「かえでクエスト」 (Kaede Quest)
“Kaede Quest”

Episode 11 makes quick work of the last episode’s reveal that tabloids have picked up on Mai’s relationship with Sakuta by clearing it all up in a press conference. Much like how the second episode of Koga’s arc created a clear-cut distinction that there were no misunderstandings between Sakuta and Mai, this episode made it clear that all it took for Mai to be able to sweep up much of the controversy under the rug was to clarify that it was all an understandable situation as Sakuta was a classmate she fell in love with that inspired her to get back into acting. It’s quite a relief that Seishun Buta Yarou has been distinct in making sure to tease at the dramatic pitfalls of lesser romantic comedies and nip them in the bud so that they aren’t taking up lengthy moments of screen time.

Similarly, it was interesting how they handled Shouko’s re-emergence. Where rather than Futaba keeping Sakuta’s plans a secret between themselves, Futaba took it upon herself to message Mai right away to have him tell her about his plan face-to-face. Mai accepted it as quickly as Sakuta’s other plans to help girls affected by the Adolescence Syndrome, but instead of Sakuta leaving Mai alone again to face off against Shouko, a change of events caused Sakuta to change his mind, throwing a wrench in their reunion in favor of spending more time with Mai before the sun goes down. Shouko’s invite could definitely leak into future events, but for the time being, it seems to be on the backburner.

This is because it’s Kaede’s time to shine. Throughout the episode, we see more from Kaede’s perspective as she is inspired by Mai and Sakuta’s liveliness to create a journal to overcome her fears. An unknown number of afflictions have happened to her throughout the entire time such as having lost her memories, having the flu after overcoming one fear of answering the phone when Mai calls and being afraid of leaving her home. We’ve gotten to know her from her heart-warming cuteness and her openness towards fighting against her worries, but at this point in time, her journal signifies a more clear-cut dedication to venturing out.

Because of this, every stride she takes to face off against her fears is emotional and cuts deep into the core for anyone suffering from anxiety or panic. Particularly, the part where she realizes she’s outside of the apartment and breaks down because she always thought being ruled over her fears would mean she’d stay in the same situation she’s trapped in for the rest of her life. It’s the mentality she kept hidden all this time that make moments where she takes strides towards improving her quality-of-life all the more emotional. It’s hard not to get teary-eyed when Sakuta starts crying over his little sister finally being able to step outside of the house again.

There is a storm a ‘brewing, however, when one of her old classmates is brought back into the fold to approach Sakuta and Kaede after Mai’s press conference alerted her to their location. Kaede’s lost memories and the disappearance of her bullies are now looming over the anime as these mysteries are now in the forefront of Kaede’s arc.

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  1. Very cleaver how they’re blending a little bit of the Shouko arc to Kaede’s arc. Recall that Shouko is the individual who saved Sakuta and Kaede from further despair. So, as the central plot of the story moves forward to solve Kaede’s conflicts, it will open up Shouko’s arc.

    It also has to be said that it is very uncharacteristic of Sakuta-in the anime at least, to not confront the Shouko who gave him the letter. Much hesitation and doubt coming from his part. It is always shown that he always confronts his problems and avoids teeter tottering around, procrastinating. What’s even more surprising is what he wrote on the beach. It is never said in the anime or even the light novels that Sakuta and Shouko were romantically connected when they met, or that Shouko was in love with Sakuta. Sakuta for sure was in love with Shouko however.


    To me honestly, I can only interpret his action to reject himself of the notion that he and Shouko will ever have any romantic connection. Afterall, he was the one who ended up chasing her, ending up in the same highschool, being preoccupied looking for her, and more importantly, being influence by her philosophy of basically becoming “kinder everyday” resulting to all that has happened in the anime.


    Anyways, I think this is one of the best if not the best episode of the series.

  2. I felt every bit of Kaede’s struggle. The pacing , her endearing struggle had me rooting for her almost the point of bringing me to the point of tears over her little by little progress. It’s not easy to overshadow Mai’s awesomeness but Kaede did it and went beyond.

  3. I watched half the episode and have to pause. This hit too close to home. The last time I’ve went outside was ten years ago, and when she said that being stagnant and not being able to go outside is scarier, it was the first time an anime hit home as hard as it did.

    Somehow I don’t have it in me to finish the episode.

    1. I suggest to finish watching the episode. It really did a good job of showing how to get through when you think something is holding you back. Getting support is always good, and I think it showed a good middle ground on how that support can be. Sakuta wasn’t too nice or too harsh, and I think we know enough about his character to know where his balance is.

      Even if you don’t agree with it, it’s always nice to see other possibilities. Expanding our horizons is one of the good things about fiction.

    2. I did finish in the end. All I can say is that it’s good she’s got friends and family like Sakuta and Mai. I haven’t seen or spoken to anyone for a long time. I doubt anything happening to her will happen to me. There’s not much out there for me in this world. Even if I do go out, everyone speaks Chinese and everything is written in Chinese. I don’t know anyone here. Been living here for ten years, left the apartment for a bit over a year when they forcably drafted me in their local army and I came back after. Often I think it’s better to just be dead. No one will even know or care anyway.

      1. I’m curious. Do you live with someone? And assuming you live in China, don’t you speak Chinese?
        Please don’t give up hope. There must be something or someone out there that would make life worth living for you.

  4. Rather depressing that many viewers can relate to Kaede’s situation. It’s not like there are predatory animals out like lions or t-rexes on the the streets to chase you people down and eat you.


    Word of caution about avoidance. The more you avoid a stimulus, the greater it will become.

    Visage et Corps
  5. https://randomc.net/image/Seishun%20Buta%20Yarou%20wa%20Bunny%20Girl%20Senpai%20no%20Yume%20wo%20Minai/Seishun%20Buta%20Yarou%20wa%20Bunny%20Girl%20Senpai%20no%20Yume%20wo%20Minai%20-%2011%20-%2003.jpg
    I really think this was what really triggered Kaede to take that first step. It had the makings of a disaster and it fizzled out just by taking a few simple steps. Mai’s appearance has had a really positive effect on Kaede so far, her humbleness towards Kaede and attributing her perfectness to hard work pushed her on the right direction. Ironically the oposite of what happened with her own sister, who saw talent as the major thing that made her “perfect”.

    On a side note, slightly disappointed there’s no screen shots of the future happy family that includes both sister-in-laws. 😛

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Seishun%20Buta%20Yarou%20wa%20Bunny%20Girl%20Senpai%20no%20Yume%20wo%20Minai/Seishun%20Buta%20Yarou%20wa%20Bunny%20Girl%20Senpai%20no%20Yume%20wo%20Minai%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2002.jpg
    “My agoraphobic little sister can’t be this cute!”

    About Kaede having no memories: Was her trauma from bullying so bad that she chose to seal away her memories from that time? I can’t help but sense that Kaede’s repressed memories will resurface (and as a consequence, make her Puberty Syndrome act up once again) with her old schoolmate’s reappearance.

    Also loved how Mai quashed the showbiz tabloid rumormongers like a boss. I still hope she doesn’t run into one of those “loony stalker” fans, though.


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