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「日常と戦友」 (Nichijou to Sen’yuu)
“Daily Life and Comrades in Arms”

We may only be two episodes in but I’m pretty sure we won’t be running into any surprises when it comes to MSTA. The story has been laid bare, the plot (and the other plot) is up for all to see, and you can be sure this show won’t be sparing any effort when it comes to slyly debasing cute girls with magical powers. Cute mascots and smiles to protect? Please, it’s pure cutie breaking from here on out.

The part which drew me to MSTA in the first place was the potential of its story and so far at least it looks to be holding up its end of the bargain. Petty terrorism and nationalist desires are (as probably to be expected) only the tip of the iceberg, as teasers and foreshadowing point to a different sort of threat on the horizon, one I’m betting a more than few people didn’t predict coming in. Magical girls as the antagonists? Definitely one way to liven things up, especially when thanks to a companion magical mascot it appears our new yandere in the making (guaranteed) is not part of the Magical Five. It’s clear that MSTA plans on making the most of its concept here, as if the enemy is a different breed of magical girl, then Asuka (and friends) must not only contend with a world used to their existence and holding expectations of their power, but reconciling their desires with that of their opponents. As the girl herself describes power in all its forms will change its wielder, and often not for the better. You can never predict what you’ll do with power until you have it, and these magical girls won’t be any different. We won’t know where MSTA plans on going with this until the enemy and their objective is properly revealed, but there’s plenty of potential to take the concept and run with it.

Where the real fun for the moment lies however is on the good guy side. Besides the darkly humorous implications of guardian holding a spare key, best friend father engaging in happy go lucky torture, and the likelihood of what happens to the poor bastard leaking a magical girl’s identity—seriously, I doubt those rumours are entirely false—we also have new girl Kurumi and what certainly will be some fireworks in the near future. While scenes like this may just be for the usual yuri baiting, when Kurumi suddenly transfers to Asuka’s school after seeing her and looks to emotionally coerce her back into military fold it’s very likely she harbours more than simple friendship for Asuka and plans on acting on it. We’ll naturally have to wait and see if it holds true, but you can bet if Kurumi is a believer of wholesome love there’s going to be trouble when it comes to Asuka’s new group of friends, and with powers like this, it won’t even be a fight.

Stay tuned boys and girls, the mahou shoujo shenanigans are ready to begin.


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ED: 「Rebel Flag」by GARNiDELiA


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January 18, 2019 at 11:08 pm