「ドラゴン」 (Doragon)

Hmm what’s that, you thought Index last week was the epitome of inexplicable? Well do I have an episode for you. Aztec shenanigans; random artificial angels; polar vortices—oh did I mention magical melting beams of crazy? Oh yeah darling we’re going places. Interesting places. Frankly I’m not sure even dedicated light novel readers can keep up with Index’s Olympic 100m dash style right now, but I don’t know whether it’s too important at the moment. With all leads now pointing to Russia, you know perfectly well what comes next. Well, you better.

While confusion and returns from the dead were Index’s du jour this week—seriously Mugino, just where the hell did you come from all of a sudden?—it was quite nice seeing Shiage (and Accelerator) catch a break amidst the tumult of magic gone off the rails. Level Zeros may be Academy City’s piñatas for all manner of esper fun and games after all, but even they deserve a bit of happiness every once in a while. Having Shiage actually get the girl and escape (more or less) into the sunset? Yeah, that’s an ending I can get behind. Considering the hell the poor kid has gone through for the sake of simply living I dare say he deserves knowing he managed to save someone he deeply cared about. Might be a little cliché, but hey, hard to deny that moment was satisfying to see (take a hint Misaka, that’s how you get the Level Zero boyfriend). Likewise watching Accelerator with Last Order left a smile on my face, for while the whole scenario may be slightly nonsensical thanks to dat pacingTM I have to admit it’s a joy seeing the kid actually show the level of care and affection hiding under the surface. Index’s world may be a complex tale of multiple intertwined storylines, but its key characters always find a way to shine through in the end.

As for Index’s story, well, little explanation required. DRAGON as it turns out is an artificial angel project—i.e. Aiwass—related to everyone’s favourite upside down frown turned around mastermind Aleister, which barring the AI-esque rebellion and discussions on assassination makes about as much sense as surviving a six inch hole through the chest right now. Or you know, is a plot line I’m certain we’ll learn more about at a later date. Definitely. Alright snark aside there’s no question the disparate pieces of the Index puzzle are starting to come together, with Aleister effectively being placed at the centre of a struggle clearly linked with that of the magic troubles Touma and Index find themselves involved with. We have a battle for supremacy between magic and science on our hands it seems, and with all the major players making their way to Russia, it’s obvious we’re looking at a showdown in the not too distant future.

We may not know how the upcoming duel of the philosophies may play out, but you can bet the results will prove entertaining. With seemingly everyone important in Index’s world coming together, it’s time for this series to truly find its stride.




  1. https://randomc.net/image/To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index/To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index%20III%20-%2017%20-%20Large%2029.jpg
    Is this an “placeholder” for Holly Mother Maria?

    If yes, then i must correct the Source. Maria was once an Human female, that gave birth to Jesus. Yes and then took into heavens to sit next to God. Well, she is some sort of close family.

    But giving her Angelic or Holly powers, that this human here can abuse.. Or is she more an reincarnation of an Archangel?. That would fit better in my eyes.. that Glowing ans such, fits an Archangels but no Holly Mother Maria. She became an Angel to stay next to God and her Son in the Heaven. She is “an normal” Angel. i do not think she gain that powers. Think about how in the past the Church think about females… Guards of the Home and Stove to raise the Children

    Nothing like today. Well its an culture thing, i think. Today (well as i know and grew up with this) Females have far more rights then in the Past when the Bible was written and we move on and “update” the Bible with question about their meaning in today’s time. An “living and breathing” Bible not “absolute Laws” from the past

    Time do not stand still, you know. God respect all living beings, even Animals. Why would they have an Soul, too. So why do Humans can not do this, too? (other religions even see them as reborn Souls)

    Sorry, there i go again.. blabbering this stuff. Sorry (deep bow)

  2. I am confused as to why Aleister would want to kill off Hamazura? Aleister has always favored players in this crazy battle who won’t give in. Hamazura is one such character yet why send in the troops and Mugino to kill him off What is Aleister trying to do?

    To think Last Order now is playing a big role for an esper who didn’t even get on the Misaka network. The Anime fastforwarded the entire story line so much we didn’t get to see the buildup of Last Order’s circumstance and why she needs to go to Russia.

    1. Because by all of Aleister’s plans and backup plans and backup backup plans Hamazura should be dead by now, his continued existence is a wildcard that Aleister hasn’t been able to account for and he’d rather remove the variable than worry about how it might later affect things down the line.

      1. Although I understand Crowly’s concerns, I feel that both Touma and Accelerator are on the same boat. Any of them can have a fatal accident or strait up get killed off like Frenda. How does being unaccounted for any different than what Touma’s been doing?

    2. Pretty much as qwert says, a few characters even mentioned how Shiage is a wildcard who Aleister doesn’t want to deal with. If you have a piece you cannot control, it’s often easier to extirpate/eliminate it than try and work around it.

  3. groan!
    as much as I liked one hero getting kissed and one villain surviving to protect Last Order, much of the episode didnt make sense to me…
    also, what happened to the sniper girl (who was much more pray and spray…) and her intended target?
    also, how much more off-teh-rails Mugino can become NEXT time she shows up?
    also she mentioned Kakine also lives yet so we can be prepared for some more of his own showing off

    1. I think Index’s modus operandi this season is to confuse as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. Hell I know more or less what’s happening/will happen and even I’m still lost half the time XD

      1. I don’t understand why are they adapting it like this. Is not like it’s an obscure series no one knows and they don’t know how the audience will react, they could perfectly do more seasons and not skipping things, the fans would love it for being loyal to the source and newcomers wouldn’t have a hard time to understand what’s happening.

        At this point they should have treat it like a stablished series like HxH, they are just spoiling a great story. Why can’t we have nice things?

  4. I am kinda impressed at how much they crammed into this episode. Of course it made all the fights super rushed along with any explanations about what is happening. I see the anime staff decided to mutilate Mugino’s arm anyway after not having it get blown off in her previous fight against Shiage.

    At least Aiwass looked nice and his entrance was similar to what I pictured in my head.


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