「番外個体 (ミサカワースト)」 (Bangai Kotai (Misaka Waasuto))
“Misaka Worst”

You know after spending a weekend digging out from snap blizzards and dealing with neighbourhood house explosions (winter is amazing I tell you) sometimes you just want to sit back and relax, and watching Index do Index things certainly is one way to do that duty. It may be a show we know deep down isn’t going to be changing now so late in the game, but dammit it’s still can be fun to watch, especially when it hearkens back to that one penultimate battle which never grows old. That’s right it’s Misaka time.

As any of the Index fans or keen eyed could say at the end of last week our mystery girl is in fact another Sister, except now one with attitude (as if the original didn’t have enough to spare already). We’ll probably find out a bit more about Misaka Worst before all is said and done given she’ll pop back up again in the future (hint hint), but simply put for the moment this Misaka is more powerful than her seniors, isn’t “directly” connected to the Misaka network, and more than willing to put sharp pointy things through Accelerator’s perpetually angry face. Her real reason for existing, why she explicitly after Accelerator and Last Order? We’ll know the remaining details soon enough (well, hopefully), but it’s quite interesting watching Accelerator’s reaction towards her and how he’s deigned to treat the girl. The kid wants badly to protect the Sisters and Last Order from harm, badly enough that he initally struggles to raise a fist against one who’s legitimately out to kill him. It’s irony of the highest form, but irony which arguably helps cap off Accelerator’s tumultuous development, showing him to be truly more antihero than villain—and with a caring side to boot. Sure he may never speak of it openly, but this kid, for better or worse, is now a changed man.

Beyond the joys of scientific fisticuffs this week though we also had some more magic fun and games, if only of the incomplete variety. Probably to no one’s surprise, Fiamma still has yet to reveal his grand scheme and real objective, but given he spent the time turning Vento’s forked tongue into an actual forked tongue, I’m willing to overlook the small things. Index is at its best when it turns to prolonged battles after all, for while nothing may make sense and the answers wind up being few and far between, you can always bet on some crazy action to help save the day. Considering Touma and new waifu Lessar are nowhere near close to saving Index (or the world) with that mighty fist of justice just yet, we’re likely to get quite a bit more on that front before all is said and done.

With everyone involved in their own personal battles it’s going to take something big to finally bring them all together and get this party started. The only question is just what that thing will finally be.




  1. Well, well, well…
    I knew Accelerator was able to defeat WORST, but it was his morality problems with doing that… which made it actually interesting. Now he has yet another Misaka to save on his hands…
    And then I want to know how bing saved by him will affect Worst herself.
    Also I cant wait to see Hamazura deal with small army coming his way…

    1. Back during the Academy City Invasion arc in Index II, Vento’s piercings actually played a key role in her magical abilities – namely her God’s Judgement power, which caused people to fall unconscious due to oxygen deprivation when they look upon her and feel any sort of hostility. The piercings and tongue-chain, as well as her mannerisms, were all designed specifically to invoke a negative gut-reaction in as many people as possible, so as to incapacitate them.

      They no longer serve that function though, given that she’s lost that power, so I imagine it’s simply her (i.e. the animators) not wanting to change up her style too much…

  2. Latest episode and what to expect, Misaka worse fights the Accelerator.


    Vento bleeds out of the mouth.


    And Rikō’s out of commission.


    So, Misaka worse was brought in to get in Accelerator’s way now I am sure there is a good reason why Accelerator and Misaka worse are having a scrimmage and this season is doing a fine job in laying out the details. (Not really.)

    Then there is Vento, since her appearance in the second season, I have always thought that jewelry, piercing or whatever you call it hanging from her tong would get in the way. This worthless decor on the body ended up making Vento bleed first. Not to mention the moment Vento came into the fight she was less than fodder. If Vento was going to simply be smacked around by Fiamma wouldn’t it be simpler to keep Vento out and whip Touma around instead?

  3. One thing that made me go “hmmm” was why Worst didnt just use EMP (she certainly cna generate one) to disable the device connecting Accelerator to Misaka network?
    Also I wonder if it was part of Crowleys grand plan to make Worst figth Accelerator or there are other persons in the Board of directors ordering this?
    And if yes then for what purpose? I dont think anyone could really count on Worst killing off Accelerator, but then what was the idea? to mentally crush Accelrator so he will be easier to control? If that was the idea it backfired. Badly…


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