‘Will you trust that I’m your ally?’ said an orphan to his friends,
‘I am sorry that I sold you out but let me make amends.
While I was divulging secrets I still kept you close to heart
Within the bigger picture I was on your side from the start.’
‘Is that so?’ said his wary friend, ‘We hope you’re what you seem
Or do you mean to play both sides instead of for our team?’

Said the psycho orphan to his friends, ‘You know I have not lied.
Without my desperate measures the lot of us would have died.
On my word as a traitor I swear my loyalty is real
I can play double agent if you’re willing to make a deal.’
‘Is that so?’ said his naive friend, ‘Your offer sounds sincere.
But we wish to save our siblings and we will sell them dear.’

‘It is good you have integrity and I will tell you why,
For if you have integrity it just means your price is high.
I can offer you your very lives in purchase for your soul.
Abandon the other children and I’ll gladly be your mole.’
‘The logic here is plain to see but your mind is abstruse
Will you not cut us off as well when we are out of use?’

‘The other children are idiots and surely you agree.
To take that pack along with us is a liability.
Is it so wrong to wish to spare my two most beloved friends?
The alternative can only be — well you know how that ends.’
‘To leave our kin to be devoured is still too high a price
Can we shoulder the burden of so large a sacrifice?’

‘There’s no use in this snivelling, I will do what must be done.
But if you insist perhaps I can keep the sacrifice to one.
No matter your suspicions this is our one and only chance
To fool your foes you first fool your friends, so come and join the dance.
Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, will you join the dance?
Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, will you join the dance?’


  1. Fantastic write-up Passerby.

    Right now I taking the psycho orphan as just wanting to escape himself and figured he might not be able to pull it off by himself and thus he needed dupes to come along. I think this understandable as to mentally survive knowing that all the kids were there to be eaten psycho detached himself from caring about people and probably is in MOM think mode. There are no friends just tools. Will love crack through the cynic who knows.
    Talking about Lovecraft I remember the original form of the game your character was doomed to go totally insane and thus end playing them sooner or later unless they retired or died first with retiring an iffy thing. I wonder if this a Lovecraft world and there is nowhere to escape too? I will not be reading replies only posting because none had otherwise I want no spoilers even inferences. If I remember will check back at the end.

    1. Considering the genre, I think Ray’s heart is ultimately in the right place, but perhaps he’s become twisted over the years (he’s around 12, right? So he’s been playing traitor for half his life). I’m just afraid, though, that often redemption equals death.

  2. Jesus H. Griswold, Passerby! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!!!
    Loved your summary and it’s exactly how I feel about the show –
    and, BTW, who’s your dealer..? I hope you have a copyright on those
    verses, ’cause I suspect some death-metal or Japanese girl band will
    pick them up soon!

    Okay, kidding aside, not a bad series so far. I kinda guessed that he
    would be(come) a double agent, but really, I dunno if I can trust this guy
    with anything. He showed no remorse – it was just like – busted, but hey,
    I was doing it to help you guys out. See, I’m innocent (for 6 years!)

    As far as villains, this guy ranks pretty high and he hasn’t hit puberty yet!

    Only thing I thought strange was mom #2 was MIA in this episode …

    Looking to the next episode!

  3. … this ep just flew by. We were in their bedroom, then in the eating area, and I check the timestamp and we were already two thirds of the way through!! :O Damn where did the time go!? I think it’s because there was a whole lotta talking this episode than ever before.

  4. Its basically a WW2 film colditz,the great escape. Think prison break. There are Nazi allusions with numbers and military vehicles. Mum is like a nazi prison guard. There are elements of prison school and death note. Its a Japanese mish mash of different ideas. New sister is batshit crazy like from kakuguri level of insanity.Set in a post apocalyptic world. 2043 think 1943. It uses children in an unknown fantasy setting so you dont have to worry about historical accuracy. Its cross and double cross. A giant chess game. Love the series its caught me. There are some annoying tropes but I dont mind. See how it goes. Hopefully it holds up to the start. Definitely a shonen. I like the number of the dates a good touch.

  5. The nightmare he had made me think about how they die. Is something implanted in their heart as babies? Is it triggered remotely or does it go off automatically? I would assume remotely because they were around that same area and nothing happened to them. For that matter why don’t they discuss the odd way Conny died with the flower sticking out of her chest?

    Also I really want to know how Ray found out and am surprised they didn’t elaborate on that.

  6. This was very interesting, some exciting but stressful dynamics between the the main three.
    Both Ray and Norman are the intellectual and tactical types, but obviously very different from each other, I’m too lazy to think and put it into words but yeah maybe like Kakashi and Itachi ha.
    I definitely feel there is love/affection in the trio, Ray’s disposition really helps bring things into a slightly more darker and realistic light. Like how yeah he’d love to have them live, but also if they’re just going to screw it up he’d rather escape on his own. It upsets me a bit (I want HAPPINESS for them), so I’m hoping he cares about them more than I think (or he realises). And then there’s Emma, who is happy-go-lucky but grounded enough in her values to see the fault in Ray as well and throw in a bit of shade.
    Norman reminds me of Armin (SNK) a lot, but albeit more positive, probably cause he doesn’t have a useless screaming Eren to take care of.


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