「翼」 (Tsubasa)

Well winter may be ending and our seasonal plethora of shows calling it quits, but Index, Index lives on. With fights aplenty going on and one too many plotlines still begging for resolution, the most light novel-y of light novels is apparently determined to ream the most out of our senses, as Accelerator finds his inner mana, Touma does Touma things, and Misaka’s missing stage presence lives on through one fesity little sister. I think we all know the overall impressions to be had for next week’s finale, but for the moment there’s nothing wrong savouring the glorious chaos.

Probably the most important thing about Index in these final moments isn’t so much the vast array of storylines playing themselves out, but how most are making a proper effort at displaying the science-magic dichotomy which this series has defined itself on. Accelerator for example is effectively the second person next to Motoharu to have successfully executed both magic and esper science (although the degree of success—and living—is up in the air), having gone the back route by playing with numbers and drawing the appropriate conclusions. A little weird without any sort of proper explanation? Certainly, but at least it’s easy to see how and why the kid is doing what he’s doing. Much better than Mugino and her handlers/agents/freaky Resident Evil spec ops enemies at least. Built to be a weapon eh? You’d think those mad scientists would’ve at least thought to install some mental controls in one of Academy City’s most unpredictable individuals instead allowing her to go full redemption. Seriously, this is why you let engineers do the designing.

On the other side of things of course rests the struggle of magical raison d’etres between Touma and Fiamma, and to no surprise the Touma-isms were running strong again. It’s pretty much a given for after all that whenever Touma fights he’s going to yell some ridiculous ideals at the face-to-be-punched, but at least this time the kid actually remained quite coherent. Believing that humans are neither good nor evil but rather both (with the degree of either up for debate) is a legitimate philosophical argument for example, and it’s one which fuels several forms of practiced thought (ex. realism) in the modern world. Obviously Touma winds up taking this idea a bit further than that (read: off the deep end), but as a base concept the kid actually makes some sense for once. Whether or not it continues remains to be seen, but considering we’re eyeing up a reunion and happy ever after for all involved, I think Index will manage keeping its more verbal extravagancies in check.

After all with only one episode remaining and quite a few plotlines needing tying up, this show is going to have its hands full bringing everything WW3 to a close before the final curtain drops.




  1. congratulations, Fiamma…
    you have managed to get all 3 major branches of Christianity to unite, even if temporarily only and for combating common enemy.
    nice job fixing it villain
    also, villains all too often just dont take redemption into calculus of their plans… right, Palpatine? you can tell that to the mad scientists of Academy City…

  2. I’d imagine they’ll move straight onto Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index at some point. I can’t see them ignoring the sequel light novel series that has been ongoing for like 8 years now.

    1. As far as things are concerned from excerpts of an interview with Miki (Kazuma Kamachi’s, the series author’s, editor): Accelerator anime and Railgun S will have to proceed first. If reception is good there then probably the production committee will consider making the New Testament adaptations.

      1. Agreed, I wouldn’t expect New Testament until 2021 at the earliest with the previous two shows being announced for this year. Just they have 14 LN volumes to get through and with the first picking up after the events of WW3 it just seems like an obvious choice.

  3. I really try it hard. It try to find an “plot”, an piece of story line in these last episodes here.. But, every time my brain ejects me with an emergency “storyline not comprehend” Error!

    even in the last episode it is all over the place.. Index is just for full fans from the beginning, nothing for “jump on the train for the ride!” fans

    I hope this was for it as Anime adaption. it was really all over the place. Some one fly into this fortress as an angel.. cut.. and nearly the end of the episode he is back… Uhm…

    Lucky i did not follow, just try my best “comprehend of strange storytelling all over the place setting : Overdrive!” setting, but it still fails me

    the animation team just follow with the plan of the person how was in charge of the storyline without questions to not lose his face… well, you sunk with the same ship he was on…


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