actually make more sense later on. As it is pretty much a preview of another incident that’s about to occur. If I recall from the novels correctly, though I haven’t read them in forever.

    I’m hoping that the Accelerator fight is good, because that fight is going to be CRAZY.

    Dorian S.
  2. “The skirmish between the Aztec magicians posed little relevance or interest to me, so you’ll have to pardon me for skimming over it”

    That’s already the 2nd fight where they skipped the contents of what actually happened which is damn annoying. Considering that it didn’t feel like this 2nd one even added anything to the (current) main story, couldn’t they have removed it all together?
    Maybe, they will really revisit those fights later on, but as it is, they left a bad taste to me as an anime only watcher.

    Maybe I just forgot how the Misaka clones arc went down, but the graphic nature of this episode was a bit shocking to me. First I didn’t expect Accelerator to kill in cold blood and then there’s Frenda’s brutal treatment by the hands of Kakine.
    Neither Biriri nor Touma wouldn’t stand for it, but they’re no where to be seen.

  3. I’m an anime only viewer, and I’m totally overwhelmed with all of these new and old characters appearing, fighting, and dying so damn fast. Do I really need to re-watch the old season of Index & Railgun first so that I can enjoy the story a little bit more ?? Because this is totally confusing for me.

    1. If you don’t mind struggling through the story line proceed at your own peril it will only get more complicated from here. As a lover of Anime and Manga waiting for my latest fix by bingging on reruns first will be the death of me.

      But, they say “Save the best for last” so watching reruns my be the best move if you want to comfortably continue down this series and it’s civil war between factions.

    2. Sadly it wouldn’t help
      Like last 2 seasons, anime cut a lot of story.
      And this episode pretty much one of worst example
      Many battles are longer than anime, with calculate plans,intense battles and use a lot of wits
      “MEMBER” don’t confront and die just like that, in novel they a lot smarter than that
      “BLOCK” had skills and experience as veteran soldiers, something in anime they didn’t show
      Almost every characters had some important role in their team

      Not only they cut some details in battles, they changed and cut many battles out

      They could made this arc alone into 6-12 episodes for how much details and events it had
      No wonder you feel many characters have no purpose and die to quick in anime

      1. The issue here is that screen time has to obey a limit in time or else some characters won’t get any screen time like poor Frenda. It’s always a challenge to get the same level of intensity from writing on screen.

  4. “Accelerator – Slightly Washed Up?” I don’t think Accelerator is washed up per say, more like he now needs to plan things out before throwing a punch. Besides with Last Order, he has more to live for and can’t recklessly go all out.

    “Frenda’s Fate” I enjoy watching Frenda whenever she is on screen one of those characters I love. But for Frenda to spill the beans on her team’s location is a plausible trait and part of her charm. Besides, this scene where Frenda got beat ending in a cliff hanger we have no idea what was said to Kakine.

  5. Man this is getting so hard to follow. I thought these faction battles were supposed to be underground per se and out of the limelight, but how do you hide the fact that all those mercenaries got killed and a hole blown in the wall not to mention the break-in at that detention facility all in the middle of the day. plus all those other characters getting killed left and right. just seems so out of place.

  6. “grinds 10000 low-level mobs, gets his power nerfed as a reward” – Accelerator reminds me of so many MMO workaholics…
    At this moment there are so many bad acronym groups fighting each other that I am struggling to follow who is on whose side… but it seems from what I see that at least for now Accelerator and Mugino might end up become temporal allies against Kakine.
    It is entirely possible that Crowley doing Tzeentch and controlling secretly all the factions for his own unfathomed purposes.
    Foreign powers like Aztecians and various Eauropean churches are just adding to the chaos.

  7. This is the most boring novel in all the Indexverse, I don’t give a shit about half of the charcacters in this one. I completly skiped it. What keeps me here is that the next novel is one of the best, so just one or two weeks more to get to the real deal.

  8. MEMBER?

    Seriously, though, this show is almost totally opaque to the anime-only crowd. I’m just hoping that it will become more accessible soon, as some have said it will.

  9. https://randomc.net/image/To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index/To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index%20III%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2004.jpg
    “UUUU-IIII-HAAA-RUUU!!!!” Oh wait, there’s no Saten to flip Uiharu’s skirt… 🙁 (Speaking of Saten, I want to see her meeting Touma.)

    Also, has Uiharu ever noticed the resemblance between Last Order and Misaka Mikoto? (Or did Mikoto already fill her in about that? It’s been a while since the last season of Railgun.)

    1. It is pretty strange of Uiharu not to notice, especially since this miniature version of her friend keeps calling herself Misaka Misaka. If some chibi version of my close friend started repeating said close friend’s name, I’d be pretty confused if not creeped out.

      1. I’ve heard of “Unusually Uninteresting Sight” (trope), but Uiharu not noticing Last Order’s resemblance to Mikoto is a bit of a stretch, at least in the anime. (It’s possible that the light novels or the Railgun manga would have had Uiharu or any of Mikoto’s friends notice the resemblance, but I’m not in a position to confirm that.)

  10. I always end up opening a dozen Wikia tab while watching each episode.
    The story is too convoluted already, events and characters I don’t remember anymore.

    Then episode 6 has that tweezer as a super convenient thing that reveals DRAGON.
    Kind of a WTF moment to me.
    Their super tech makes huge data very simple.
    Over tech is like magic.


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