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「三角形の重心/導火」 (Sankakkei no juushin / Douka)
“Centroid of the Triangle / Lit Fuse”

Can you say calm before the storm? It might have been a slow burn (literally) in getting to this point, but Yagakimi is certainly ready to start cashing in on that slow building pressure. Touko is suddenly facing a crisis of confidence, Yuu is about ready to blow with all the love in the air, and Sayaka might just reconsider her plan on keeping her distance from Ms. President: oh yeah it’s all going down, and we’ve got two episodes to witness the chaos.

Given how most parts of Yagakimi have been allegories for the relationship developing between Yuu and Touko it’s probably unsurprising how the student council play maps out Touko’s life struggles, but damn, that was certainly a wake up call. While easy to think Touko would know her image of sister isn’t the whole truth, in reality it’s not difficult to see how she got it wrong. Her sister died when she was little, she was ravaged by her grief, and most importantly was at the age where everyone’s stated impressions—i.e. the eulogies designed to emphasize only the best aspects—would quickly imprint themselves on her growing mind. The current Touko in effect was brought about through the actions of others and a lack of circumstance forcing introspection. Well, until now. For better or worse Ichigaya has forced Touko to do the one thing she’s been determined to avoid: decide whether being her sister is what she actually wants. Considering how Touko has treated the question until now, it’s not one easily answered.

The simple solution of course is (as per the play analogy) choosing love over duty and finally being herself to properly be with her outlet Yuu, but as Koyomi so openly mused such an outcome isn’t necessarily in the cards. Touko is just too invested in her ideal sisterly image that change at this stage would prove problematic at best—and disastrous at worst. Changing everything now when the goal is so close in sight would not only upend the work Touko has done, but leave her rudderless without a shore in sight. Plus considering Sayaka in her assistant role still doesn’t know of how difficult Touko’s mission actually is (she only sees the challenge of the role, not the true personality not fit for it underneath) it’s likely Touko will wind up doubling down to avoid disappointing anyone invested in her (including herself). Naturally, however, the wild card is Yuu. Have our now thoroughly smitten relief valve decide to embrace her inner yuri and go for first contact and all bets are off: Yuu’s love will be in the open, Touko must finally make a choice, and the outcome will see Touko lose one of two things she holds dear.

As Pat Benatar liked to say, love is a battlefield, and we’re gearing up for one hell of a showdown. Get that popcorn ready boys and girls, the fun is about to begin.

December 15, 2018 at 2:13 pm